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  1. Nebraska: Roto Artist/Compositor Available for Remote Work
  2. Freelance On-Camera and Production Talent
  3. Talent and production crew for feature film (Kansas City)
  4. Los Angeles Wedding Videographer and Editors NEEDED!!!
  5. Los Angeles: Award Winning Director of Photography/Gaffer + HD Camera & 1-ton truck
  6. Need to Rent a DVX January 3rd, 2009 in Orange County/Irvine area if possible
  7. Professional or Experienced sound guy needed in PA for feature.
  8. Short Film Seeks AD, Art Director, Key Grip (No Pay)
  9. Seeking Submissions for Film Competition
  10. need AC with HVX200 in NYC
  11. Baltimore- D.C.-Philadelphia High Def Camera Ops Needed
  12. Seeking Writer for Musical (Short)
  13. Gulf Coast MS?
  14. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  15. Shooter WITH HVX200
  16. Crew needed - Food Game Pilot
  17. RED ONE available for rent NYC
  18. Director of Photography, (LA) Available!
  19. any video geeks in vancouver who could teach me privately?
  20. Videographer with XHA1 near San Ramon, CA
  21. ATTENTION ARTISTS! Indie Film Poster Contest! (NH loc., but country wide!)
  22. Production Sound for short doc in India
  23. Tutoring needed in Vancouver, BC, hpx500+RC10G and Motion
  24. Shooter in Phoenix with P2 Gear
  25. NYC HVX Shooter Jan 16-22
  26. Wanted: Film Marketing Campaign Manager
  27. Looking to rent Canon 5d Mark II in MD/DC area.
  28. March in Atlanta
  29. Need a DP for Film Noir short (OKC)
  30. Jib For Hire/Rent
  31. Looking for shooters and/or editors in NY tristate
  32. shooter needed in Nashville
  33. ADR/Post Sound for no budget NYC feature film
  34. Editor/Videographer needed, Sac area (part-time, could become fulltime)
  35. Inauguration Videographers
  36. Looking for an intern crew.
  37. Lights:Houston
  38. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  39. Shooter needed for 10-minutes inside building at Oxford University
  40. Writer for Hire and Pleasures
  41. Need Flash Web Designer for Musician Websites
  42. Starting out on your own
  43. Freelance DVX Shooters - AKL New Zealand
  44. Grip/Gaffer needed in Burbank (Sat)
  45. Freelance writer for hire
  46. free original music for your movies offering
  47. Director of Photography wanted for short film (BOS)
  48. Shoot - Crystal River, Florida - April 17
  49. DP / Steadicam / AVID Editing services available
  50. HVX/DVX Shooter Needed in LA/Long Beach Area
  51. Freelance Vfx artist available (worldwide)
  52. LOOKING FOR: Web designer for Wordpress 2.7 site creation
  53. Wanted: Marketing Campaign Manager (N.H.)
  54. Wanted: Animator / Motion Graphics / Graphic Artists
  55. WANTED: HVX200 w/Letus setup
  56. HMC 150 operators Houston-Orlando
  57. Graphic/Motion Artist Needed! ASAP
  58. HPX500 Wanted: Los Angeles
  59. HVX/HPX Shooter needed Waco, TX
  60. Freelance Editor Available: Los Angeles
  61. Need jib Rental in New York
  62. Local Honolulu Shooter for Ukulele Event
  63. Animated Company Logo for Opening Credits
  64. Anyone Need A Music Video?
  65. Independent Feature Film (Atlanta, GA) Needs Crew
  66. Collaborations and projects in Barcleona, Spain?
  67. Looking for work - Chicago
  68. Casting Actress
  69. HVx200 & Final Cut Editor needs work
  70. RED ONE available for rent NYC
  71. Visual FX Artist Needed
  72. Visual FX Artist Needed
  73. Visual FX Artist Needed
  74. Camera operator w/ 2 EX1 cameras needed in NY
  75. Camera Equipment Needed for ISRAEL music video shoot!!!
  76. LA shoot - shooter needed
  77. WALES, U.K. - 2/8 & 2/19 - P2 off loader with Raylight Experience
  78. Director of Photography Available (Los Angeles or Cleveland/Akron)
  79. The real Deal FCP/KONA/AVID NITRIS/SYMPHONY On-Line Bay available in Los Angeles
  80. Looking 4 Composers and Lyricist for Mini35 Musical in LA
  81. Looking 4 Latin Actor and Actress/Singer
  82. Looking for Latin Boy Actor
  83. Need Film Crew in Latin America
  84. Looking for indian actor that can speak hindi
  85. Top Sheet / budget breakdown
  86. Need crew for music video!
  87. Sound Man In Or Around NY March 7th...
  88. UK Film Student looking for work expierence.
  89. Any Toronto Script Writers/ Directors?
  90. Sony EX-1 package needed to RENT
  91. Wedding Video/Photographer Wanted in South Carolina
  92. Bulk DVD Duplication & Printing In Atlanta
  93. Looking for shooters!
  94. HVX Shooter needed March, 21, 2008 Ocala, FL
  95. HPX170/HVX200a in PA VA WV MD
  96. HVX Shooter and FCP editor available on Big Island
  97. Looking for DP and Sound Guy around Arkansas
  98. Need *2* HD Stock Footage Shots of fancy College Dorm or Quad
  99. Need a Canon A1 Shooter - University of Florida
  100. Need Videographer Mar 14 Near Boston
  101. DP Needed this weekend in LA (Mar 7-8)
  102. After Effects Help in Toronto
  103. PA available (LA area)
  104. Any Provo/Orem, UT editors around?
  105. Bluffton South Carolina: HPX170 and Lighting Gear
  106. HMI lights needed in the Bay area
  107. Boom Operator in NJ
  108. U.K Team Needed.
  109. Need G&E for short film THIS weekend In Los Angeles!
  110. Atlanta HVX P2 HD Shooter
  111. Film Company logo design Needed
  112. Song Needed for the opening of a Feature Film
  113. Crew needed - music video - los angeles
  114. Music video shoot: Vegas, nevada
  115. Need to Rent Nikon ZF lenses!
  116. cinematographers/lighting in Houston
  117. feature needs color correcting post
  118. Renting Wide Angle / Telephoto Adapters for HPX170
  119. Proofreader available
  120. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  121. HVX200A operator/package w/ Advantijib in Atlanta area
  122. Pay Deferred Horror Short - Orlando, FL
  123. Looking to RENT: RED, Canon 5D MK II
  124. Looking for DP - San Diego
  125. Film student seeking summer job/intership
  126. Production Sound/Boom Op
  127. Camera Operators needed in Vegas (EX1/3's)
  128. HVX -shooter in SF March 23 and 24th
  129. Grip & Runner Needed in Brooklyn NY for Music Video Shoot - 3/25 & 3/26
  130. P2 shooter or camera rental needed in Morocco in May
  131. Music video (2 day shoot) april 7th/8th - vegas, nevada
  132. Want to Rent me your Dolly ? Shooting in NYC
  133. Producer Needed.
  134. Los Angeles: Underwater Housing Needed!
  135. Brief Shoot in Augusta GA (Could travel from ATL)
  136. Sony EX1/3 Owner, DP, Operator, Tech available in Los Angeles
  137. Music Video Shoot: Lloyd & Jim Jones - (2 Day Shoot) (Vegas, NV) - Steadicam needed
  138. need lighting and audio people! Central PA
  139. Music Composer Available
  140. HD Shooter/Editor/Audio Producer Available: Western Connecticut
  141. Music Video Shoot: Lloyd & Jim Jones - (2 Day Shoot) (Vegas, NV) - Steadicam needed
  142. Call for music - NC
  143. Need three HVX200 (or HPX500s) - ATL April 22
  144. Camera opperator in Arizona only please
  145. Operator with HVX/HPX wanted - London and Manchester, UK
  146. Storyboard artist
  147. Toronto crew needed for concert shoot
  148. Student Film Looking For 1 Actor & 1 Actress
  149. Kessler Crane w Moto Pan/Tilt for Rental - New England
  150. Looking for Cinematographer in Los Angeles (in June)
  151. Matchmove jobs(reel)
  152. Killer Films Wants to Produce and Finance Your Next Project
  153. Producers assistant
  154. Crane Rental in san fran
  155. ORLANDO - Looking for Lighting (4/20 - 4/21)
  156. Small lights, tripod, assistant needed VEGAS 4/21
  157. Phoenix: Need HMC150 Shooter
  158. Professional film composer: available and affordable (internationally)
  159. ATL Gear Rental available include Kessler w/ motohead, HPX170
  160. Videographer Needed in Vegas
  161. Update: Paid!!!! Looking for Cinematographer in Los Angeles (in June)
  162. Professional Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer in Los Angeles and abroad
  163. Need Graphic designer + Motion/AE pro, for freelance projects
  164. Need someone to UpRez and Denosie Anti De Presence
  165. Free Trailer Editor
  166. Location Sound and Voiceover Production in Texas
  167. HVX Shooters Needed for online reality series in Los Angeles.
  168. Looking for Canon 5d mkII for rent
  169. L.A Shooter needed 4 DEUCE OF SPADES - some pay, meals, imdb credits and film credits
  170. Camera and Audio LFW
  171. Freelance Director / DP available East Coast + Will Travel
  172. Cam Op Pay Rate
  173. Lombardi Street. Win $2,000.
  174. Looking to rent a SD Broadcast monitor for CC
  175. Looking to hire in Toronto
  176. Colorist Needed - Adobe Premiere / Matrox Axio
  177. DVX operator wanted for comedy shoot - New York
  178. Need 1/2" hi-def cam in Charlotte for shoot in June.
  179. Need empty pool in Toronto area for Music video
  180. Seeking Lyric and/or Music Writer for Short Film
  181. DP for low-budget digital feature (shooting in Oklahoma; travel paid)
  182. Illustrator character needs animated
  183. DVX100(any) operator with equipment wanted in Dallas, TX
  184. I edit movie trailers! Cheap! May-June 09
  185. Need Crewmember for Film in Charlottesville, VA
  186. [L.A.] HVX200+Operator Available
  187. job trade in florida
  188. Want to hire: Canon XL-H1 or XH-G1 in Sydney
  189. Film Making Opportunity
  190. Looking for DVX100B Operators
  191. Editor/shooter available - LA
  192. Aspiring screenwriter in Los Angeles
  193. Looking For: Red One Camera Rental (Chicago)
  194. Paying job for a Production Assistant in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  195. Shooter with camera in Washibngton DC June 6th
  196. Need HDV Shooter in Johnson City TN-Paying Gig
  197. Need Atlanta Sound Op/Gripf June 17th
  198. London: Cameraman Needed
  199. San Diego XH-A1 Operator Available
  200. Independent cinematographer with own equip and portable sound
  201. Need to Rent HVX200 Connecticut July 5th 2009
  202. Looking for a sound guy in the Los Angeles area
  203. HD Videographers with Studio Access
  204. Looking for a sound guy in the Los Angeles Area
  205. Canon 5D Mark II w/ Goodies For Rent in Atlanta, Ga.
  206. Any Wrestling Fans want to help me film for DDP on 6/12/09 (Friday)
  207. Feature fllm shoot in Rock Hill, South Carolina - Need 1st AD, Sound Man, PAs
  208. Custom medieval armor from Madison, WI- pic heavy
  209. Sound guy with equipment, Miami FL.
  210. Composer
  211. PAID PA - NJ/NYC - June, 3 days
  212. Sound Guy with equiptment Needed(Paid)NJ
  213. 3D animation artist available
  214. Free Assistant -- Orlando, FL
  215. Composer Needed?
  216. Real Music, Real Musicians - Composer Available
  217. WANTED: DVX100 operator with equipment in Dallas, TX
  218. Need: 3 HPX's for Sunday June 14th Los Angeles
  219. Dallas XDCAM EX3 Operator
  220. Looking to rent Canon 5D MKII - Indiana
  221. Need a Videographer in Huntsville, AL
  222. 2 Job Opening At AbelCineTech in NYC
  223. PA/Boom Operator Nashville, TN, Wednesday June 24
  224. Web Developer(s) for equity in start up?
  225. Not sure where to put this.....
  226. Filming in Russia
  227. Composer and Theme-Writer
  228. Anyone care to make a few bucks on July 3rd?
  229. Short Film Production Seeks Crew
  230. need a storyboard artist? art director?
  231. seeking experienced DP for Horror Feature(paid)
  232. Boom Op for hire
  233. Videographer(hvx)/editor for hire in Vancouver
  234. Win $2000 from Howcast.com
  235. DP / Videographer / Camera In Atlanta
  236. Camera person in NYC or Chicago or Miami
  237. Zacuto's Hiring
  238. Jib Operator Needed For Los Angeles Wedding
  239. Set Armorer/Stunt Coordinator for hire.
  240. music with passion
  241. Orlando Florida Shooters - June 23rd
  242. Camera OP, Editor, Motion Graphics, Video Encoding - LI/NYC
  243. Seeking Miami Shooters
  244. 12' crane , Dolly-Jib , Glidecam,HVX /avail. in MI
  245. LA area - Urgent - Need an HMC/HVX for an hour!
  246. Need Colorist in Los Angeles
  247. Looking for Gaffers and Key Grips in L.A.
  248. La - hvx op
  249. Gaffers and Grips wanted in NYC
  250. Looking for Great HD wedding videographer in Ft. Lauderdale for Jan, 2010