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  1. Hardware hack for 5D3 coming!?
  2. Magic lantern raw newbie help
  3. quickmode
  4. ML RAW direct to ProRes 422 HQ
  5. would you use this rig......
  6. First "real play" with RAW
  7. ML RAW and In Camera N/R?
  8. Shot Down: Shot with 5DIII and 6D
  9. Just a quickie :p
  10. Results of testing various 5D3 RAW workflows
  11. ML Questiions
  12. Anyone upgrade from 5d2 to 6d instead of 5d3?
  13. State of ML RAW Now
  14. Sell my 5d and move to m4/3 ?
  15. Magic Lantern for 5D mkIII with firmware 1.2.3 now online
  16. Does using an external hdmi monitor save or drain DSLR battery life?
  17. battery
  18. Changing Image Quality affects avaialable video recording time
  19. Export Cinestyle profile straight from Adobe Camera Raw?
  20. Canon 5d Mk III bought but potential issue
  21. New Sandisk SD card with 5d3 raw
  22. SoS: Black dot in 5d mark III...pls help!!
  23. No wav file in MLV
  24. Compressing Canon ML raw video
  25. Canon 16-35 vs Canon 17-40...is 1mm difference on wide too big?
  26. 5D3 prices after NAB?
  27. Need advice, Is the 5d2 (non raw) still an acceptable image today?
  28. Wide angle query
  29. Wedding (RAW)
  30. 5D3 RAW, FS700, and iPhone 5S cut together
  31. ABQ&SANDIA -timelapse and clean nightshots using FPS over ride,5D2
  32. Blood Moon Over Texas - 5D2 Raw video at 1FPS
  33. Monitor for 5D
  34. How is declicked lens useful vs normal lens?
  35. Alaska in 5D Mark III Raw
  36. FFMPEG now officially supports Magic Lantern Video
  37. ML Raw CDNGs with Auto Synced Audio now working in Resolve
  38. Lies - among suspects - Music video
  39. RAW video montage of Saint Georges Day
  40. RAW without RAW!
  41. Magic 'Lantern' Hour, 5D Mark III tests at dawn
  42. Tamron lenses for 5D3
  43. 5D II Wedding Highlights
  44. 5D III magic lantern installation help
  45. Audio connector with attenuator- Zoom H4-H6 to 5D2, 5D3, !DC
  46. Magic Lantern 5D mark III and 17 yr old singer.
  47. Canon 6d vs Panasonic GH3
  48. Zoom with IS -24-105 vs new 24-70 f4?
  49. How to match Canon 5D Mark iii footage with T3i footage
  50. 5D Mark III
  51. 5dii freezing...
  52. ACR 5D3 RAW Flicker Solution
  53. IS on NEW 24-70f4 vs older 24-105
  54. Can someone advise me on the right ISO for my 5d Mk iii
  55. Price isn't too bad - backpacking across the planet -
  56. Adidas Advert shot on 5d mk3 raw
  57. Lightweight & compact baseplate ith rods
  58. RawMagic 1.1 released today - Easier Magic Lantern raw workflow
  59. Rode Mic
  60. recommended CF for S35 mode on 1DC
  61. Canon 5d mark iii Magic Lantern with Ninja Blade
  62. Explain the D6's video bit depth for me please
  63. Battery Life
  64. How come?
  65. Canon 6D, state of RAW with ML, and which is better?
  66. Finally pick it up 24-105mm 1:4 L IS
  67. 5D3 or 6D
  68. Lexar 64GB Professional 1066x Compact Flash $90!!!
  69. Canon 5DIII RAW Tests on Vimeo - Compared to 35 mm Film & Red Dragon
  70. Cherish each moment
  71. RAW record time on 6D?
  72. daylight wording
  73. Wide lens - ML
  74. Amazing deal or so-so? Could you "expert" advice..
  75. cDNGs import darker in Resolve???
  76. 5d Music Video. Help me support my daughter
  77. Help with Timelaspe
  78. SanDisk Pro 280 MB/s Cards and 6D RAW?
  79. 300 fast to slow
  80. 5d shoot
  81. Anyone in Portland Oregon?
  82. GAS
  83. What do you think?
  84. Should i Sell my 5d Mark III for Sony Alpha 7s?
  85. The visual
  86. The color run
  87. 5D Mark III ususual behavior
  88. 5D Mark III shutter count issue
  89. Canon 5D with level meters
  90. Cannot believe.....
  91. Why the 5D (Canon) over a Nikon equivalent?
  92. Salt Spring Island 5D Mark III Raw
  93. Philip Bloom Sony A7s low light video: Death warrant for 5d Mark III?
  94. Workaround for Fixed Noise Pattern (Vertical Lines) in 5Diii Raw?
  95. just sold my Canon 1DC, now I'm experiencing seller's remorse...
  96. T5i and 70D
  97. Brand New 5D Mark III Powering on when switched to "TV" mode
  98. Golf flyover with 5D Mk3
  99. Wedding video prices
  100. Problem with macboot in formatting card
  101. Camera housing
  102. 5d mkiii vs BMPCC
  103. Lavalier connected directly to 5d Mark III
  104. Over head filming
  105. the beauty of 4k cinema wedding (...)
  106. Ultra Wide Angle Lens: f/4: 16-35 or 17/40?
  107. battery question
  108. Wide Angle Confusion
  109. 5.6
  110. HELP - battery question
  111. Dead body
  112. I've been on the fence about ML
  113. Crop question
  114. Looking for advice on processing MLRAW footage on new computer
  115. That LCD?????
  116. One card or two?
  117. Same Lapel mic sound different on Canon 5d Mark III & Xh a1s
  118. slow mode question - 5d mk3
  119. 5d Mark II: Is it possible to record video with lcd off?
  120. 5D Mk 3 vs C100 or C300
  121. The First Five Years: Season One
  122. Magic Lantern MLV
  123. Zombie film shot on 5d mkiii
  124. Second trailer with the 5d mkiii
  125. Did some changes from feedback
  126. New film shot with the 5d2 with Magic Lantern raw
  127. Sports Camp Aerial Video shot on 5D Mk3
  128. match up?
  129. Raw Vs HDR Video - whats more stable/easier workflow?
  130. sharpen
  131. any one have experience with sigma 28mm f1.8 for nikon used on 5D mark 2
  132. Will Canon have a new dslr soon?
  133. 5d Mark III: lots of hissing with external lav
  134. Good hot mirror filter for 5Ds/Canon DSLRs?
  135. 5DmkIII vs t2i for 1080p Timelapse Video?
  136. Micro-budget film, shot partly on 5D3/Magic Lantern Raw
  137. Ideal lenses for doc interviews using 5D Mark III. Canon Cinema, Zeiss CP.2, etc.?
  138. 5d Mark III: Is it possible to customize INFO button?
  139. Continous recording on 6D and 5D3... how long?
  140. magic lantern raw vs atomos prores
  141. I'm thinking about getting a reaL video camera
  142. I was just wondering????
  143. Now FREE: Cook Picture Styles for Canon DSLR
  144. Does 6d or 5d2 record in PAL?
  145. 5DtoBMD Picture Style
  146. Music Video on Canon 5D with ML RAW
  147. WiM 5dmkIII with 5dtoBMC dslr perfection PP
  148. Canon software updates plus new EOS Movie utility
  149. Matching 5D Mark III and BMPCC footage (RAW, h264)
  150. Shot this on the 5d mkiii
  151. Tokina 16-28 f2.8: Your views about this lens
  152. Short Studio Music Film shot on 5D mkII
  153. WTB: Grid 5.0 Viewfinder
  154. Bastards 5d mk III and 5dtoBMD picture profile
  155. Canon 5d II weird shutter sound in live view
  156. ML RAW record times on 5D2/6D
  157. Canon 24-105 vs Sigma 24-105
  158. Not Much 6D Footage in Here so Here's a Butcher Shop with Video-X Graded
  159. ML RAW video of National Parks
  160. Raw Magic Lite vs Paid Version
  161. Magic Lantern: for features, but don't want to shoot RAW.
  162. 5D3 RAW used in our first Narrative
  163. Pix240i + 5d3
  164. Recording from 5d3 HDMI out
  165. Lingerie model test - Canon raw 50fps 1:2.20
  166. Canon 70-200mm f/4 w/o lens support
  167. Still from a 5D Raw Shoot yesterday (Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol)
  168. DP4 with Mk3 comments
  169. 5d Mark III video footage not as smooth as 5d Mark II
  170. 5D Mark II raw
  171. My thoughts on 5D3 vs C100 for weddings
  172. FEAR - short film - shot on 5D3 raw
  173. 5D3 with ML Raw - Middle Gray?
  174. magic lantern-moving top and bottom bars?
  175. 5DKK3 Drone Reel
  176. Free carry speed VF-4 and battery grip
  177. Crop Factor when Using HDMI Recorder?
  178. CF and SD cards
  179. 5D3 Dynamic Range - Raw and H264
  180. 5d Mark III: Sharpness @ 2 not 0...footage looks very nice
  181. Topic: help!!--dropped camera, crazy pixels on ML peaking
  182. 5D Mark III HDMI Out to External Recorder? Re: Framerates
  183. second camera?
  184. Thoughts on rumored 5D Mark IV
  185. Gimbal
  186. Little Test Video
  187. mark III and external monitor issues
  188. Full frame focus breathing?
  189. magic lantern -- adding letterbox to top of frame?
  190. 6D + ML HDMI out question
  191. EOS-M / Mag. Lant. Flickering, Pulsing
  192. magic lantern. Formatting the card or delete files.
  193. 5D III with Ninja 2. Color issues.
  194. ML for still photography
  195. 6d and atomos ninja.
  196. Is there a sticky on shooting video with the 6d?
  197. Unveiled: Canon's New 50.6MP 5DS & 5DS R DSLRs No 4k
  198. 5d Mark III...2 folders of footage
  199. State of RAW - 6D, 5D2, and 5D3
  200. Use 5D3 as CF card reader for Magic lantern raw mlv files?
  201. How long can a hacked 5D MKII record 24FPS 720P?
  202. How to "save" a broken ML raw span (5D3 exampel)
  203. Magic Lantern Workflow Hardwear
  204. third party wide angle lens...will there be difference in the video quality?
  205. Common Resolve and Premiere roundtrip issues [MLV]
  206. 6D Tamron 28-75 focus issues
  207. Canon 5D Mark III and GoPro Hero4
  208. Magic Lantern workflow question as of 03/2015
  209. 5D mark III and external monitor issues
  210. canon 100mm 2.8 is vs sigma 105mm 0s
  211. 5D Mark II Flickering when in AV mode––how to fix?
  212. Should i buy Canon 5d Mark ii today or another camera?
  213. canon mark ii with a nikorr lens (i hear the focus) ISSUE
  214. Problems with ML ans new 5d mkiii?
  215. lens
  216. more than one camera?
  217. Help Me Pick A Camera
  218. Need advice: Old 5D mark 2 OR new 70D (manual focus lenses)
  219. Choices - 5D3 Raw or BM URSA Mini 4K?
  220. 24 vs 30 or 60
  221. Pole?
  222. focus
  223. 6D Vs. 5D Mark III - Film Student
  224. Canon 5DS & Canon 5D Mark III Test Footage
  225. Canon 5D Mark I Mirror Issue Product Advisory
  226. 5d MK III only 50 fps instead of 60
  227. Considering buying a new lens...
  228. Documentary workflow with Canon 6D, Magic Lantern and Denoiser II (or Neat Video)
  229. 28-135?
  230. camera?
  231. Lenses with 'Voigtlander' character
  232. plan that cruise
  233. 5D MKIII monitor up to $1000?
  234. Aftermarket Batt grip + 5d MkIII
  235. Biggest Challenge with DSLRs
  236. life if a SD card
  237. life of a SD card
  238. A little better chip?
  239. Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
  240. Best image stabilized lens (for video)
  241. Mini HDMI - HDMI
  242. 5D MKIII firmware 1.2.3 file anyone?
  243. Serial number question
  244. Interesting Article
  245. Two Film awards
  246. Shooting B-Roll with Canon 17-40L or GoPro Hero 4 Silver?
  247. Wireless remote control
  248. Resolve anamorphic desqueeze, how?
  249. Loud Pops on Microphone DSLR/H4N direct recording setup
  250. 5D mk2 vs Sony A7 ii