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  1. Looking for tutorials and DIY info!
  2. need HVX/35mm owner operator in NYC area (paid)
  3. Need to rent HVX for next week
  4. Need DVX Shooter Friday Sept. 7th (Midnight) - PAID / NEW YORK CITY
  5. Freelance dp looking for new projects ! Tri-State Area
  6. Need an Awesome DP for 2 Camera HD shoot this weekend
  7. Need DVX Shooter for Atlanta Wedding
  8. Paid - PA in Newark, NJ 9/14
  9. Feature Film Hiring For Multiple Positions
  10. Web developer needed
  11. Need 2 HVX shooters in NYC with camera for Wed 12th ($$)
  12. Lionsgate feature needs b roll for sports bar screens
  13. HVX-200 DP looking for new project
  15. Need a Logo Designed for a Production Company
  16. job...How can i do?
  17. Hvx - Music Video - Atlanta
  18. In need of a writer for a film
  19. DVX shooter needed in San Antonio
  20. HVX Owner/Operator/Director for Hire/Rent
  21. Paid Position. HPX 500 owner/operator needed, LA 9-20-07
  22. Wedding in Houston - April 2008
  23. Looking to hire HVX200 expert to interface with DP
  24. Film Scoring
  25. Grips/P.A.s needed for Music vid
  26. Camera Op/DP Needed in Boston
  27. Vancouver Follow Focus
  28. Hvx Owner - Paid!!!
  29. CHICAGO - Possible job for cameraman/crew
  30. Best way to Do Behind The Scenes...
  31. Open DP gig for a no-budget production
  32. DP for Web Series shooting in Los Angeles
  33. WANTED: Lights in San Diego
  34. NTSC HVX Shooter in London
  35. Jib owner/operator gaffer with lighting Nashville
  36. Need audio person in Las Vegas
  37. LA : Rent or Hire / need SGpro Rev3
  38. Freelance dp looking for new projects ! Tri-State Area
  39. LA: Ambitious short needs great DP
  40. Need HVX HD shooter in Durham, NC October 6th
  41. PA Needed 10/3-8 Southern Outer Banks
  42. WILL PAY: for creative videographer to shoot footage for a 5 min drama trailer
  43. Second cameraman need in LA area?
  44. HVX200 OWNER for HIRE in LA area
  45. New York DVX100b Owner/Operator needed late October...
  46. Dallas - Fill In DP
  47. Boom operator for NYC 1/2 day shoot
  48. Central Florida/Orlando will work for free
  49. Looking for HD camera rentals in L.A.
  50. Shooting short film in Hawaii!
  51. update - $1,000 for CREATIVE videographer to SHOOT footage for a 5 MIN DRAMA TRAILER
  52. NYC: I need two camera man for Oct. 13/14
  53. DP w/2HVX & 3 Ton Grip in SF Bay Area Can Help With Your Project
  54. Free Music Videos For Your Band
  55. NY HD Feature Crew
  56. GRIPS/PA's needed for NYC music video shoots!!!
  57. NYC : Need PA for this Friday (pro-director)
  58. GRIPS/PA's Needed in Austin...
  59. Hallows Fest help Long Island
  60. very nice industries seeks hvx200 dp for commercial production
  61. Steadicam Op Needed For LA Shoot
  62. This Editor is ready to cut footage
  63. Looking for a Flash Designer!
  64. Need Office Location for 16mm shoot in LA
  65. DPs Vancouver, Canada
  66. Greenville, NC...Need Canon A1 shooter
  67. Los Angeles, Need Producer Familiar with Japanese-ish Locations
  68. Documentary shoot needs two camera operators in DC area
  69. Anyone interested in hopping into a real cool project with major exposure potential?
  70. Shooter needed in Kansas City
  71. Editor in NY Eager to Provide Editing/VFX/Color Grading Services
  72. NewYork VS London
  73. Shooter needed in DC/Virginia
  74. Need DP for documentary in L.A.!
  75. Videographer... looking for work...
  76. Videographers Wanted for Weddings in DC/MD/VA
  77. Do U rent ur HMI?
  78. Freelance Videographer available in Humboldt- Arcata, California
  79. Need HVX shooter in Ft. Myers area
  80. Need 1st & 2nd ACs, BBE and Grips for Varicam Shoot
  81. WEDDING in Austin, Texas
  82. In Boston, MA
  83. Help Wanted Beltsville, MD
  84. FCP Editor looking for work in Chicago, Illinois
  85. Camera PA needed for 3-day shoot w/ RED
  86. Need HVX shooter in So. Orange Co.
  87. Composer Available
  88. Doing a Short in LA - Need Help Please. :)
  89. Need HD Stock Footage NOW!!
  90. NO. County San Diego- Vid shoot/edit/ crash course needed
  91. HVX Rentals in the Philadelphia Area!!
  92. Looking for filmmakers in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
  93. Atlanta, GA: Seeking Final Cut Studio editors
  94. Videographer base in Munich Germany need work.
  95. Newbie wanting to learn some tricks of the trade
  96. RedRock M2 HD Adapter Owners/Operators in Chicago!
  97. RedRock M2 HD Adapter Owners/Operators in Chicago (HVX200 film)
  98. HVX Shooter needed March, 28, 2008 Ocala, FL
  99. Calling All Crew Members and Actors! (Illinois, Indiana, Chicago)
  100. Camera Assistant NEEDED NYC area
  101. NYC shoot this Sat 10/3
  102. HVX Shooter wanted Calgary
  103. Looking for venues to rent out for a commercial shoot
  104. Redrock M2/ Brevis/ 35 mm adapter owners in NY!
  105. Multi Genre Music Composer
  106. Writers needed
  107. Need DVX200/HDX900 in DC Nov 10-11
  108. HVX shooter in Hawaii/Oahu?
  109. Need Stock Footage asap
  110. Shigeru Miyamoto
  111. Anybody with a DVX interested in shooting at Chain Reaction Wednesday night?
  112. Music Composer
  113. HVX Action Sports Videographer in Whistler BC Canada
  114. TV Commercial Production Company Looking for Directors
  115. Production Company Seeking Music Video Directors
  116. Des Moines, Iowa-Rental house MGR wanted
  117. Need a Producer for an amazing web series
  118. FCP Editor looking for work in Calgary
  119. find my crew???
  120. HVX and SGpro owner for hire - London
  121. DVX 100b & steadicam merlin looking to work on projects
  122. Need Good 1st Assistant Camera NYC
  123. HELP WANTED - DVXUser LoveFest Film
  124. NYC: I need to rent your P2 cards, Mattbox, 35mm
  125. Need HVX or DVX in Bay Area!
  126. Racing Events tips
  127. DP w/2HVX & 3 Ton Grip in SF Bay Area Can Help With Your Project
  128. BravoFact: Looking for crew - Toronto
  129. Freelance Sound Editor Looking for Project
  130. Looking for a editing project
  131. Looking for entry-level or PA work in Oklahoma
  132. Seeking Camera Ops/Cinematographers + Editors in Charlotte, NC for part time work
  133. DVX Operator/DP/FCP Editor for Hire in Orange County,Ca (DVX100a)
  134. Avail. Acting Talent!!!
  135. Casting THE NUMINOUS
  136. NYC: Need a professional DP w/ HD package
  137. Crewing Up THE NUMINOUS
  138. FCP editor in Northern Virginia
  139. Need a shooter in Denver CO
  140. NYC: HVX lighting camera / producer needed for short notice corporate spot
  141. HVX camera rental needed in Orlando!!!
  142. smoothdevil - various job listings
  143. XH A1 Shooter in Northern Virginia
  144. Composer in Atlanta Ga looking for freelance work
  145. General FX
  146. HVX Available ..Michigan - Ohio - Illinois
  147. hvx shooter in the Bay area
  148. PA needed ASAP in Toronto
  149. Possible job for a DOP in LONDON next Friday and the week after [14th onwards]
  150. 720p Stock Footage of Chicago wanted
  151. Flash Web Designer Wanted - Studio City
  152. Wanna help make an independent film in L.A?
  153. I offer free Color Correction and Color Grading services
  154. Seattle Work
  155. Looking For A Real Estate Video Tour Gig
  156. Motion Graphic Artist
  157. B Camera Operator needed asap
  158. Steadicam operator need in Norway
  159. looking for Production/Office Student Intern
  160. Looking for Full-Time Videographer/Editor in Wisconsin!
  161. GlideCam or Steadicam Owner/Operators Needed
  162. Freelance Producer Needed
  163. This Saturday December 15th in Brooklyn!!!
  164. Free rig for help at the 4ever show
  165. Effects Team Scotland
  166. HPX or HVX owner operators in LA please contact me ASAP
  167. FREE, music video DP with Brevis and one P2
  168. Need audio post
  169. Crew: East Coast
  170. DP needed
  171. Editor Needed
  172. PDX DVX100b and a cameras last week of DEC.
  173. Please Post Location in Thread Title
  174. Composer/Sound designer looking for cool projects
  175. Austin TX crew forming for feature
  176. 2nd Wedding Videographer Needed: Williamsburg, VA
  177. HD operator Looking for work worldwide!!!
  178. PROFESSIONAL Sydney, AUS HVX Cinematographer needed
  179. SEEKING LECTURER for Cam & Light Workshop Feb 08 (honorarium paid)
  180. Looking to work on a film - Minnesota
  181. Central Florida Shooters needed Jan 6th
  182. Lighting Guy Needed in lexington, KY
  183. Makeup Artist here
  184. Location - Midwest Looking home - PAID
  185. Interview Job, Cameraman needed in Washington D.C.
  186. Voice Over Wanted!!
  187. Female Voice Over Talent - PAID
  188. Need Wedding Help? 2nd Videographer available NY/NJ area
  189. Need Film Noir Music!
  190. Need Gore Fx Makeup Artist
  191. Wedding in Rockford, Illinois - Need Local Videographer
  192. HD Stand-Up Interview Shooter needed in NY, NY area
  193. I need to rent Lights in LA!!!
  194. Proposition...anyone?
  195. Videographers/Editors, RiceBoyTV.com, CarJunkieTV.com (California)
  196. Need to Digitize DVCPro HD Footage
  197. XL H1 Owner Operators
  198. Germany: HVX200 Waterhousing
  199. Memphis: Need to rent lights and green screen for February
  200. WANTED: Someone to breakdown a script and create a budget - PAID
  201. Title Sequence needed
  202. New service to offer your clients and make some extra cash
  203. Publicists!
  204. Advanced Web Designer
  205. Thailand wedding Coverage (use my SGPRO)
  206. phillidelphia based musician needed
  207. DOP, Crew, Post Production Producer
  208. Williamsburg, VA: Camera Operator Still Needed!
  209. Composer DaZ Dicks Looking For Modern Projects
  210. ASAP!! URGENT!!! Light Kit needed in Seattle, WA
  211. Could be the break your looking for
  212. Full Time Production Manager wanted in Chicago Suburb
  213. My DVX100b's and I are available?
  214. Composer available for new projects!
  215. Interns needed! URGENT!
  216. Shooter available in FRANCE!!!
  217. The Jobs section is (NO longer) a moderated forum
  218. Motion Graphics for Identity
  219. Boom Operator/Crew in NYC
  220. HVX shooter/crew needed in Ft. Lauderdale FL
  221. Need DVX shooter in LA
  222. DP/Cinematographer Needed In New Jersey
  223. A DVX100B in South Florida needs something to shoot!
  224. Female DP/Shooter needed in NYC
  225. Wanted: Anyone want to take a crack at coloring a short Western?
  226. Need PA in Washington DC area
  227. Producers, Director & Writers. We want your Show Pitches.
  228. HVX200 Operator DP in Tucson Arizona with glidecam lighting and dolly for hire rent
  229. Interested in Volunteering for anything in Houston, TX area
  230. HVX200 Package + Letus Extreme (Nikon, m42, PL Mounts) available in Los Angeles
  231. Need a director
  232. HPX Shooter Needed In Las Vegas
  233. how much to charge for editing
  234. Need someone to do digital animation FX
  235. Camera operator needed in Jackson, Al this weekend
  236. Looking for someone to take a Producer Credit
  237. Sound/Lighting Tokyo
  238. Need a crew member who owns 35mm adaptor for HVX200 Or similar Camera
  239. Alabama - Huntsville/Birmingham - Simple Shoot
  240. HVX-200 shooter available- Middle TN, N AL
  241. Los Angeles (Long Beach) - Gaffers, Grips and PA's needed.
  242. Need to capture jvc HD100u tape
  243. Atlanta, GA - Need to capture JVC HD100u tape
  244. Need Craft Service person!
  245. I need 6 HVX shooters for Feb 9th in DETROIT $$$
  246. I need 6 HVX shooters for Feb 9th in NY/NJ/CT $$$
  247. need hvx savvy Dp ocala gainesville FL area
  248. [need quick answer] Paid 1-2 week camerajob in Mexico travellog
  249. HVX-200 Shooter w/Redrock M2 available
  250. HVX Shooter in Denver?