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  1. Frying a D7000 with too much light and my adventures with my camera.http://a4.sphotos
  2. Hack/firmware update the Nikon D800 for 4K video?
  3. Nikon Cine Camera
  4. Nikon D7000 vs. Sony EX1 - for TV Documentaries ?
  5. Re: Nikon D4 has a 1.2x Crop Mode
  6. I ordered the Nikon D800 for Uncompressed 4:2:2 video. But still love the new MKIII
  7. Nikon Hack
  8. D-Lighting Curves and video?
  9. THE HARMONY AND THE JAZZ (Nikon D4 pre-production unit)
  10. Thinking aout getting a D800
  11. F.S: Canon & Nikon D3100, Nikon D5000 and more
  12. Firmware updates for Nikon - Suggestions
  13. Official: HDMI 1080 IS INTERLACED ONLY
  14. Gosh, i am looking at my curtain and see moire!!!
  15. Re: Manual Canon EF Lenses on Nikon Body
  16. D800 vs D4 vs Canon 5d Mark III---to switch or not to switch
  17. I am the carnival - a short done with a preproduction nikon d800
  18. D4-work in progress for an image video
  19. Stop motion animation with a DSLR (e.g. D800)
  20. More Nikon D800 1080P video tests
  21. Nikon D800 Live HDMI Stream
  22. Nikon D4 (vs D800)
  23. Does ISO 160, 320... rule hold for D800?
  24. Flaat suite of picture controls for Nikon DSLRs: beta 1
  25. Preferred recording format for D800
  26. D800E's AA filter?
  27. D4 Memory Card performance tests
  28. TIME-LAPSE w/Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 - OK w/D7000. NOT w/D2X. WHY??
  29. UK D800 ordered ... price jump has happened tho
  30. Nikon D800 Switchable NTSC PAL
  31. D800 Workflow
  32. Nikon D4 crop modes explored: FX, DX, CX
  33. Nikon d800 vs 5D mkIII Youtube review
  34. D800 powered by a V-Mount?
  35. Adventures in the PCU
  36. D800 Moire Check
  37. D800 Viewfinder shut down during recording?
  38. Falk Lumo's technical analysis D800 video
  39. Vitaliy has released Ntool
  40. D800 Power Aperture demonstration
  41. D800 or D800E resolution
  42. NYC Timelapse with nikon d800
  43. The nonexisting PL mount lens adapter?
  44. Backpacking the Philippines: D5100
  45. D800 & Atomos & Progressive
  46. D800 Colour space/Picture preset
  47. Nikon D4, D800 memory card performance tests (updated)
  48. Does the D800 overheat like some Canons ?
  49. New to Nikon d90 some questions
  50. Recording audio via the mic input
  51. BlackMagic Cinema Camera Verses DSLR For Price
  52. D800 w/Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 initial impressions
  53. A World First!(?) D300 (non-S) video!
  54. D800 Post-Production Workflow
  55. D7000 aint dead yet - Maldives
  56. D3200 Announced
  57. Nikon D3100 and video
  58. DIRT SPOTS that will NOT disappear!! What is the CAUSE ??
  59. D800 DR vs 5D III
  60. Battery Overheating Advisery EN-El14 Rechargable
  61. How do I use Vitaliy's Ntool to hack the D7000?
  62. D800 Shutter for video assignment
  63. D800 HDMI Field Recorder
  64. Nice little comparision - More Canon Vs. Nikon tests
  65. White Balance
  66. D800 with DP6 monitor - best settings?
  67. D800 card in or out for external recording
  68. D90 & Manual Aperture Lenses
  69. Is there a way to turn off the on-camera lcd when using a monitor connected via HDMI?
  70. D800 .. seeing the highlights in liveview video mode?
  71. New camera coming- Nikon D600
  72. D800 + Atomos ninja
  73. D800 dr
  74. D800 with Hyperdeck Shuttle 1
  75. Nikon HDSLR Shoot from a Canon user perspective
  76. Nikon D800 or EOS 5D Mark III
  77. Nikon D800 HDMI out
  78. D800 interval timer shooting greyed out in menu?
  79. Nikon AIS manual lenses - distance scale replication
  80. Best Slow Motion settings for D800
  81. PL to Nikon F adapter?
  82. Benefits of 14 stops dynamic range
  83. Nikon D300S Video Exposure Question/Problem
  84. Nikon D800 Filmmaking Tutorial
  85. Ninja with the D800
  86. D800 gear, lenses, tripods, sliders, lights etc... HELP ME PLEASE
  87. Nikon D800E, first studio video clips
  88. Nikon 1 - high speed performance?
  89. D7000 Timelapse Dolly mixed with Epic 300fps
  90. Spent a week with the D800 and the Atomos Ninja....my thoughts
  91. D800 Audio Hiss
  92. D800 - AF button
  93. d800 + ki pro mini + xlr audio?
  94. 1st Impressions with the D800?
  95. HD Field Monitor for the Nikon D800
  96. D800 & Tokina 11-16
  97. D5100 video settings for theater
  98. D800 Workflow : editing and final export (questions).
  99. Best D7000 Flat Picture Control Yet?
  100. An image video done with the D4
  101. Shot on D5100 w/ Non-Ai Prime Lenses!!
  102. New Nikon D5100 user looking for some advice.
  103. D800E - Moire pattern on video
  104. iPhone 4s and D800
  105. Hacking the Nikon d5100 above 100 mbps
  106. 180 rule and the D7000?
  107. Nikon lenses and ring direction?
  108. Does the d5100 even have a histogram for still mode?
  109. Sharpness and downscaling
  110. Focusing with D800 questions
  111. Nikon d5100 vs Canon 5d ii / iii
  112. The Pepper Spray Incident
  113. D800 at 720p is really that bad?
  114. Using AF w/D800 video
  115. Nikon D800E (not D800!) with Mosaic Filter
  116. D4 Framerates.
  117. Audio Meters and Picture Zoom goes away when recording video.
  118. D800 street test
  119. Nikon 50mm 1.8 v 50mm 1.4
  120. Sharpness test between Nikon D800, Panasonic GH2 and Canon 7D
  121. D800 posterization
  122. D4 with new Tamron 24-70 VC
  123. D3200 low light image quality iso 12800 request
  124. Bower Grip for D7000
  125. D800 Battery Order with Vertical Grip
  126. d3200 external monitor using av out possible?
  127. General Settings - New to vid - Help appreciated.
  128. D800 stops recording video when taking a still - any workaround for this?
  129. Any examples of the D800 in a "real" production yet?
  130. Dirtbiking
  131. nikon d800 video.
  132. Interval Mode/Intervalometer on D800
  133. D3200 Anyone?
  134. Best camera for timelapse under 1200 (Zf lenses)
  135. D800 users. What RAW editing software are you using and why?
  136. Final Cut Pro Crashes During Import from D4
  137. Shooting in the snow this Sunday. Advice please.
  138. Nikon D800 crop mode?
  139. D800e and audio from XLR
  140. Timelapses using Nikon D7000...
  141. LCD Viewfinder Loupe options for D4/D800?
  142. NIkon D800 Audio Sync Issue
  143. Potentially switching from gh2 to D800
  144. D7000 and Sound Devices' MixPre-D not working.
  145. Waveforms, vectorscopes, RGB parade software for D800
  146. D800 HDMI out to Marshall V-R70P-HDA strange behavior
  147. Nikon D800 streaming live HD with Livestream Broadcaster [Review]
  148. Philippines Part Two Video: D5100
  149. VAF-D800 Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter from Mosaic Engineering now available
  150. Lens choice for shooting video indoors?
  151. D600 is out
  152. San Francisco in HD "High Tide" - Nikon D800 (timelapse)
  153. 24-70 2.8 alternative
  154. The D600 Really is Out (and Shipping)!
  155. 7 inch LCD HD Monitor for D7000?
  156. Nikon D600 ungraded test video 1080p
  157. D800 manual basically sucks...
  158. D600: HDMI out
  159. D800 video highest bitrate?
  160. Smooth Aperture Changes with D800
  161. D800 Dynamic Range in video mode?
  162. D800 - not much rolling shutter
  163. My first video on the D600
  164. Am I the Only One Jonesing for a High Quality Video Nikon DX Camera?
  165. D4 with an without external recorder?
  166. Nikon D800 in the British Virgin Islands
  167. GoPro Hero3 gets Techicolor's log Cinestyle? Who else wants it for their Nikon?
  168. D600 Footage Test
  169. D600 video of Governor Deval Patrick
  170. Re: Nikon D4 Battery Life
  171. D800 Crop Modes
  172. d800 and Zeiss zf.2 problems when in manual
  173. The Nikon D5200 is here
  174. D600 Video questions
  175. D600 Sensor Up Close
  176. D800 Moire?
  177. good news:new firmware to fix D600 liveview aperture coming
  178. Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 now does ProRes.
  179. Thinking about D800 instead of 1d mark 4 or 1dx. Thoughts?
  180. QUICKLAPSE: shooting with D800 at 4K
  181. Anyone Using the Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8?
  182. Video on a Jewelry shop shot mostly with the D600
  183. Question about the Hyperdeck and D3200
  184. Suggestions for a Macro Lens
  185. Ninja
  186. Defocusing to avoid aliasing/moire - bad idea?
  187. nikon 17-35mm, 28-70mm, 80-200mm 2.8 D set
  188. Canon 7D VS Nikon D800 Low Light High ISO Comparison
  189. problem with bad connection of D800 HDMI port
  190. Exposure Meter In Video Mode For D800?
  191. D800 and D600 Interview Footage
  192. My first 2 real work D800 shoots
  193. Focus issues on d800
  194. D800 on Octacopter filming for TV broadcast
  195. Video use with the Nikon WU-1a WiFi module
  196. D800 @ 720/60p (SNWS spot)
  197. Going to purchase a d800e. Refurb, used or new?
  198. nikon d600 dust issues?
  199. Nikon D7000 - WHY WON'T "LIVE-VIEW" WORK w/AC ADAPTER ??
  200. Nikon d5100/7000+zoom h1+sescom...Alright..so you're sick of this. But I NEED YOUUU !
  201. power breakout help
  202. Rokinon/Samyang Lenses for Nikon
  203. D600 users, how has your experience been?
  204. Nikon film
  205. D800 Flat Profile...
  206. Mosiac VAF filter
  207. Any former Canon users with a D800/800e?
  208. D800 + BMD Hyperdeck Shuttle Timecode Start/Stop???
  209. D800 Rig + BMD Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 (Photos)
  210. Nikon d5100 Recording Time Limit
  211. Nikon D7000 for video? any limitations?
  212. D5200 Anyone got it ???
  213. D800 -Best rig for movement up and down
  214. m42 adapter with inifinity
  215. Nikon mount Samyang/Rokinon Cine lenses quick question.
  216. Nikon D600 gradient problem
  217. D600 Video Live View Exposure Meter
  218. Need a critique of my Lens List for D800
  219. D7100 available for preorder
  220. Nikon's statement on the D600 dust issue
  221. D600 LV Aperture limitation - is it really a deal killer for a neanderthal?
  222. Best way to convert 50i to 25p on a mac?
  223. Documentary on d5100
  224. Nikon Gamma Controls - v0.1 Beta Test
  225. D5200 Live View/Aperture
  226. "Magically" Recovering Highlights in D5200 Footage?
  227. Nikon Coolpix "A" vs Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f/3.5
  228. Provide High Contrast D5200 Footage?
  229. Picture Control in fastpaced workflow
  230. d600 moire flat10pp vlc and sharpengin
  231. Re: Orlando Magic vs LA Lakers // March 12, 2013 // D4
  232. Anyone Having Good Luck w/ Autofocusing Moving Subjects?
  233. Already have lenses... can you recommend a camera?
  234. Locking HDMI port on D4?
  235. Which camera is better for video, the D7100 or D5200? Something close to the GH3.
  236. Nikon V2 and 10-100mm PD-Zoom for video shooting -- a good idea?
  237. D7100 & crown maple
  238. D7100 shared videos and photos
  239. Nikon D5200 vs Canon 60D
  240. Need lens advice: Nikon AF-D 80-200 f2.8 D
  241. Best, Smallest, Lightest Video Head for Nikon V1
  242. Anyone try a Raynox DCR-250 for micro photography on a Nikon D cameras?
  243. "MANUAL" Aperture Nikon Lenses ??
  244. Nikon D7100 with Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2.
  245. vintage Nikon lens recommendations?
  246. Recommended flash with your D - Nikon Cameras?
  247. D600 Firmware Update. 1 out of 2
  248. NOTHING Removes FLICKER when using a DSLR. WHY oh WHY ??
  249. Nikon D4 Firmware Update
  250. Setting up Non-CPU Lenses in the Menu Settings of your Nikon. D7100 user.