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  1. 59.94 fps on the 5d?
  2. Can 35mm Motion picture lens cover the 5D FF sensor?
  3. EXPORT 5D to 35mm film
  4. ND wratten gel filters for rear of Canon 15mm f2.8 lens?
  5. 5D Cameo in The Expendibles
  6. TC syncing 5D's (multicamera)
  7. 5D MII + Steadicam Merlin?
  8. Photo and film -2 worlds in one
  9. 64gb SanDisk and E6 battery help.
  10. Sweetest July Film (5d Mark 2)
  11. Short Film on 5D MKII
  12. In your opinion who is one of the best HDSLR Cinematographers on DVXUSER site
  13. Anime in Real Life with Twixtor slow motion and ramping
  14. Need HELP! Shooting a feature film!
  15. Canon 5D MkII in True Blood episode
  16. 5D / 85 Zeiss / 50 1.8 / 24 2.8
  17. canon 5d vs canon 550d
  18. lenses for canon 5d
  19. Equipment Crossroads
  20. Does 5D record 4:2:2 colorspace?
  21. Canon unveils 120-megapixel APS-H camera sensor
  22. 5d Mark ii help and advice
  23. I am buying a canon5D + filmmaking kit
  24. Triggering Video Record @ 20 feet at 90 degrees
  25. Auto Exposure Shift on 5D
  26. New Canon Lenses Announced
  27. Recording externally
  28. best/cheapest lenses for Canon 5D????
  29. 5D / Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
  30. Canon 5D vs Canon 60D?
  31. To SDI or not to SDI
  32. Canon Develops World's Largest CMOS Sensor. 100x More Light Sensitive
  33. Switch to 5d mk 2 from hmc150?
  34. Manual audio question for 5D MarkII users
  35. just received my 5dmk2
  36. $4300 budget for monitor and Rig - what should i get?
  37. 5d mark 2 compatible port lense for ikelite housing
  38. 5d mkII replacement
  39. Batch Converting to Pro-res
  40. I actuall want SHAKY cam footage...
  41. Help With Lens Questions for 5DMKII
  42. High Dynamic Range Video on two 5D's
  43. This is England 86 VHS scenes promo
  44. Need Help With Equipment Questions for the 5d
  45. Wierd Image in Premiere CS4
  46. Frame grabs from films shot on 5D.
  47. Black spots on lights
  48. Vertical noise pattern
  49. 5D Mark ii files (.mov) dropped on Sony Vegas Pro 9 Timeline is LAGGING! Help!
  50. Jesus Has "Come To Philp Moment" - Interview w/ Philip Bloom
  51. Pelican Case (What Do You Use?)
  52. Zeiss Planar Need Help
  53. No Budget No Crew Music Video in NYC
  54. A shout-out for Redrock's Follow Focus...
  55. magic lantern 0.1.8...where do i find it?
  56. UDMA CF Cards
  57. help me (lens advice needed)
  58. In a Dark Nightclub. Would you shoot with HMC150 or 5D Mark II?
  59. NEW Music video shot on the Jix with 5D
  60. skunk anansie music video
  61. Timelapse Part 8 - Traveling Without Moving
  62. Any good deals on the Mark II anywhere?
  63. Top 3 must have lens for your 5DM2? Including third party lens(Nikon, Olympus Etc..)
  64. D focus v3 where to buy?
  65. Zacuto announces new EVF Finder
  66. 5D2 + 50mm 1.2 wide open
  67. Exposure fluctuations
  68. Finally made my Decision on buying a 5DM2 or 7D?
  69. Determine the age of your 5D2 via its serial #
  70. Canon 5DM2 or Nikon 7000D
  71. Does anyone here use cineform neo scene?
  72. White Blossoms - Short Film
  73. Black vignette on viewfinder - Never seen this before
  74. Canon Image Stabilization (IS) necessary for video?
  75. New 2X and 4X battery chargers for LP-E6 batteries
  76. Cleanest Footage Possible
  77. Shooting 1st Time with 5dMK II Help/Advice?
  78. The birth of the Hi-Fi Videographer?
  79. "Get A Hold" A Trip to Maine shot wtih Canon 5D
  80. New firmware 2.0.8
  81. addicted to the 50mm 1.2
  82. Canon 5d Mark II future buyer. HVX200 VS CANON 5d MARK II
  83. Citizen Shane - Interview With Shane Hurlbut
  84. best settings for 5dmk2 and HVX202
  85. "Love and War" a WWI film shot on the 5D
  86. 5d + EF 50 mm 1.8 II?
  87. closeup shots tamron 90mm or 85mm 1.8
  88. Lenses for 5D
  89. Epic Contests, Hitmen, Sandwiches and Iscoramas
  90. WWI Bucker Jungmann German Biplane - Filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II and Glidetrack
  91. Can someone send me some 5d footage?
  92. nikon vibration reduction lens on canon body
  93. Some fun with the 5D!!
  94. (H)eat
  95. Ridiculous shooting scenario
  96. I am buying a Canon 5d Mark II for video. What kinda lenses are best suited for video
  97. Canon lenses on a pl camera?
  98. 5D and ND filters, please help!
  99. New to the 5D Mark2. Need assistance adjusting F- Stop in Manual mode.
  100. Renting a 5D to try it out. Advice on shooting (coming from HVX200)?
  101. Do L series lenses, used for video+stills, make a difference = quality+contrast?
  102. Bush-hawk rig with VF, Pics anyone?
  103. EOS Utility 2.6 Help
  104. Night shot of a small town
  105. Contents Of A Dead Man's Pockets - Short Film
  106. i never thought this would happen - 5d less in Canada
  107. Which telephoto zoom to buy?
  108. City - Los Angeles Timelapse by Richard Gluck
  109. Brilliant idea!
  110. A 2 part Question
  111. Anamorphic on the 5D with Lomo Roundfronts 2:1 squeeze
  112. 5d MK II focuses slowly?
  113. Live Green Screen Preview with 5D/7D?
  114. Magic latern firmware for 5D - 74 MBps h.264 Tests & 2.0.8 Beta Firmware
  115. 114Mb/s Magic Lantern test!
  116. a better way to attach your loupe
  117. time lapse on 5d?
  118. Macro shots adaptor?
  119. 5D 8mm Spherical Projection - Fish-eye Movie
  120. Stop Motion Light Painting Music Video!
  121. Nikon G Lens to EF adapter
  122. Skittles Commercial
  123. A Killa Cam Christmas 2010 in NYC
  124. krav maga
  125. we love plants
  126. HDMI out not working while recording/only records for a few seconds
  127. Aperture problems
  128. 5dii vs 1Div Any overheating issues on 1Div?
  129. Jag35 Offset Shoulder Rig for Canon 5D
  130. Purity of Heart by Pearson - 5D Music Video
  131. Which lenses: 24-105mm 4.0 or a 50mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.8?
  132. Regarding codecs and info on the 5d mk2...
  133. Ultra Small Mattebox for the 5D?
  134. Canon batteries and after market batteries?
  135. Philip Bloom Teaching in Brussels!
  136. What is the Best HDMI to HDSDI Converter for the 5D Mark II?
  137. Can't copy MAGIC LANTERN to CF card!?? How do i get this on my 5d?
  138. Canon 5D Mark III Rumor
  139. 5d follow focus
  140. 5d aperture control /
  141. Multi Camera Green Screen with 5D
  142. Canon 5D and FCP 6 Help
  143. My first short film shot on Canon 5d Mark II. Halfway home.
  144. New Rig 4 My Indie Film! light panel/mic/wireless/h4n zoom
  145. what PL adapter would you recommend?
  146. Matching 5d and T2i
  147. CF card reader problems
  148. which 50mm ?
  149. Used 5D Mark I
  150. New Tamron 70-200mm or secondhand canon 70-200mm L (non IS)
  151. 5DII/HDMI out - Not rescaling when recording is started
  152. more word on Canon 5D MK3 Raw Video
  153. Lens for wedding?
  154. dont know why my thread got closed?
  155. 5D Mark 2 Superflat Test
  156. 5DmkII dynamic car shots from miniature UAV helicopter
  157. Canon 5d + zoom h4n
  158. wanting to buy a mkii
  159. [canon 7d] No one will hear you
  160. anyone tried the cineroid.com Electronic Viewfinder ?
  161. Free DSLR workshop in NY: who would like that?
  162. Features shot with 5D?
  163. 5D mk II drop frame
  164. MB/s
  165. 5d ML FIRMWARE
  166. Old lens edge sharpness
  167. Tvlogic VFM 5.6
  168. 2 Frame disparity between Audio and Video tracks on the 5D Mark II
  169. Smooth
  170. Reccomend a MatteBox for under $200 USD
  171. 5d Manual Control & Turning OFF AGC
  172. New 5d question.
  173. Is this a scam?
  174. 5D MK II on the Playa (Burning Man 2010)
  175. commercial with the latest hack
  176. What type of Compact Flash?
  177. DP Alex Buono presentation 2/18/11 in Portland, OR
  178. Shooting Video with the 5d Mark II with IR filter???
  179. Helppp
  180. Parting.
  181. (Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame) vs. (Canon EOS 5D 12.8 MP Digital)
  182. Canon or Nikon 50mm 1.4?
  183. What CF card for Canon 5D?
  184. What lens for shooting interviews with 5D?
  185. Questions about the Canon 5D
  186. Canon 5D II - Shutter speed
  187. info about tokina 16-28mm f/2.8
  188. 5DM2 Audio Headphone Monitoring
  189. 5d Basics for people who are new to the 5d or moving up.
  190. Canon 5d mark II / 7d must see Feature film.
  191. New shipment - SWIT LP-E6 style batteries
  192. Music video shot with 5D and a lot of editing
  193. Canon FD or Nikon Lenses on the 5D
  194. The best and fluid zoom lens
  195. Splitting the HDMI out put for the 5D
  196. Speculation on the Canon 5DMark3
  197. Rob Bell - Love Wins
  198. 5D MKii + (input camera make) = good combination
  199. Hdmi port issue
  200. Still learning the 5D and audio question?
  201. 5D mkII Stop Motion
  202. Making The Jump?
  203. 5D and the sun power!
  204. 7D upgrade to 5D II stopped by lack of lens choice?
  205. Filming Small Concert, on 5D?
  206. Rap video on 5D
  207. How well can 5D and 7D footage cut together
  208. My no-budget 3 minute short film
  209. Im going on a trip to China and need lens advice!
  210. Just saw a national commercial filmed with my 5d and h4n combo! on Fox
  211. Adapting a digibeta viewfinder for Canon 5D Mkii
  212. Pentax K Mount to EOS for the 5D
  213. 5D and FCP workflow/reconnecting media issues...
  214. New MAGIC LANTERN AJ5.0
  215. variable bitrate Magic Lantern gone?
  216. 5D2 shoots Italian TV commercial
  217. Luna
  218. Help With Zeiss Lens
  219. Would you buy this used 5dmk2?
  220. Best LP-E6 batteries to use with 5DmkII?
  221. Sony f3 pl primes on a 5d mii?
  222. The Girl shoot
  223. What lens to buy
  224. Shooting Motorsports
  225. What do 5D Mark II users think about the GH2?
  226. Beachbox or Juicedlink for 5D
  227. Sony PMW-F3 vs Canon 5d mkiii
  228. 5d v d7000
  229. What Might Have Been video shoot
  230. Help With stabilizing footage Canon 5D
  232. Good way to mask the LCD for 2.4 aspect ratio framing?
  233. Problem with shutter speed
  234. Very nice 5D/7D movie.
  235. Stills from my first feature film, so far titled "Lost in the World"
  236. 5D to FCP help!
  237. Is this amount of color noise normal?
  238. Timelapse Part 9 - Visions of Perception
  239. 5Dmk2 sound recording problem
  240. 5DmkII flying over Maldives
  241. Limited ISO options on rental cam?
  242. Grid Display During Recording
  243. Viewing jpegs or video on the 5D?
  244. Aerial shooting in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  245. Looking to buy used or refurbished 5D on a bugget
  246. 86 minute single take feature on a 5d mark 2
  247. Convergence Wakeskating video
  248. 2kriss-Mama (music video) 5DII
  249. Low light + club promo
  250. Canon 5Dmark 3... Canon is listening