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  1. CineGearPro 33" Ultra-Compact Mini Slider - any thoughts?
  2. Jag35 Electronic EFF M1 controller and motor
  3. Variable Neutral Density Filters
  4. Can the Steadicam Pilot be modded to pass HD-SDI through its vertical post?
  5. Computer for editing documentary with CS5
  6. Budget shoulder rig for Letus Extreme and Hvx200
  7. Manfrotto 127 Dolly: how stable is it?
  8. Anyone use the Kessler Pocket Dolly?
  9. Ebay Mini Jib - any opinions?
  10. Kessler Crane 5th-8ft ultra HD model. Used once great condition!!!
  11. whats in your gaffer/grip or AC belt?
  12. Very light camcorder & quality fluid head (Sachtler,Vinten,Libec,etc)
  13. Follow focus with small lenses?
  14. 2TB G-Drive Corrupted, Laptop won't read it any longer
  15. Mimic Follow focus control from Indisystems
  16. Track Dolly
  17. External Storage advice please - Raid?
  18. Wireless Mic Clamp/Holder for SDX900
  19. On camera ND vs 4 x 5.65/4 x 4
  20. Two questions about a Small HD DP6: do i want a waveform and should i go for the dp4?
  21. What's the best equipment to mount a camera on a car?
  22. 22" HDTV stand mount, DIY
  23. I'm looking for feedback on the following teleprompters...
  24. Digitize Old Video Tape
  25. Are there pulley driven dollys for slow controlled pushins?
  26. Anyone have experience with prompting.com, also known as electronic script prompting?
  27. VFM-056WP or SmallHD DP6?
  28. Panasonic HDC-TM900 or Canon 7D...
  29. Would a kit lens work for video?
  30. Any thought about the Proaim shouldermount?
  31. Can I buy a composite>VGA converter with inputs for multiple devices?
  32. Mounting a Broadcast ENG camera on Kessler CineSlider
  33. Looking to rent Pocket or cine slider in LA???
  34. Anyone have experience with a Listec teleprompter?
  35. How to use this L bracket? Plus accessories for the Cowboy Studio shoulder support
  36. Is it a bad idea to go over the weight limit on the 503 Manfrotto head?
  37. 1080p and backpacking
  38. Bogen 503 head, which quick release plate holder?
  39. Need follow focus gear ring for nikon lens on my chorzel follow focus
  40. Which legs would you prefer?
  41. Remote focus and iris control for HPX170?
  42. DSLR video jib suggestions
  43. Rode Videomic Pro, Canon HV30, External Mic Mounting options
  44. Will the quick release on my Manfrotto 503 work on a Bogen 3066?
  45. Crane Operation (DSLR)
  46. Advice for Windows 7 for a DIY computer build + other DIY questions?
  47. Looking for an video/audio time syncing hardware recommendation, please help!
  48. HD-SDI <> HDMI converter?
  49. Anyone here use the StrongArm 6 with a SmallHD DP6?
  50. Anton Bauer powers how many devices
  51. Are these the same as SanDisk Extreme III cards?
  52. Anyone know anything about Bobotechnic?
  53. Quick release options
  54. HMC40 Follow Focus Suggestions [Besides Ikan f3, Indifocus and DIY]
  55. Vesa mount to baby receiver
  56. I'm traveling overseas this week for a shoot. Any tips on flying with equipment?
  57. Spider Steady Rig
  58. Is an SDI Connection the same as av-in ?
  59. Is it OK to put a Bogen 3066 head on Manfrotto 535 legs?
  60. What is the cheapest decent remote pan/tilt?
  61. Low speed, USB 2.0 HDD for basic backup?
  62. Looking for a reviewer for a 64GB SDXC uhs-1 card
  63. HPX-170 and Hyperdeck Recorder
  64. New 15mm clamps
  65. Can anyone tell me something about this tripod...
  66. I want to buy an hdslr helicopter asap, what are my options?
  67. GRAID 2 Jumper settings?
  68. Where can I buy Green Screen templates for Video and Photography?
  69. Need a riser for my mattebox!
  70. Looking for semi pro video camera
  71. In Your Dreams
  72. Back up system workflow
  73. video converter hardware
  74. What's the largest Kata bag I can take on a plane?
  75. Anyone got tips for how they use their SmallHD DP6
  76. Recommended bag
  77. Tired Tripod Sticky?
  78. Which jib to go with?
  79. Nice small fluid heads?
  80. Nikon Friendly Follow Focus
  81. Better choice than Kessler Hercules head, Kpod, and crane for under 1200?
  82. Ikegami Viewfinder
  83. Chest Harness for a point and shoot camera
  84. SmallHD
  85. found an old tripod/head combo... little help?
  86. Need help with Panasonic P2 card reader...Plesae
  87. Filming live production at a school.
  88. Zacuto Baseplate: Full Size vs. Mini
  89. Sachtler or Vinten?
  90. ANTON BAUER ELIPZ Question
  91. Most used ND filter
  92. safe distance for radio active lenses?
  93. iPad questions
  94. using a GPS with A/V input as a field monitor
  95. HVX200 Raingear
  96. sound device pix 220 or atmos ninja
  97. How about this clever panning trick?
  98. Pana AG-DV2500 Deck Menu display?
  99. Onboard recorder rental in Culver City?
  100. Scan converter rental in L.A.?
  101. 7" External Monitor - HD or SD?
  102. New Follow Focus System Method. Price: $249
  103. Magic Trackpad or Wacom tablet?
  104. What HDMI Cables Are You Using (Brands, Speeds)?
  105. What do you guys use to deliver video footage to clients online?
  106. Remote Viewing of Camera & Mix Via Internet
  107. Need help picking a monitor
  108. Help me find a shoulder rig: adjustable height, good for tall people, different cams
  109. What's the material lens caps are made off?
  110. Where can I buy a Vinten Vision Blue head? Kinda need one shipped by September 4th.
  111. First test shots with my new Kessler Jib
  112. Macbook Air for Video and photo editing.
  113. Is it worth it to get the full Blackbird kit vs Basic?
  114. How would you connect a hot shoe adapater 1/4-20 male to 1/4-20 male arm?
  115. Improve drag on Manfrotto 501 Head
  116. Which tripod to get: Sachtler, Vinten or... E-Image?
  117. Camera Slider information
  118. Which_camcorder_do_you_use_for_wedding_shooting?
  119. Letus Hawk viewfinder
  120. What laptop do you edit on?
  121. Long lens support, 15mm rods, cheap reliable soltuions?
  122. Sony J3 Deck in San Francisco- Rental
  123. ND Filters for Mattebox?
  124. Levelling ball mount for Manfrotto 503HDV
  125. Strange Question re: Pelican Cases
  126. Offset vs Straight Rig
  127. External monitor that fits lcdvf?
  128. JibOne $69, ProAM $249 or Kessler $1000+ ? Not judging by price only, which one?
  129. Problem with Varizoom VZROCKPZFI Focus and Iris control w/HVX200a
  130. Tripod Help!
  131. Studio Intercom/ Communications
  132. Preferred Memory Vendor?
  133. Optimum write speed for CF card in 5D2
  134. Need Tripod Advice for Provista V12 Tripod
  135. Manfrotto 504HD fits 055CXPRO?
  136. Tips to help speed rendering
  137. Mounting stuff to rig cage
  138. Flycam 6000 - A little help?
  139. How do I add a TV monitor to editing system?
  140. What monopod should I buy? Please help me!
  141. How strong are your ND filters usually?
  142. Projector rental help
  143. need a leveling ball with a fluid head, or can i work without it?
  144. Tall sticks
  145. Follow focus setup
  146. Atlas 10 vs Atlas 10 FLT - which is better choice?
  147. Cheapest way to convert my tripod into a dolly?
  148. Good laptop for offloading HD video
  149. Recommended PC setup for video editing and effects - not 3D work
  150. Multi-Purpose Tripod $1500
  151. Can anyone identify the O'Conor fluid head?
  152. Cant find the Dell Ultrasharp 2209wa anywhere!!
  153. Cheap way to monitor color correction
  154. Zacuto EVF Rod Mount Versatility
  155. Need help deciding on some computer upgrades
  156. best viewfinder for Canon 7D
  157. Nikon repair center NYC?
  158. Black Magic Intesity Pro....should I get it???
  159. LA Film Film/Video Folks - Looking for business with JIBS/ CRANES for sales-rent
  160. Where can I get this?
  161. How to balance my rig on a tripod?
  162. Meta Date
  163. Long term/archival storage solutions for digital original media?
  164. Does anybody have experience taking off fluid heads off a Davis & Sanford tripod?
  165. Anyone with a Kessler 5 or 8 foot crane/jib?
  166. Very basic question: is a RAID setup the option for backing up lots of HD footage?
  167. Jib Mounting Help
  168. Dolly Thoughts
  169. Citi DISK HD HDV DTE Firewire Video Recorder ,,,possible to change hard disk ?
  170. Good Bag for Camera Slider?
  171. Wire harness for crane
  172. Question about focusing with a shoulder mount
  173. Using a jib arm without expensive tripod? Weight bearing discrepancy on BH?
  174. New technology for film?
  175. Konova slider - should I get the 39" or 47"?
  176. Best Production Gear Bag for the money?
  177. Manfrotto 501 vs other tripods?
  178. Vinten Vision Blue tripod question
  179. I highly recommend telepropmters from tompter.com
  180. FS-100 Modding
  181. Hoods for laptops
  182. Miller Ds-20 tripod and Sony EX3 - shaky
  183. Which MacBook Pro should I buy? Which features are more important?
  184. Looking for a Slider with pulley and motor other than Kessler, suggestions?
  185. Need help ASAP
  186. Hands on with the Small HD DP4 and DP6
  187. Atomos Ninja 1GB Hard Disk and 7.4V 7800mAh batteries
  188. Best battery for the buck?
  189. buying thumbscrews
  190. VGA to HDMI - Best converter box...?
  191. Has anyone review FloLight?
  192. 15mm Rod stuff in the UK
  193. Year 12 HSC Design & Tech Project Idea - Amateur Filmmaking Kit
  194. Marshall monitor experience: total lack of support
  195. Lacie Hard-Drive Alternatives?
  196. MyDigitalSSD UHS-1 SDHC and SDXC Review
  197. Purchasing Sachtler and Heliopan Products in Germany: Cheaper or not worth it?
  198. Cinegear Pro Accessories - Anyone use them?
  199. Camera equipment for filming in the Amazon, Brazil
  200. GH13 + Sachtler cinedslr or Sachtler Ace or Vinten Vision Blue?
  201. Steadycam for under $300 ? (second hand or new)
  202. building a shooting studio
  203. Portable power/battery pack for the 500 LED Dimmerable video lights
  204. Manfrotto 501 + MA325N + MA520BALL Question ?
  205. NVIDIA Quadro 4000 + Mac Os X Lion
  206. Monitor recommendations for editing?
  207. Backpack recommendations for video camera?
  208. Zacuto EVF firmware update
  209. Lilliput 665GL-70NP/HO/Y - Nice Feature Set
  210. Setting up NAS for client raw video delivery?
  211. Cheapest sandbag (Empty) I have seen.
  212. Sound Devices PIX 220 Video Recorder
  213. Digital slate board
  214. External RAID 5 recommendations
  215. DIY HVX Car Hood mount question / suggestions?...
  216. Advice on a Sachtler head
  217. HELP! Trying to install new video card on PC...
  218. Need advice on rig accessories
  219. weight of a pix 220 or pix 240?
  220. How good?
  221. Tripod dollies - I need your advice
  222. Packin C-stands
  223. A question about RAM for a Mac Pro
  224. Optics cleaning kit - cleaning nikon lenses and sgblade optics
  225. Which follow focus gears?
  226. NVIDIA Video Cards
  227. Fiber Optics for Network Storage and Cloud Computing
  228. $5000-$6000 Tripod
  229. [HELP!] Cartoni FOCUS HD or Sachtler FSB 8 - Leg advice needed too!
  230. Feet for the Igus slider?
  231. Monitor for editing
  232. Light meter opinions
  233. HDV Tape Deck. Any thoughts?
  234. Is the Solid State Drive worth $600 in a new IMAC ?
  235. EEFX.COM - Getting Pretty Fed Up...
  236. Letus Master Cinema Series Equipment
  237. Atomos Ninja and AV comatibility
  238. Used Vinten Vision3 or New Manfrotto 504HD kit for AF100?
  239. Mounting options for Zaza slider.
  240. What should I get for my Canon DSLR?
  241. A warning on 4X4 Lee filters
  242. Using internal drives for editing
  243. How do you mount camera, mic and recorder together?
  244. Super Low Budget Project - Big Budget Results
  245. PC for HDSLR filmaking
  246. Mattebox that connects to lens, to allow zooming?
  247. Vest & Arm for steadicam rigs
  248. Noob questions
  249. External recorder 1080-60p slow mo
  250. Calibrating a CRT Monitor with a MacBook Pro