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  1. A successful file recovery scenario
  2. Recording HDMI Output
  3. HMC plays GH1 recordings (but...)
  4. My new children and I learned something new!
  5. Just Ordered the AG-HMC150.
  6. 1080p to 720p downconvert or native 720p?
  7. class 10 doesn't record PH mode? need firmware update
  8. Low light settings anybody?
  9. Shooting off-road action sports...Which Video Camera?
  10. variable frame rate
  11. Consumer cams that might be worth a damn
  12. DVX Wide Angle fit on an HMC150?
  13. Rough edit music clip
  14. Huge price differences on HMC150?
  15. What is all the other "stuff" on the SD card?
  16. HMC150 and HMC40
  17. mbl
  18. HMC150 vs. HMC40 vs. HVX200
  19. Talking the wife into it.
  20. magic bullet quick looks
  21. What accesories I need to get started?
  22. Shooting Hockey - settings?
  23. a Good XLR Mic for HMC150
  24. Class4 cards
  25. MainConcept: Failed to import a frame!
  26. transcoding AVCHD: something I never thought of
  27. 720 60p or 30p for slow motion with final output being 720 30p?
  28. Core 2 duo and AVCHD
  29. MTS player / browser anyone?
  30. Tax Write Off?
  31. why is my blue screen grey!??
  32. wedding shoot
  33. Looking for HMC150 firmware update
  34. HMC150 16GB card rebate
  35. Add clip name to OSD ?
  36. Haven't received my April rebate yet!
  37. Possible to display "race time" in corner of frame?
  38. Card Reader Interface & Speed
  39. New 150 today, quick question
  40. Clip Name instead of TimeCode on OSD?
  41. Legit reseller? iBuyDigital.com has lowest price for HMC-150
  42. HMC 150-Lens Hood-where to buy?
  43. Why do we have Class 10 support?
  44. Starting out with HMC150, need workflow/NLE advice please!
  45. The CPL product quality!
  46. how do you determine the life span of a non-tape camera like the HMC?
  47. Can I use standard SD (not HC) for storing/loading scene files?
  48. Panasonic SD Cards are unreliable
  49. HMC150 Cold Weather Problems
  50. Edius Neo 2: Do I need it?
  51. HMC and 35 adapter
  52. HMC150+Camera Light=Still Too Dark...HELP
  53. Fireworks display shoot
  54. HMC's biggest weakness? (or is it just me)
  55. Jumping horizontal lines
  56. Anyone use B&H's EDU store
  57. HDMI Cable for monitoring HMC from very far...
  58. hmc frame rates for movie feel
  59. Record continuous sound of events or performances
  60. Cineform vs FCP Conversion
  61. cases for cards
  62. Request for AVCHD footage
  63. relationship between Shutter and FPS
  64. class 6 vs class 4
  65. Cineform Questions
  66. Replacement microphone mount
  67. Accidental White Balance
  68. Edited HMC-footage on FCP to an HDV tape...
  69. Cinetactics Matteblox
  70. Camera Bag
  71. IR contamination?
  72. Making an AVCHD DVD to play on Blu-ray player
  73. Trying to get Sennheiser MKE 300 to work with XLR adapter
  74. xha1 hmc150
  75. struggling with my hmc151 :(
  76. SDHC red stripe green stripe blues.
  77. HMC150, 30fps, and 25fps questions
  78. Mains adapter message.
  79. Wedding vid help: Wrong forum, but I need help, and I like you guys
  80. Manhattan LCD or Computer Monitor
  81. HMC-150 Kit
  82. Carrying HMC150 in a backpack
  83. Quick Question: 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio Guide?
  84. Notes from a LOT of testing hmc150
  85. Editing 60p shot with HMC150 (FCE, FCP, iMovie)
  86. Quick & Dirty to Flash
  87. Compressing Pro-Res 4:2:2 for DVD...any tips?
  88. New gear arrived - first impressions
  89. Cineform neoscene settings???
  90. Shotput Pro for hmc footage
  91. Color shifting during interview footage, why?
  92. Shooting for TV?
  93. wana build a PC to edit hmc footage
  94. Live feed broadcast to tv screens possible?
  95. Getting soft results with HMC150 well lit studio
  96. Calculating hyperfocal distance and depth of field
  97. Got my HMC152 today!
  98. When will Panny upgrade the HMC150?
  99. how to organize the .mts files on my hard drive?
  100. Got a new C6 SD Card, won't work-and now old C6 won't work either!
  101. Anybody editing AVCHD on Vegas Pro 9?
  102. Argh. no rca when compnent plugged in
  103. Downconverting to DV NTSC from ProRes
  104. Panny never sent me my "free" SDHC card
  105. Importance of undersampling?
  106. Recording Device?
  107. HMC151 to PAL in FCP ?
  108. original hmc150 battery fell apart during a shoot today
  109. best format for youtube
  110. ClipWrap2 Released AVCHD Support
  111. AVCHD vs DVCProHD compression in low light situation
  112. Litepanels Microlite Pro
  113. Is my system enough for AVCHD of Panasonic 150/151?
  114. HMC150 Autofocus - As Bad As I Keep Reading?
  115. why 1080?
  116. Live Stream to Ustream
  117. ***Class 2 CARD and 720/60p
  118. Best SDHC Cards ??
  119. Transcoding AVCHD and computer power
  120. HMC 150 / PreSonus Firestudio Mac Pro Mic?
  121. HMC150 compared to GH1?
  122. IR Questions
  123. HMC150 rental options?
  124. Jerky Conversions in CS4
  125. Matching HMC150 footage with DVX
  126. FCE, Edius Neo2
  127. Question for Barry regarding Canon's published resolution
  128. hmc150 in nyc?
  129. Best/Fastest SD card reader - Firewire 400/800?...
  130. Edius NEO2 booster info..
  131. Shotgun Microphone Connection
  132. Lossless Transcoder for 4:2:2
  133. Need advice on green screen & lighiting
  134. best price for HMC150?
  135. Need Help ASAP, PPCS4 on MAC
  136. AVCHD Link Clips Together ???
  137. Anyone using the Panny GH1 for video?
  138. Anyone wanna swap their hmc151 for my hmc150 and make some money?
  139. HMC150 & FCE Troubles Help
  140. Best online retailer for HMC152 (i.e. PAL HMC150) who will ship international?
  141. Dual light bracket
  142. Why should I not edit native AVCHD?
  143. Soft Case Recommendations
  144. 720p60 transcoding question
  145. Jam Sync Time Code
  146. Barry Green - Stouffer 4110C tests please
  147. Is Mack Warranty worth it
  148. starter equipment for HMC-150???
  149. A transcoder friendly to Mac and PC?
  150. help please.
  151. Finally received my battery/card rebate from April!
  152. AT875R VS NTG-2 Microphone
  153. Slow Shutter
  154. HMC VDSLR Musings
  155. Easy editing with Power Director 8 !!
  156. Anyone made a DIY zoom/iris/focus controller?
  157. Need critique of this greenscreen / lighting kit for my HMC150 shoot
  158. HMC-150 AVCHD computer specs
  159. New owner, please help with 24fps
  160. Video Website
  161. Best tools for a Mac / PC interchangable workflow?
  162. HMC150 naming
  163. 1st HMC wedding
  164. What do you think of this polarizer filter?
  165. HMC & plane
  166. Neat Video Profiles for HMC
  167. FInal Cut Pro-24fps looks ok on Computer monitor but not HDTV
  168. Where in Singapore can i get a HMC151 or HMC152?
  169. scene files for hmc150
  170. Direct dump from SD card to USB drive possible?
  171. Programming schedule Software?
  172. What to look for in HMC controller features and quality?
  173. Shoulder mount for filming in a classroom
  174. Has anyone been able to achieve good slow motion in Final Cut Express?
  175. 720p as 59.94 frames?
  176. Zoom Lever
  177. banding?
  178. wireless video transmitter for HMC
  179. Bag Question
  180. HMC 152 & S/W stabilized high motion
  181. Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota HMC 150 Users?
  182. Woot - Steadicam special with Garret on SCI CHANNEL RIGHT NOW
  183. whats your thoughts on this 35mm Adapter
  184. Stand by to Auto Off
  185. Blank Green footage w/ Jitter issue...
  186. Is my comp up to par for the hmc150?
  187. Interview with HMC151 - lighting with 4 x Lowel Omni lights
  188. how can i take still pictures on the Panasonic HMC 151e
  189. Raid 0 required?
  190. Upgrade to CS4 or Pro 9 for the 150?
  191. Zoe Zoom Controller
  192. SDHC "check Card" Error Message Urgent help !
  193. laptop question
  194. lens question
  195. Good things for HMC-XXX Sonys new NXCAM!
  196. Edius - My new NLE! (maybe...)
  197. Transferring an FCE project to FCP?
  199. What resolution for Green Screen?
  200. Delivering DVD & Blu-ray
  201. Cord from PS to Camera - spare?
  202. Extremely slow Log and Transfer
  203. Black and White - Silent Film look
  204. Edius Neo 2 capabiliuty
  205. Small, third camera for two hmc150s
  206. HMC150 - Terrible problems with strobe lights!
  207. Equipment for HMC151
  208. HMC150-how is the autofocus?
  209. IMO Cine-D is better than Cine-V for Weddings
  210. Reporting for Next Firmware Update for HMC150
  211. HMC150 Training?
  212. HMC150 Recording Format
  213. HMC "pin" noise ??
  214. Shooting with HMC150 in India
  215. 720 24p footage to SD
  216. Workflow: AVCHD to Prores Proxy (then back to full quality)
  217. Focus mechanism Noise with AT875R
  218. Choosing an Panasonic Camcorder
  219. .MTS Organization Tool- A Brief review of Arcsoft MediaImpression 2 Free
  220. Choosing a Panasonic for Low-budget HD films
  221. Main zoom rocker sticky
  222. Reliability of Jam Timecode
  223. Scene files for Low light and Green Screen
  224. HMC150 vs 5D footage anywhere
  225. Can You Drag Files Off HMC To External Drive?
  226. First time taking my hmc through the airport
  227. Which adapter?
  228. Help on choosing A fisheye for hmc-150
  229. Manfrotto 503 Tripod
  230. cheapest stand for this grip head?
  231. New Mercury Engine for Premiere
  233. Help Choosing Lens For HMC 150
  234. Panasonic 16GB sd card ?
  235. Redrock Microshouldermount
  236. Pricing/ Fees - What do you charge.
  237. Scene Settings for WEB
  238. DVX100 Century Fisheye on HMC150
  239. Nightclub scene file
  240. Will this spec edit AVCHD?
  241. -20db ref calibration on an HMC150
  242. 23,944 hours of usage???
  243. Log & Transfer crashing when skimming AVCHD footage
  244. Transcode to Canopus HQ or DVCPROHD
  245. Wedding Videographers-What resolution and frame rate
  246. Help put me out of my agony -- another "which one?" thread...
  247. Footage Imported To FCP Plays Too Fast
  248. SD card prices up
  249. Choppy video via Firewire 800
  250. Where to buy HMC151 in NA?