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  1. Magic Lantern enables 14-bit RAW CinemaDNG on 5D
  2. what mount for anamorphic adapter 16H Kowa? please advice.
  3. DOF difference: f2.8 vs f4?
  4. Canon 1D C 4K 25p firmware surfaced
  5. 5D MKIII: Audio internal or external?
  6. Canon USA 5D III Uncompressed Firmware Link
  7. 6D Video Quality
  8. 5D RAW uncompressed HDMI video samples for download (link)
  9. I just got a 5d mark iii and had a question
  10. Direct comparisons between HDMI out and ALL-I/IPB internal on the 5D MIII
  11. How long can 1DC record 4k before overheating?
  12. Quick way to display movie files full EXIF info...
  13. Canon 1dc S35 mode grading test
  14. 5d or GH3
  15. Which camera has a "stronger" shoe mount? C100 or 5d3?
  16. Basic aperture question
  17. Small HD DP7 Pro or Convergent Design Odyssey 7 for Canon 1DC???
  18. EOS 1D C firmware upgrade further delayed until end of May
  19. What's a good prime lens for the Canon T3i?
  20. 5D now shoots 24fps RAW video!
  21. Dubstep Music video shot on 5D
  22. DSLR controlle appr, too many options, which to choose?
  23. 5D-III new firmware same internal recoring time?
  24. Canon releases new flat picture profile - X-Series Look
  25. Atomos Ninja 2 VS The New RAW Magic Lantern firmware
  26. Canon 5D MK III + Magic Lantern Raw 1920 x 720 very short test
  27. Magi Lantern and RAW workflow doubts
  28. Canon 1D C 25p firmware delay explained
  29. KomputerBay 1000x CF cards
  30. 5D Mark III form fitting cage
  31. Sd to CF adapter?
  32. Issue with 5D mark iii and Ninja 2 files
  33. Anamorphic Lens?
  34. Canon RAW video: color accuracy
  35. Fixed prime focal lengths
  36. Absolution - A Night Of Horror 2013 Finalist Shot With 5D3
  37. Date Night shot on the 6D
  38. 5d Mk3 or should I go with something else?
  39. Cineplus Lightform Picture style
  40. Getting 5D Mark III this week: Few questions....pls answer!
  41. Installing ML RAW on 5DII?
  42. $350 Canon 50D now RAW video capable
  43. Mix Pre D vs Tascam DR60?
  44. Shutter count help please.
  45. Purchased Refurb 5d Mk3: help
  46. New 5DmIII video: To TUscany With Love
  47. 5D3 deals ? how much did you guys buy the 5d at ?
  48. Tour Vlog/Doc shot on 5Dmkiii
  49. best Canon adapter for Zeiss ZF (Nikon F-Mount) prime lenses???
  50. 2 Big Sur videos 2 Raw capable cameras :)
  51. Canon 5D3 RAW Modeling BTS
  52. Does anyone here have both a 5D Mark III and a BMCC or at least compared the ISO?
  53. External Mic for 5D: Rode Video Mic Pro or Stereo Mic?
  54. lens?
  55. 5D and T2i had a flicker issue with lights
  56. 5D Mark iii FIRST TIME USER
  57. 5D Mark II w/ Magic Lantern and external monitor
  58. 6D, MarkII or MarkIII with beachtek and Dr-e6?
  59. Remember, You don't need Magic Lantern
  60. IPB vs ALL-I doubts
  61. Hasty Lens buy after Canon 70-200 F4 IS vs Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS II internal debate
  62. Getting a Mark III - Can I get some Lens Opinions
  63. Audio Monitoring
  64. Magic Lantern unlocks 3x crop mode on 5D3
  65. 5DmkII MAGIC LANTERN problem. anyone had this happen?
  66. 5D3 different raw conversion samples
  67. Finally upgrading to 6d
  68. Kottan "Self Defense" shot on Canon 5D Mark 2
  69. Knowledge: DVD & Books for 5D Mark III (Video & Photo)
  70. No aperture control in Manual mode on Canon 5D III
  71. 1DC- 4K mode, LiveView and AutoFocus
  72. 1st 5D 3 Video - Advice
  73. LCD Sunshade for 5D Mk3
  74. The old primes vs fast zoom thread
  75. Strange battery message with 5D Mark III
  76. First Major Shoot with 5d Mark III 2 days later....Answer my ?s...pls
  77. Music Video shot on Mark3
  78. Variable ND ruins focus
  79. Importing Footage
  80. Spectre: Micro-short shot on 5D3 and FS700
  81. Re: 1DX - Dual CF Card Slot // Video Recording
  82. Canon 1DC and 1DX Product Advisory announcement:
  83. Recommended CF 128GB Flash Card for 5D3 - Video
  84. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 on full frame: a visit to the Alhambra with a 5D2
  85. Best Settings for 60p in ML Raw
  86. 5D3 Raw Exposure Shift
  87. wtf DIY tiltable 5d screen?
  88. Live View Exposure Accuracy with 5D Mark III
  89. Micro-short shot on 5D3 Raw @ 60 fps - "Heroin"
  90. DFocus V4 vs Kamerar Follow Focus
  91. Manfrotto 701HDV, can I use it with my tripod?
  92. 5D3 Raw post-processing options - Pros and Cons
  93. Raw - ML Raw
  94. 5D3 Raw - What is the cause of random pink frames?
  95. Canon 1DC: how can I stop "Canon Log" notice from constantly flashing on screen???
  96. better to leave 1DC sharpness at default (mid-way) or add in post???
  97. Any ND filters to place between camera and lens for 5d mk3?
  98. using the Canon 1DC's histogram to judge exposure in 4K C-log
  99. Free Magic Lantern Workshop Dallas
  100. New MK III Raw video from Iceland
  101. Potential settings fix for 5D mk III raw....
  102. 5Dmk2 + 55mm f1.2 + 20mm f1.8 + a restaurant = THIS
  103. First 5D3-Raw Full Length Music Video?
  104. New Canon 70D autofocus
  105. Red Scarlet Vs. 5D3 Raw Sharpness Comparison
  106. Another raw test... raw files directly into Premiere.
  107. 5D mark III manual lenses focusing
  108. Parfocal zooms for 5D Mark III
  109. Zooming in narrative filmmaking
  110. Canon zooms for video
  111. Resolve CDNG Issue
  112. Is An Extended Warranty Worth It For These Canon Lenses?
  113. Astrophotography adapter for 5D3
  114. How best to use Canon 5d for slow motion
  115. Another high ISO RAW video test with the 5D Mark II
  116. 5D3 Live View glitch with manual lenses
  117. Canon 5D Mark 3 RAW data sizes?
  118. BM Resolve Now Works with 5DIII RAW Files (After Conversion)
  119. Lighter - the only light source - Canon 5d mkiii
  120. Poll/Question: Canon 5D RAW User's Guide
  121. Magic Lantern "Dual ISO" Function
  122. First music video using a glidecam
  123. 5D Mk III Menu Settings for Video
  124. New video, mostly 5D3-Raw
  125. on 1DC where should my greys and whites be on a 0-255 waveform
  126. Would you buy this?
  127. The FREE DVXUser Guide to Magic Lantern RAW (NOW AVAILABLE!!)
  128. Canon 5D MarKIII timelapse issues in night to day transition in AV
  129. Sale???
  130. ML Raw R00 files?
  131. detach lens from camera (5D and cheap Nikon adapter)
  132. Magic Lantern 5D RAW, HDMI out?
  133. IS Lenses wider than 24mm for Sailing Thriller
  134. Markii, Live View + HDMI output while recording?
  135. Remote video start/stop for the 5D3
  136. Any advice for attaching Smallhd DP6 onto Canon 5D for a minimal handheld rig
  137. Sing Ray or ProMaster ND Filter? 77 or 82?
  138. Canon 5D3 firmware Clean HDMI problem
  139. "Hidden Hike" Canon 6D
  140. How to test CF cards?
  141. Rigging 5D
  142. iOi study n.2
  143. Err
  144. What's a good solution for LCD + Zoom mic for run and gun?
  145. General Lens Question
  146. Test footage from 1D Mark IV
  147. 5D Mark III "Stacatto" Motion - All footage looks like fast shutter speed
  148. New 256 gig 1200X KomputerBay CF cards
  149. 24-70mm vs 24-105mm
  150. ML MK3 RAW help!!!!
  151. Komputerbay 64GB 1000x vs Transcend 64GB 1000x for ML RAW?
  152. Canon 1DC 4k external recording
  153. Shooting entirely in 3X crop mode raw video.
  154. My favorite vid to date
  155. Resolve Lite 10 fixes pink fringing issues with raw files
  156. No picture
  157. A Mountain Bike film shot on 5DIII ML RAW and RED Epic
  158. Trouble installing ML RAW for 5DMKIII
  159. Magic lantern raw best practices.
  160. Hot off the presses! Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus Distagon T* Lens for Canon EF Mount
  161. Canon 5DMKIII Special Videographers Dream Bundle
  162. 5D3 ML raw product video
  163. File size limit question
  164. Unwanted speed changes from AE workflow
  165. Eng lens on canon 5d mk2
  166. Happy Halloween HDSLRS gang
  167. 5d mark III Video: Am i the only one?
  168. "Zoom pulling"
  169. Halloween 2013 in New York City
  170. 5DM3 RAW recording - pink horizontal stripes - please HELP..
  171. "El Tio", short film shot on 5DM3 with the ML raw hack, english subtitles
  172. Are Canon for Real?
  173. Replacing 5D3 onboard audio with good audio
  174. 5D iii - M.L. RAW dynamic range
  175. Nissan drift video Canon 5d mk III and slow motion
  176. Feature Film - Shot partially on 5D3/ML
  177. 5D iii - ND Filters (IRND?)
  178. Question about 5d3 bootflag ML raw startup issue
  179. Trailer Camera Breakdown
  180. Canon 5d mkiii users - can you assign a different button to 5x/10x magnification
  181. Shot on Canon 5D: Blackfish #1 on iTunes Indies, #4 Overall
  182. 5D iii: Converting to Prores
  183. 5D3 Magic Lantern to Resolve and Premiere problems
  184. Matte box: Why?
  185. Can cheap or slow CF cards slow down your bitrate on a MkII or MkIII?
  186. 5D MK II + lens combo
  187. Cinematography reel ( 90% canon 5d mk III)
  188. Kinotechnik EVF for canon DSLRs
  189. Best 2 camera setup for under $2500
  190. My 5dmkiii and Zombie setup
  191. 5D mark iii CORRUPT FOOTAGE solution? link to video included
  192. Can this MacBook Pro works with Magic Lantern Raw Workflow?
  193. Blade Runner Blaster Build (Isco, 5DMIII)
  194. Does ML have "hotkeys" for changing multiple settings?
  195. 5D Mark II Music Video
  196. Canon 5D MK III audio recording problem
  197. 5Dm3 and mixpre-D setup
  198. The best 50mm for the 5D Mark 2
  199. 5DmkII MLV Raw Video now with 48khz Sound
  200. Update question
  201. Almost 2 hours on 32 gb card?!!
  202. Kiss Your Pu**y - Music Video Shot on 5D3/Scarlet/R1MX
  203. Is rokinon 35 worth the money?
  204. Kickstarter - HDMI lock port 5D mark III - last 48 hours help!
  205. Which ML Firmware do I need for Raw MLV with audio?
  206. 5Dmk3 Mirror Lock Up
  207. SAMYANG 14MM T3.1 VDSLR vs 14MM 2.8
  208. 4K phone vs 5D mkII, 7D. :)
  209. L4ST - Survival - Canon 5d mark III
  210. Sound Technology changed for the DSLR?
  211. Help with Canon C100 and PIX 240
  212. Canon 5d markIII RAW Music video
  213. How do you sharpen the soft video of 5D3 (premiere CS6)
  214. Best Technique, best card to manual white balance to match 7d
  215. Battery
  216. Battery Grip?
  217. Anyone - Canon/ML/Vegas?
  218. DSLR Monitor?
  219. sci-fi love story made for $10,000
  220. audio levels on monitor question
  221. Sony monitor
  222. New Picture Style
  223. The limits of raw…. or...
  224. A few questions about ML Raw
  225. Shoulder Rig
  226. Magic Lantern focus peaking
  227. 5Dmk3 or BMCC EOS mount for raw
  228. 24mm, 28mm or 35mm lens?
  229. Need your advice in picking an A Cam (C100 vs FS700)for my B Cam (5D Mark II)
  230. Slow motion 1080/25p HD on a 5D III and shutter speed for video on a DSLR?
  231. Filters quesiton
  232. Selling my 24-70 Mark 2
  233. 6d or 70d recording limit?
  234. No wav files in latest 5DM3 ML Raw
  235. Both on at the same time?
  236. 5D and external monitor issues
  237. Unscientific lens comparison, incl. Zeiss Otus
  238. Recommendations for a cheap cage for 5D III camera with battery grip?
  239. How do you treat a neutral footage shot on 5d mark III
  240. who is
  241. Anyone out there using the Woodern Camera quick cage with their 5DmkIII?
  242. Show your gear
  243. SmallHD DP6, DP4 or just ML for run and gun documentary work with 2 x 5Dmk3
  244. New James Miller video side by side with BM4k and 1Dc
  245. Third Lense
  246. Anyone using Carl Ziess lens?
  247. Best 50mm lens?
  248. The Monster cover video shot on 5D MK3
  249. 5D Mark II vs. 6D
  250. can anyone suggest a starting point (camera profile) to match 5D2 and 5D3 footage