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  1. esata and firewire vs. usb question
  2. HMC-150 trade for 5mkII
  3. Need a decent mic for my HMC...
  4. Nanoflash & HMC150 questions
  5. Is this a decent monitor for my hmc151?
  6. Avchd
  7. Need to rent a HMC-150 in NYC
  8. Stuttering footage shooting at 25p (newbie)
  9. footage transfer (camera to PC) question
  10. Matching with a TM-700K
  11. Shutter speeds, the "ultimate setting?"
  12. :( LCD viewfinder went kaput, out !
  13. Red vs. Amber LEDs as subjects in videos
  14. Wireless Video Transmitter
  15. HMC151 problem with external monitor
  16. Damage to cam heads?
  17. Sandisk Class 4 SDHC: Problem Free?
  18. Tekkeon batteries
  19. M2TS converter software?
  20. can i only do one screw for the mic holder?
  21. HMC-150 What's with my DATA RATE??!
  22. Panasonic HMC150 VW-VBG6 battery - Decoded / Chipped $40
  23. HMC150 and Nanoflash
  24. What should I buy for a white balance card?
  25. Raid 5 vs Raid 10
  26. Best framerate for multi-camera theater shoot?
  27. Downgrade from HVX200 to HMC151
  28. NEED HELP WITH Settings for FCP and HMC150
  29. Files missing from my HMC150 Card!!
  30. Best way to save my final HD edit for future
  31. are there any "professional" sd cards?
  32. Perseids meteor shower tonite
  33. What is a good edit software for hmc150?
  34. Latest consensus on glidecam type devices?
  35. HD Video Camera to Pair with Blackmagic Intensity?
  36. Newby question investigating hmc150
  37. Another lighting solution
  38. white balance, orange
  39. Why would panasonic call me about my 150?
  40. Have you heard about a new HMC model coming out in October?
  41. Premiere CS5 import problem
  42. Lilliput Monitor has Died
  43. When to manual focus?
  44. Using my HMC150 to match older SD footage
  45. choppy, interlased footage from shooting in 720/60p
  46. AG-HMC150 Special
  47. Budget approved! Yeaaaaa
  48. Do you have a link to Panasonic dealer search by zip code?
  49. Lock Focus?
  50. Buying an HMC-150 soon! Some questions:
  51. HMC 150 How To video
  52. Secondary OEM Battery
  53. Ultimate DVD and YouTube encoding?
  54. upgrading to HMC150?
  55. Preset?
  56. Fisheye
  57. Live projection
  58. New to HMC150. What should I get?
  59. How is the HMC150 for fim making?
  60. Wired remote control circuit for Iris/Focus
  61. How to convert 720 50p to PAL (25i) - CS5 Premiere Pro
  62. Kelvin temps
  63. hmc 150 versus hmc80
  64. Proper KNEE setting?
  65. What lens filter do I need?
  66. White Screen
  67. Need workflow advice for new iMac/150/Final Cut Pro configuration
  68. SDHC card won't mount on iMac
  69. Remote
  70. Zooming while time lapsing
  71. Tricks & Tips
  72. Remote control circuit posted
  73. Lowlight/Nightvision
  74. Hmc150 Neoscene Softness
  75. Understanding DOF Adapters?
  76. FOR SALE: HMC150 w/ lots of extras - $3100
  77. Panasonic AG-AF100 Battery?
  78. HMC150 Playback in DVD Player?
  79. HMC 150 Book question
  80. FYI:Cavision Mattebox mod.
  81. editing hmc footage w/macbook pro
  82. I'm getting a monopod. Any recs?
  83. Head recommendation for Manfrotto monopod?
  84. low cost battery - any good
  85. How to convert HMC152 output to MPEG2-PS Format?
  86. White Balance questions from Barry's book
  87. AVCHD to Blu-ray, not to DVD
  88. LCD4Video 7" HD LCD Monitor
  89. New 150 owner
  90. which mode to use to record
  91. Service Centers for HMC 150
  92. Used Hmc150, how much is it worth?
  93. HMC150 vs. Sony Z7U
  94. Stream Folder, Time Code, Metadata, Oh My!
  95. HMC colorblind to red/amber LEDs?
  96. Which DOF adapter?
  97. Panasonic AG-HMC152EN - feedback on some issues
  98. Can you get this look from the hmc150?
  99. Focus Distance Readout Fault
  100. White-Balance jinx
  101. AVCHD sucks!
  102. Do 4:3 with the HMC150
  103. Help with settings for first time use.
  104. OBX-Life After a Hurricane
  105. noise
  106. Laptop as a Monitor.
  107. a 'look' for nature-ish shots
  108. Opinions wanted on footage with HMC & 35mm adapter
  109. Used gear in Australia
  110. formal interview sound question
  111. HMC150 Card Problem
  112. Why Does This Happen?
  113. Questions about Feature Film being shot on HMC150
  114. servo zoom function
  115. mixing 24p HMC footage with 5d footage
  116. Live Recording for Web
  117. Rendering for Youtube
  118. Battery models???
  119. HMC 150 Scene Files
  120. In Camera Audio 2 frames early?
  121. Mixing GH1 with hmc151
  122. HMC 80 OR HMC 150 FOR $3k
  123. Best settings/frame rate for web delivery?
  124. Rendering Settings In Vegas For The HMC150
  125. Is anyone else seeing these lines????
  126. Dailymotion help highly required
  127. Camera malfunction conundrum
  128. barry green hmc150 book in uk?
  129. Question from Barry's book
  130. T2i with the HMC150
  131. How id the HMC150 footage compared to a Canon HFS100 Vixia?
  132. HMC150 w/ Wide angle adapter comparisons?
  133. Can I see some nature videos with your HMC-150
  134. strange lines in hmc150 60i footage
  135. New firmware 1.21 for HMC150 available for download
  136. What are used HMC151s worth ?
  137. Converting HMC150 Footage with Toast 10. Getting errors on some clips? AVCHD error?
  138. Tracking shot question with the HMC150
  139. HMC-150 Exported Footage to m2v "twitches" (Clip Included)
  140. Beware
  141. Is it easy to focus with the 150, and how is the auto focus?
  142. Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapter on HMC150?
  143. Best HMC150 Settings for Poorly-lit football game
  144. sound recording in hmc150
  145. Barry's HMC150 Scene Files
  146. Another question. :D
  147. what cards work for capturing live hdmi feeds from the hmc150
  148. Can you see the difference between the 720 and 1080 on your HMC150
  149. What's the best way to get true life color on the HMC150?
  150. sellin advice?
  151. My HMC is still a virgin-should I update?
  152. HMC150 vs HPX170
  153. Class 10 SD vs. Class 6 SD
  154. Log and transfer makes FCP crash.
  155. I have a Hmc 150 or Hvr v1u
  156. Is filming in 1080p ideal for independant filmmakers?
  157. What Camera Under $5k has the best cinematic quality image?
  158. Looking for a used HMC or HMC150 book?
  159. Audio Recording Quality at Longer Record Times?
  160. clip mics?
  161. Is There Any Chance to Upgrade the Viewfinder/LCD?
  162. Worth it?
  163. Defaullt scene files for 151E please!!!!
  164. How can I get my footage to look better?
  165. 720p vs 1080p
  166. HMC150 Winter Filming
  167. Feature Films Shot on HMC
  168. Similarities of HMC150 and HDC-TM700
  169. steady-cam aid
  170. Dropped the Camera (I am in Idiot)
  171. Lenmar Mach 1 Battery Charger Plate?
  172. Uploading Files to Send to Clients ...File Sharing suggestion
  173. HMC151 in the UK
  174. MIC clip gone missing
  175. What is best with the HMC150 the 501HDV or the 701HDV?
  176. Recommend a camera anyone? (Non newbie and actual use info!)
  177. What shotgun mic for HMC150
  178. New 150-- A quicky questions
  179. detail, vertical detail, and coring settings?
  180. What's the correct model for the second handle for the 503HDV tripod????
  181. Off to Burundi
  182. SD Card
  183. Shooting/Settings Help! UK 50p/25p Camera for USA shoot
  184. OTG in the field
  185. Autofocus issues
  186. Should I be transcoding?
  187. Lilliput with a Manfrotto 503HDV (Counterbalance issues)
  188. 1080p?
  189. Just A Heads Up - Panasonic Lowered HMC150 and HMC40 Pricing
  190. Best format for YouTube?
  191. Longer quick release plate or some slider?
  192. Question for the Pro's about DSLR video
  193. A few basic questions about getting an adapted for shallow depth of field
  194. HDSLR vs HMC150?
  195. Duplicate frames with HMC150 using Prerecord function?
  196. Use "mark" function and gray card to set exposure?
  197. Bars and Tone volume??
  198. Sticking with adapters and staying away from DSLR's
  199. I just acquired an HMC150P from one of our arctic offices.
  200. Mixing sony EX3 with HMC 150
  201. A few HMC 150 questions
  202. Converting VHS??? (question)
  203. sony fx1 moving on to HMC150
  204. Going from slowmotion to "ordinary" 25 fps?
  205. concerns for buying HMC150
  206. I need to know wich one of the two cameras are the better oneleasw help
  207. Is there a reason not to get a class 10 card?
  208. Camera Choices for Event Production Company
  209. Recommended bags for HMC 150 (carry-on size for plane)
  210. Avid Media Composer 5 vs Premiere Pro CS5 for AVCHD. (EDIUS Neo 2?)
  211. Editing hardware question: Dual Monitor, PLUS HDMI or Component out?
  212. First day shooting with the HMC150 (blading video)
  213. HMC-153MC? HMC-203MC? What?
  214. Shoe extension recs?
  215. Is anyone using the Panasonic HMC 150
  216. Best way to slightly underexpose in auto-iris?
  217. 24p vs. 25 - can anyone tell me the TRUTH?
  218. differences between sony fx1 and Hmc150
  219. hmc150 hmc151 hmc152.... differences?
  220. Why does my video from my HMC-150 look so bad?
  221. New hip hop video shot with the panny hmc150 @60fps
  222. SWIT 1070C+ monitor for HMC151?
  223. HMC150 Warranty Workaround
  224. HMC 150 or HMC 80 or HPX 170?
  225. What is the life of an SDHC card?
  226. Trailer for "Who Was Don Reid." Work in progress shot on HMC150. Comments welcome.
  227. audio levels at receptions and other loud events
  228. Problem with hmc150 log and trans clip
  229. Camcorder recommendation for 3000-4000$ budget
  230. Don Reid Trailer (Finally)
  231. Best place to buy SDHC memory cards in the UK?
  232. Is this amount of noise normal with a hmc150?
  233. How can I get my HMC150 to look like this?
  234. HMC 150 winter footage
  235. HMC 150 Music Video
  236. Contemplating Which Camera to get.
  237. should I film 24p for use on a UK DVD?
  238. GH2 as second camera with HMC 151?
  239. HMC150 vs JVC HM-100U
  240. 'Raw' settings for Pany HMC 151
  241. How to prevent background blacks from having noise
  242. Any other options for importing cards besides ShotPut Pro?
  243. fixing LCD color issue...
  244. Critique my scene file and gamma settings
  245. The 150 and Premiere Pro
  246. 150 vs 170
  247. Genuine 24p Capture
  248. Noob needs help
  249. Two Barry Green HMC150 Books???
  250. How to review last few minutes of a clip?