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  1. Crew call for feature film in Kuala Lumpur
  2. Need a 5 minute clip shot of Interview in Silhouette
  3. Need DP in central Florida
  4. Dallas Texas February 13th Shooter Needed
  5. Dallas Texas February 13th Shooter Needed
  6. Shooting in Winnipeg?
  7. North East Ohio Area
  8. [L.A]Need a free HVX for your short?
  9. KeyPA.net
  10. BEST Film school??
  11. Canon 5d or 7d shooters with equipment
  12. 5D & 7D Shooter & Editor Available
  13. Title Card Animator/3D Person needed
  14. Videographer with HMC150, Dallas, TX
  15. Washington DC, March 14-21
  16. Cheap Red one package, HVX 200 package, letus package rental (Los Angeles area)
  17. DPs wanted to join AC with HVX, Canon 7D, Redrock M2 Encore and RED
  18. Los Angeles based cameraman
  19. Shooter needed in Daytona Beach March 4th
  20. videographer northern CA looking for steady work
  21. Need to rent DP1 LCD monitor or similar in Los Angeles
  22. Looking for DP for feature film in Richmond, VA
  23. Seeking Comedy writers to colloborate on 3-5 min short films
  24. Gaffer needed for Circa Survive music video
  25. Make up artist needed...
  26. Color Grader Needed
  27. Looking for professional work on your project?
  28. Need shooters for 2/19 and 2/20 near Atlanta, GA
  29. Fresno Wedding Shoot, July 1st and 4th, 2010
  30. HPX 300/500 DP NEEDED for Interview Shoot IN LA/OC area ASAP!!!! 2/18 and 2/20
  31. Will Take ANY Freelance Video Job, and DO IT WELL! ENGLAND, UK
  32. Music Videos
  33. Red One Camera for rent in Vancouver, BC
  34. Need sound gear for Saturday the 20th (Los Angeles)
  35. Cheap Red one package, HVX 200 package, letus package rental (Los Angeles area)
  36. Writers Needed for Short Victorian Horror - Colloboration
  37. HPX170 Rental Starting at $250/Day
  38. DP, Stylist, Sound Engineer, and Make-up Artist needed for Music Video. (LA)
  39. Looking to rent Small HD or similar Monitor - San Diego
  40. Shooter Needed in the Ausitn, TX area to shoot for SXSW Festival.
  41. Need Shooter in Orlando FL
  42. Best Websites For Job Searches in New York City
  43. Need 2 Production Assistants - San Diego
  44. HVX 200 & Red Cam rentals & shooters in Orlando?
  45. (3) HMC150's available for rental in PA,MD,NJ area
  46. RED one for rent in Montreal!
  47. Panasonic AG-HVX200 Needed for Rental in CHICAGO
  48. Need HVX shooter in Dallas area 3/13
  49. Paid: Production Assistant / Grip Needed in LA - Thurs, March 4
  50. Highly Determined Film Student For Hire
  51. Writer needed (Paid)
  52. Wedding Trailer Editors Needed
  53. DIY Days event in New York
  54. Editor - SFV and Los Angeles
  55. Need a shooter in NYC on 3/8/10
  56. I just want to help -- Atlanta (Kennesaw area)
  57. Practical SFX gore artist Madison, WI
  58. Independent film shoot looking for help
  59. Rental Needed - Red PL Mount + Prime Lenses
  60. SEATTLE - Music Video - this SAT. & SUN
  61. Affordable audio/soundtrack mixing, experienced audio producer/engineer for hire
  62. LOS ANGELES: Crew/PA Positions for No-Budget Comedy Horror Film
  63. Crew Needed in NJ Sat March 20th
  64. QUICK! Job shadow site in NE-April
  65. NYC: Looking to Rent HVX, 170 or EX1
  66. Mpls/St. Paul available w/camera & equip
  67. Cheap Red one package, HVX 200 package, letus package rental (Los Angeles area)
  68. Composer Available to score your films!
  69. Indianapolis - April 4 (DP with gear)
  70. DP needed March 21 - Austin, TX area
  71. Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge
  72. Seeking location to rent
  73. Are you able to do nice Effects in AE or 3D Max?
  74. looking for DP help for no-budget interviews near LAX on Saturday March 27th
  75. Flash/ActionScript Help Needed
  76. ATLANTA Indie Audio help
  77. Website/Graphics for your film! (lots of experience)
  78. Orange County, CA: DP needed for Mythbusters-type show
  79. Looking for lighting/grip gear in Vancouver...
  80. Co-Producer, Location Manager, Product Placement Manager Needed
  81. 36 Hour Film Festival April 23, Los Angeles
  82. Los Angeles based cameraman with gear
  83. Seeking any position in GTA area.
  84. need 2 HD shooters for wednesday night in houston...
  85. 3D 1920x1080 HD camera for rent LA
  86. Need quotes ASAP (grip and camera/sound/edit) - NYC area
  87. RED with Canon or PL mount and 5D packages + services available in West LA
  88. Composer looking for work...
  89. Composer! (Worldwide)
  90. Redrock m2e rental in LA
  91. Need someone to blow up a car
  92. Seeking a Cabin or Barn - Los Angeles
  93. looking for visual effects or motion graphics?
  94. Looking for HD Indie Film or Production in LA area shooting on 4/7/10
  95. need shooter for experimental piece w improv actors - austin, texas, april 18
  96. Composer portfolio
  97. Work experience
  98. HVX 200 package available 800/month (Los Angeles area)
  99. Looking for grip/lighting package i NYC
  100. Northern Virginia
  101. Videographer needed in SANFRANCISCO (no budget)
  102. Need crew in Houston, Texas!
  103. Need HVX April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd - St. Louis
  104. Seeiking Boom Operator for feature in Richmond, VA
  105. Need DP w/ a Canon 7D, T2i or user knowledge. LA, CALI
  106. Need Location Sound Person NYC Monday 4/19 shoot - PAID
  107. Greenville, SC Shooter Needed
  108. NYC: Need shooters and PAs April 26-31st
  109. Discover card film challenge
  110. LA Casting Director Available
  111. DP needed for Christianfilmmakers.org 36 hour film shoot - Santa Clarita, CA
  112. Available SoCal Camera Operator
  113. Any DVX DP's in the Philly area?
  114. Boom op/cam op
  115. Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer available for work in the SF Bay Area or remotely
  116. DP/Operator and other crew needed for Spec commercial shot.(1to2 days)Santa Monica CA
  117. New Orleans, anyone?
  118. Better place to look for a job?
  119. Seeking RED Cameras - Los Angeles
  120. Complete Letus package available 1200/month (Los Angeles Area)
  121. Looking For Work-GA/SC and Remotely
  122. Sound Recorder/Boom Operator - NW Alabama
  123. Available for Nashville and Middle TN projects
  124. Golden Colorado Shoot?
  125. New Orleans Sound person needed
  126. covers/posters
  127. Affordable Wide Format Prints (up to 44" wide)
  128. Experienced DOP's in the UK
  129. Los Angeles Wedding Videographers Needed!
  130. Editor for Documentary shot in Italy
  131. Underwater Camera Box needed for Half Day - Los Angeles
  132. DVX100 Op, for PORTLAND, MAY 10
  133. Looking for a DP. shooting outside Philadelphia
  134. Canon 5D SLR Needed
  135. Looking for Cinematographer/Photographer in Chicago
  136. NYC - Need to Rent Century .6x HD lens for Hpx
  137. Letus package available 1200/month, HVX 200 package 700/month (Los Angeles Area)
  138. Looking for Lens Rental
  139. An indie feature looking for a DP - $200 a week (6-8 weeks) in NY and NJ
  140. Need to rent a canon 7d LA area Sat May 8
  141. Need a Sound person Miami FL. ASAP.
  142. Movie Poster Designer available for work!
  143. DP w/Outdoor & RED experience needed in Seattle
  144. Need PA/sound person Dallas/Plano TX - 05/20
  145. Underwater Housing & Cinematographer needed
  146. Wanted PAID Crane Operator in L.A. or Ventura
  147. (LA) $90/day HPX170 NTSC+PAL, 100gigs of P2, ARRI lighting kit, Sound gear, Steadicam
  148. Reduced camera rental (Great deals) Los Angeles Area
  149. Freelance Editing
  150. Need makeup person in Chicago
  151. Oshawa/Cobourg area - Shooter with two cams...DVX preferred...
  152. Looking for an Art Director
  153. Feature Film shooting in Maine this summer
  154. Seeking AVID Technician
  155. Need editor for short doc (Hawaii)
  156. Near Chicago: Video shooter for one day in early June to shoot interview
  157. Time-Lapse footage wanted for a very ambitious short film
  158. Indie filmmakers seeking script
  159. Looking for DP in Los Angeles
  160. Need Film Composer
  161. Copyright
  162. Need Producer
  163. 3D Max or Cinema 4D Artist
  164. DP/AC/DIT with RED, 7D, and Redrock available
  165. Atlanta - Light kits needed June 5&6
  166. Atlantic City, NJ May 29, 2010
  167. 2 camera HPX 300, HPX500, HPX2000 in Seattle
  168. AE (in LA) with extreme avid,unity,HDCAM knowledge
  169. Cheap camera rentals (Los Angeles Area)
  170. 2 HVX, HMC150, 5D or 7D Camera Operators Need for Friday June 4 in San Francisco
  171. Looking to rent 3 wireless lavs
  172. Looking for an assistant in shooting wedding in San Diego 6/5/2010
  173. Need a great DP/Shooter June 8th in NJ
  174. Shooting a rally in Wellsboro, PN, need help!
  175. 24p DSLR + Rig --> Rent for 1wk in PA
  176. can someone post an example of a videographer/ video editors resume?
  177. Need a jib operator in SF on July 11th
  178. Vegas Help
  179. It's about time I need a job
  180. Looking for a DVX100a/b in TEXas
  181. Need Pro Videographer / Must Know GH1. Tampa Bay, FL
  182. Composer Available
  183. Cameraman, HPX170 available in philly for work..
  184. Looking to earn extra credit (Toronto area)
  185. Looking for Actors & Wardrobe
  186. Looking for a DVX100a/b in Kansas city, MO.
  187. Need camera person in Toronto asap (for June 17/10)
  188. Cheap camera rentals (Los Angeles Area)
  189. Outpost 12 Studios is looking for a talected videographer
  190. Looking for long term camera ppl to work freelance
  191. Need SFX Make-up artist
  192. DC/Northern VA August, low pay gig.
  193. Audio Sweetening!!!
  194. Hawaii sound
  195. Need Australian Video Production? Shon Productions would like to help you
  196. needing visual effects on your films?
  197. Make-up artist
  198. San Francisco Cinematographer/DP for short wanted
  199. Los Angeles - HMC, HVX, HPX CAM OPs needed for This Tuesday June 29 for Concert shoot
  200. Musician Looking for Video Collaborator (Philadelphia/anywhere)
  201. Voice Over wanting to collaberate with videographer
  202. Videographer for Hire NYC
  203. 1st AC WITH HVX Letus Adapter for horror feature
  204. Need composer
  205. Cheap camera rentals (Los Angeles Area)
  206. Cinematographer w/HVX and redrock available (Milwaukee/Chicago)
  207. Los Angeles based Cameraman
  208. Vancouver Director/Field Producer/DoP several HD
  209. Philadelphia Production Music Library
  210. Australian Based Animator/Graphic Designer Needed. $100 Job
  211. Any NC Productions?
  212. Hiring Editors for Weddings and Events
  213. Shooting during August in LA? NTSC+PAL Panasonic HD cam, ARRI kit, sound, Steadicam
  214. Production Sound Mixer Needed in August LA AREA
  215. Need someone to shoot my wedding (Boston Area)
  216. Documentary Web Series (Seattle, WA) needs HVX200/HPX170 shooter, sound guy
  217. 100s of Jobs in our live mashup
  218. Need: African and Indian B-Roll
  219. Video Compositing, After Effects or Motion
  220. DP needed! Palos Verdes, CA
  221. Looking to rent Lights / Grip Equipment in Las Vegas
  222. Looking for filmmakers for interviewers Mid-West States
  223. Offering video conversion and video streaming services
  224. Music Video Director Needed in Calgary Canada
  225. Cheap camera rentals (Los Angeles Area)
  226. CREW CALL Commercial Shoot (Seattle)
  227. Website Designer Here
  228. Looking for work (atlanta, GA)
  229. Audio/Sound Work(SC, GA, NC, TN, AL, and FL)
  230. Music Composer Available
  231. Score Your Short Film Free!!
  232. Audio Engineer Services
  233. Sound Designer Wanted
  234. Need a dp for aug. 17
  235. Need to Rent a 60p capable HDV Deck in DC/NoVa
  236. Looking for Producer
  237. Need DP in central FL
  238. WANT TO RENT: Small Sound Package (mic/recorder) in Los Angeles for Monday (8/9/10)
  239. A little feature that could seeks crew! (Saint Louis/Las Vegas)
  240. Male Actor/Athlete Wanted Sat Aug 14 LA Area
  241. Engineer available in Austin,Tx.
  242. 3d studio Max character animator.
  243. PHP Developer, J2EE Developer, and Systems Admin Opening, Reston, VA
  244. 70's Muscle car needed for Sat. Shoot - Baraboo, WI
  245. Grip with pickup needed for hire. Sat Aug 14 Palmdale CA
  246. Who wants to join? 1 minute movie about Europe.
  247. Lighting, Audio, and MUA all needed in Waco TX for a 2 day shoot
  248. Cheap camera rentals (Los Angeles Area)
  249. Video production services
  250. Editor Needed on Spec commercial LA