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  1. RED for rent with Zeiss Super Speeds
  2. Crewing up for Music Video for BET and MTV!!!
  3. Need full crew in richmond august 15-17 (dates are tenative)
  4. Videographers needed in DC area.
  5. HVX200 Rental in Bucks County, PA
  6. Music composer available
  7. NJ & NY HPX500/HVX200 owners wanted
  8. Michigan HVX Shooters Needed End of July
  9. Toronto Camera Assistants Needed Asap!!!!
  10. 3 crew members needed to fill out our group - ASAP
  11. Seeking DOP/CO for Indie Feature (TO)
  12. DETROIT: need b-cam for wedding 7/12
  13. San Antonio camera asst/PA - July 11,12
  14. Post audio sweetener needed
  15. NYC looking for a cinematographer
  16. Re: Need a favor in LA
  17. DC metro video crews (EFP) needed
  18. LA Shoot - Need a special effects wizard or Motion Control operator
  19. Friendly, Austin-based Location Audio and Voiceover Production/Talent
  20. CREW CALL for a short film by SABI
  21. FRESNO: Looking for HD camera owner for collaboration
  22. Central Florida - Dp Needed
  23. Ambitious music composer looking for films
  24. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  25. Need Two HVX200 or DVX100b Operators in Orlando
  26. crew wanted in Philly
  27. Looking for Editor in Los Angeles Area
  28. Looking for Composer for 16mm Short Film
  29. Need a website!!!
  30. My monthly "looking for a job/project" post. NYC/LI
  31. Need to rent some gear in the DC area... any suggestions?
  32. Film equipment needed in the UK
  33. Composer needed for short film"Act II"
  34. Looing for a DP in Philly Area
  35. I will shoot and edit your video for free (Toronto)
  36. Montreal-One Day Shoot August 16th 2008-
  37. Need DVX Users for Multicam shoot in Portland Oregon
  38. Composer needed (no-budget short)
  39. Anyone close to the Fargo area? (mostly shooting in Detroit Lakes)
  40. Anyone in the Detroit Area during Aug. 2nd - Aug 3rd, 2008
  41. NYC Film Crew needed for SAG Feature
  42. Short notice...need a sound guy and a dp in Chicago
  43. In need of score for short film.
  44. Looking for a sound designer (no budget 30' short)
  45. video production positions with ign
  47. Royalty Free Music
  48. Sound Crew Needed in Memphis, TN ASAP
  49. Need to rent Follow Focus in Wash, DC
  51. Near Austin, TX 10/12 Need HVX shooter
  52. Possible need for small crane and operator SanFran Bay Are
  53. Need a DP/Videographer for this weekend!!!
  54. DP/Videographer needed in DALLAS, TX Sat/Sun/Mon
  55. HVX Shooter in Rochester NY.
  56. DP available in Philly
  57. Need Arri 435 Cameraman
  58. Composer Looking For Projects..
  59. PROP NEEDED: Skeleton in Baltimore/D.C.
  60. Composer: A-Team Music Rip-off
  61. DP WANTED in Toronto!!
  62. Need a short film scored
  63. Need a small crane/jib in philly
  64. DP needed outside of Philly
  65. A good resource for finding production studios?
  66. Cinematographer Needed
  67. Audio generalist for 4-6 month contract in the DR Congo
  68. Looking for everything in Phoenix for a Stephen King adaptation
  69. Composer Open for project
  70. Gaffer wanted in Baltimore.
  71. Sound Recordist wanted in Baltimore, MD.
  72. Assistant Producers wanted in Baltimore, MD.
  73. VFX artist needed for Sky Replacement Shot
  74. Seeking 35mm adapters for test
  76. Need to rent HVX+35 adaptor NASHVILLE 8/25-26
  77. Looking for hvx+35mm kit (melbourne, australia)
  78. Seeking DVX shooters in Nashville, TN, Oct. 31-Nov. 9
  79. Need someone to create my poster
  80. Western short needs DP & Sound - Southern California
  81. Audio Person Needed in philadelphia - thursday 8-28-2008
  82. Location Scout - California/Southwest
  83. posting on Mandy.com for a job?
  84. P2 cards and Marshall 7" HD monitor with Nebtek upgrade available in NYC
  85. Advantajib Operator/Jib Rental - Atlanta Sept 5
  86. Film Composer For You Projects
  87. Looking For Transfer Tech - So Cal
  88. Looking for a whole crew ... In Scotland.
  89. Need 2nd camera for Band Club Gig
  90. Looking for a DP in Southern California
  91. DVX 100 A or B user needed in Suburbs of Philly!
  92. Hi-quality New York City street ambience needed
  93. Anyone want to rent me 32gb worth of P2 in Toronto?
  94. Looking for DP and Crew for FUN and UNIQUE MUSIC VIDEO shoot
  95. Need HVX shooter in Richmond VA
  96. Friendly, Austin-based Location Audio and Voiceover Production/Talent
  97. Los Angeles Wedding and Event Shooters and Editors
  98. Toronto,Canada-DOP/Cameraman
  99. Wanted - Production Assistant/Camera Trainee in Toronto
  100. Looking for After Effects Editors for 3D Montages
  101. Need a couple HVX-200s in boston Sept 19-20
  102. HVX shooter in Norway needed
  103. Music composer available for serious projects.
  104. Staff DP Position in Harrisburg, PA
  105. Freelance HD Video Specialist Available w/ Equipment (Panasonic HPX500's)
  106. Need DVD's Duplicated?
  107. Freelance DP available East Coast
  108. Help! Need Shooter in Boston Tomorrow
  109. Nashville TN area
  110. Looking for native speakers (English US/UK)
  111. Looking for a Red around the New Orleans/Biloxi Area
  112. Colorist available (Los Angeles)
  113. RED ONE available for rent in Nov.
  114. Wanting to help!
  115. Professional film composer (internationally)
  116. Gulf Coast shoot needs an HVX200 and shooter
  117. Bay Area PAL HVX200 Rental Needed
  118. Filmmakers needed in FL,GA,SC,MS,KY,KS,WA,Bakersfield CA and Lafayette LA
  119. Need STILL PHOTOGRAPHER for this Sunday / Los Angeles
  120. Letus Ultimate NEeded in LA
  121. Los Angeles DP available with HVX200
  122. Freelance Advance 3D Photo Montage
  123. New Delhi. Cameraman with HVX, EX1 or Possibly HDV camera. Sept 30 - Oct 7
  124. Looking an adapter with lens package for rent: NYC
  125. Needing someone to do Sound FX for a Fist Fight
  126. Offering some free help in the Seattle area
  127. Reality Crew looking for Camera Video Tutorial Help
  128. Need Film Company Animated Logo
  129. Commercial Opportunities with Current TV
  130. Los Angeles Based DP/Cinematographer
  131. China & Asia Cameraman/Producer available
  132. Smoke Green Screen for SFX (LA area)
  133. Need an HDV videographer in Paris, France for PBS Art Show
  134. Steadicam for hire - michigan
  135. letus extreme in NYC (good price for students with insurance)
  136. Help needed in San Diego
  137. Editing Studio Available to Rent in Toronto
  138. DP needed in Berkeley/Bay Area for Music Video
  139. 24 seconds of Green Screen Footage. Someone Good With After Effects (Pay Involved)
  140. Making a Film Noir short in Oklahoma City area!!
  141. Opportunity: Author With Previous Movie Success Wants New Book A Film
  142. Looking for 1st & 2nd AC gigs, will gladly work for free.
  143. Lighting director / Gaffer / DP / Production Designer in HOUSTON
  144. Creative Videographers needed NOW!
  145. Experienced flm composer available
  147. Available Film Music Composer
  148. need gear in tokyo
  149. FOR RENT IN NYC: EX1 + Letus Elite + Monitor + FF + MB+ Zacuto + More
  150. FOR RENT IN NYC: Kino-Flo interview kit
  151. NEEDED: HVX200A in Los Angeles
  152. assistant looking for work
  153. Looking to Form SpecOps Team in LA
  154. Los Angeles. Looking to Rent P2 cards
  155. Crewing up for music video DP needed/
  156. NYC: Tape 1 hour Cabaret, Burn DVD, $100 + transportation
  157. XHA1 Cameramen in Northern California
  158. Needed: Camera operator in Atlanta, GA
  159. Video Production Specialist - Looking for work in Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins
  160. For Rent in Southeast US: HVX-200 (2) HDX500
  161. Nikon Coolpix Commercial Opportunity
  162. Shooter/DP/director/filmmaker for hire in L.A
  163. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  164. Any Chicago DVXers want to join a team for the 100 hour film race?
  165. Los Angeles Steadicam Pilot Operator for Hire
  166. Free/Cheap gaffer/grip/AC/anything else in L.A.
  167. Looking for Camera Operator in Junea, Alaska
  168. Looking For DP in the Huston Texas Area
  169. HVX operator / Los Angeles
  170. HVX shooter in Park City, UT
  171. DP for NYU thesis film "Fish Fillet" -experimental narrative comedy
  172. Need Cameraman for Mini Web Series / Los Angeles
  173. Associate Video Producer
  174. Hvx200a needed in la
  175. van or truck needed in SF bay area
  176. 3D Animator
  177. Camera Op, HVX200, Brevis for hire Los Angeles, CA
  178. 2d animator and hair/makeup artist
  179. Bay area need help
  180. Freelance Composer Available
  181. DP/Editor Baltimore/Washington
  182. Director of Photography available SD/HD/FILM - Los Angeles
  183. Wedding - Do you need an assistant
  184. Hawaii; Asia;Aus;NZ - Dist Reps Wanted
  185. colorist for 30 minute video
  186. Need P2 Card (8 or 16 GB) for Thursday
  187. Looking for: VFX artist (L.A.)
  188. Need Visual Effects Editors.
  189. WANTED: HTML Whiz for custom Web Order Form
  190. New Music available for consumption!
  191. Travel Camera Operators
  192. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  193. Seeking Videographers/Filmmakers for Shortform Web Content in Atlanta
  194. Live audio mixer
  195. Live audio mixer
  196. Music Composer Available
  197. Looking to rent a camera in philadelphia (1 day)
  198. Need to rent HPX500 in NYC on 11/19/08
  199. looking to hire DVX user in Milwaukee next week
  200. Looking for EOS adapter for HVX in Sydney
  201. Looking to rent ZF lenses for two days in LA
  202. RED ONE available for rent.
  203. HVX in Atlanta for the weekend
  204. Looking for B-roll of Philadelphia...
  205. Looking for SOUND DESIGNER in PUERTO RICO!?
  206. Looking for a DP in Nashville, TN (Dec 12th)
  207. Need IndiFocus (or other FF) or other rent/buy tomorrow in LA
  208. Boom Operator needed 4 8hr shoot in Burbank
  209. Need DP and sound - near Charlotte, NC
  210. HPX500 available for 300 per day in NY
  211. Need 2d Animator - Charlotte, NC (can work from anywhere though)
  212. Open Junior Electronics Technician Position in New York City
  213. Narration/VO Talent Ready For Hire!
  214. DP/HMC150 for Rent in Texas!
  215. Professional film composer: available with passion! (internationally)
  216. Charlotte NC Editors...
  217. Shooter in Finger Lake Area
  218. Los Angeles - Need G&E for music video, 11/21
  219. AE help
  220. Concert shooters needed in Baton Rouge
  221. AC/Focus puller requried in Reading UK
  222. DP/Cam Op Available
  223. DP with HVX available in Seattle or elsewhere
  224. Free cinematographer in NY,Boston during 12/17-1/18
  225. Script Writer for Short Film
  226. PA available (LA area)
  227. Open Casting Call So Cal
  228. crew in va
  229. Looking for a crew.
  230. NYC Dec 11: Needed: Sony EX1 or EX3 and Operator...
  231. Seeking Audio Doctor
  232. Seeking Motion GRFX Designer
  233. post audio mixer here
  234. Default Cinematographer/Camera Package Needed in NYC
  235. Looking for 1st/2nd AC gigs. Will work for free.
  236. DP/Cinematographer for hire with HPX170 in Israel/Palestinian Territories
  237. 3 music video deal - l.a. - 3 day shoot - need positions filled!
  238. Arkansas
  239. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  240. DP Needed for Feature in NY/NJ Area(Paid)
  241. Depth of Field Adapter Need for Shoot
  242. "PROJECT DC" - L.A. - Looking for Associate Producer and few more Positions.
  243. HPX170 w/ 35mm set-up needed for rent- LA
  244. Hiring HVX shooters for a Tornado Chasing TV show.
  245. TV Studio Design Person with Extensive Exp. in Final Cut Pro (Tampa, FL)
  246. Sound Mixers in the LA area.
  247. Los Angeles: Sony EX1 Owner/Operator available
  248. Traverse City, MI: Sony EX1 Owner/Operator
  249. HVX200 Owner Operator - Topeka KS 12/20/08
  250. Composer for motional pictures!