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  1. D3100 (vs D7000)
  2. Need advice, not getting sharp photos with my D80 - help!
  3. Goodbye Premiere, Hello Vegas (I think)
  4. 5D vs D7000
  5. D7000 - Buy or not?
  6. this sub-forum needs a new name
  7. Trailer for the short film Zombie Love. Shot with the D90.
  8. Constant aperture VR zoom lense
  9. Changing aperture while on live view
  10. D3S HDMI out? Optimizing video?
  11. Short D7000 Video "Weld Falls"
  12. Final Cut Express/ D7000
  13. some nice D7000 footage
  14. d7000 or 7d
  15. Interesting post by Ken Rockwell
  16. Nikon D7000 Video for non commercial use only?
  17. D7000 Manual Focus assist
  18. D7000 for event work?
  19. D7000 "Film Look" Super Hot Pixel
  20. Advanced Nikon Hybrid
  21. D90 Low Noise Movie Mode
  22. Serious lens addiction
  23. D7000 HMDI output?
  24. d90 feature at the stockholm international film festival
  25. 1080i over HDMI? Worth it over 720P?
  26. D7000 editing best workflow?
  27. first time video job
  28. Our Doritos Ad shot on DSLR has passed top 10, still rising!
  29. D7000 Audio Monitoring
  30. Incandescant Flickering
  31. Second Short D7000 Video "Mile High City"
  32. How is the D7000 AF-F supposed to work?
  33. Firmware coming for D7000 for video = Hacked D7000?
  34. Your opinion on a few AI-S lens for video
  35. Nikon D3100 BTS photoshoot test
  36. Merry Christmas
  37. Nikon D7000 Hack/firmware
  38. Nikon D5500 speclated
  39. D7000 firmware 1.01 released
  40. Nikkor Glass below 28mm
  41. What's the D7000s chroma subsampling?
  42. Good sample of the d7000
  43. GH2 or D7000
  44. Nikon D7000 pixel size vs. Canon MKII
  45. D7000 Video Review for PPA Mag and Test Video
  46. D90 footage looks horrible...
  47. Weird Nikkor lens focus rings?
  48. D7k Keying test
  49. D90 Time-lapse
  50. Vimeo D7000 night time video footage
  51. Nikon D90 Video!
  52. How Much Should I Sell My D90 For?
  53. Nikon rumors about the launch of a professional mirror less camera in April
  54. New Pinhole Camera Attachment for D7000
  55. D7000 HDMI Monitor Out while recording
  56. Teardown of Nikon D7000
  57. Thinking back on the D90
  58. D7000 and Lens question
  59. Radio Commercial shot on D7000
  60. White Balance help D7000
  61. D7000 FCP workflow
  62. D7000 handling for video
  63. Just wanted to share a few screen grabs from the D7000. Just learning to use it.
  64. Bit Rate D7000
  65. D90 feature Fuerteventura at San Francisco Indiefest
  66. D3100 short - Please critique!
  67. D700 Compatibility with Older (pre-Intel) Macs
  68. Is the D7000 record audio?
  69. D7000 - one of great camera shootout by zacuto
  70. Pena - a short film shot on D90
  71. D5100 Hopes
  72. A new D7000 video
  73. Nikon D7000: How to manually control Shutter/ISO/Aperture (and more)
  74. D7000 vs DVX100A on camera mic's
  75. How much better is the Nikon's video quality?
  76. D7000 Short Film on drugs , test footage
  77. Noise looks like rings?
  78. How many d7000 users? Stand up and be counted!!
  79. nikon d90 upgrade.
  80. D7000 Footage/Stills
  81. Nikon D5000 Vertical Ripple Effect
  82. "recording interrupted"
  83. help need for video shoot on Nikon D3100
  84. D7000 Audio Tips
  85. D7000 picture settings
  86. Support rigs for D7000? (jag35 and others?)
  87. Pomona Natural Bridge - experiments and test footage set to music
  88. Degrees of Focus Ring Rotation: Are the "non-AF NIKKOR lenses "Long Throw."
  89. D7000 film: Angry Snowboarders
  90. D7000 - Card Recommendations for Video?
  91. D7000 + Vibration Reduction - useful?
  92. Nikon DSLR and anamorphic lens
  93. LCD Brightness settings? - Anybody change it?
  94. Can you eat a D7000
  95. D7000 Bike Trial Video
  96. D7000 Italian Landscape Short Video
  97. D7000 battery life with EN-EL15?
  98. Cheap Electronic Distance Measuring Device/Rangefinder (Like redrockmicro"microtape")
  99. D7000 and PPCS5
  100. D7000 HDMI for external monitor
  101. Any other Nikon's with d3s sensitivity yet?
  102. "A Rainy Smoke" - Nikon D90 w/ Macro & Zoom H4n
  103. Nikon user thread- post your pictures here!
  104. Penn Camera DSLR Videographer Class
  105. http://twitter.com/SXSWNikon
  106. D7000 Low-Light Sensitivity?
  107. Nikon D5000 Test Short (It Has A Gun!) HAHA
  108. What is in a name? How do you feel about the new Nikon class of camera?
  109. Firmware update
  110. Nikon D5100
  111. Frame rates of D7000
  112. 2 videos d90 , one is macro shots
  113. 720/1080 -- same sensitivity?
  114. Looking into Nikons
  115. a serious movie- d7000
  116. Would you like this?
  117. Nikon Color Editing Workflow in Premiere CS5 ?
  118. Nikon announces D5100 1080p24p/30p plus an articulated HD Screen
  119. Letus Hawk vf works well on d7000
  120. Which Nikkor lenses with an anamorphic adapter works well?
  121. Nikon D90 usage at night...
  122. D5100: Nikon still needs to get a clue...
  123. D7000 malfunction in still mode through viewfinder
  124. Nikon D7000 field monitor - trying a Lilliput
  125. Nikon D7000 Flickering Problems
  126. Tilt-shift Lenses
  127. D3100 not found/won't mount?
  128. D7000 quirks - glitch on screen but not in footage?
  129. I need a wide angle lens, any suggestions?
  130. Music Video shot entirely with D90
  131. Nikon D5100 in-depth review
  132. Nikon Euro Are asking for product improvement suggestions at the moment!
  133. Progressive to interlaced?
  134. Ronan Jorah - Acting reel 2011
  135. Crazy D90 music video
  136. Film Look
  137. D3100 - Limitations?
  138. D7000 workflow for best quality
  139. D5100: manual settings with AF but not MF lenses
  140. D90 Footage Samples - Last Thing I will likely shoot before upgrading
  141. Follow focus question - 50mm f/1.8 AF
  142. Nikon VDSLR, which one to choose?
  143. D7000 Night Footage W/Light
  144. d7k - inspirational short doc : )
  145. A Good Resource for Information about the D5100
  146. D5000 short EDIT critique please
  147. Full guide for shooting video with D7000?
  148. Nikon D7000: Day Exterior Tests-
  149. Adjust exposure compensation after auto exposure lock?
  150. D7000 Recording
  151. D5100 - Moire
  152. Coolpix S8100 Nikon
  153. D3s does video (Turkey in 6 days)
  154. Weird output from D7000 AV port to Beachtek SVU-2
  155. D3100 Documentary
  156. D7000 Low Light Tests- Las Vegas
  157. What is your workflow for shooting timelapse?
  158. Problem with in camera playback of edited .MOV files?
  159. 550D (Cinestyle) vs D7000 (TassinFlat)
  160. My D90 video, C&C please.
  161. why the video quality of D7000 & D5100 are so different
  162. ikon's 1080p - real deal or just 720p?
  163. Does anyone own a AF-s Nikkor 17-35mm?
  164. d7000 + macbookpro, what software will turn it into a field monitor?
  165. f8 limitation on AF lenses??
  166. timelapse using a d7000 (and small bit with a gh2)
  167. First wedding cinema
  168. How does Nikon warranty work?
  169. D7k goes to Cyprus and underwater
  170. This is big, Nikon is working on an Auto Rack Focus Video Feature
  171. Nikon D7000 Video H.264/Mpeg-4
  172. Reply From Nikon About My Camera Issue.
  173. VR and D7000
  174. I want to convert Nikon D7000 video for Use with FCP/FCE
  175. New Nikons?
  176. Sigma 30mm focus on D5100
  177. any help on setting up d7000 for video ?
  178. D7000 Aperture changes on zoom while on liveview mode
  179. Nikon D5100 - How to semi-control the video shooting?
  180. D7000 Sample Files
  181. D7000 autofocus using video mode
  182. Using DX and G Nikon lenses with a Letus35 adapter
  183. Is it possible to shoot video on the D7000 with the lens detached?
  184. D7000: Suggestions For Lens to get Shooting
  185. Zacuto shootout 2011
  186. Could Nikon EVIL camera be a Scarlet crusher?
  187. Live view histogram!
  188. D7000 Movie Settings
  189. Should I get a D5100?
  190. Reversable Gear Folllow Focus advice please
  191. New music video shot with the D90
  192. D5100 Overheating problems???
  193. Quickie Test Hacked GH1 and Nikon D5100
  194. Nikon lenses and color
  195. A Long Wait
  196. Nikon AI(s) Lens Recommendation
  197. AF-S focus rings and follow focus
  198. New Expeed chip to boost video?
  199. A quick promo video with D7000
  200. "Papergirl" A Nikon D7000 Short Film
  201. Need Help for Up coming gig.. " D700 or 5D for Astral time lapse"
  202. Seeking Opinions on Lens Collection Please
  203. Buying Advice
  204. Nikon announces mirrorless system
  205. D7000 audio out
  206. D800
  207. Best nikon hddslr....
  208. Camera digital that suit our needs
  209. Nikon D5100: how to preset manual aperture and shutter speed for videos
  210. someone could tell me which lenses for this video?
  211. Music video shot on D7000
  212. Should I use a Nikon to Canon EOS Lens adapter or buy a D7000
  213. - || - First Event Covereage Shot with my Nikon D7000 - || -
  214. D7000 Tone Curves...
  215. Question re: bitrate for Nikon DSLRs
  216. D5100 new firmware update
  217. How do you increase Nikon's bit rate of 20 Mbps?
  218. Kensington Market Promo Shot with D7000
  219. help me find this
  220. D7000 - Strange behaviour when Movie manual settings is ON
  221. Nikon firmware decrypted
  222. D70 External Monitor Ideas
  223. D90 video is coming out unusually crappy
  224. New Tamron Lens issue
  225. How do you hack Nikon's nitrate to 84mbps?
  226. Nikon D3x $2999...D3s $2499...Scam??
  227. D7000 users: Reason for the 20 minute video limit?
  228. Shooting 2.35:1 on Nikon D5100
  229. Is the Nikon 5100 worth it for the video function?
  230. Nikon shot glass - lol
  231. D4 - uncompressed hdmi?
  232. Nikon D5100 filmaking for dummies?! ;)
  233. Nikon D90 with c-mount lens
  234. D4 - LPF and Smooth aperture, H264 B-frame
  235. ZOOM CONTROL for Nikon Lens on D7000 ??
  236. D4 Videos in Here
  237. Nikon D4 Footage
  238. Re: Nikon D4 - Feature Questions
  239. Nikon D4 "C" for CINEMA
  240. Re: Nikon D4 in 2.7x Crop Mode with Micro 4/3 lenses
  241. D4 - do not get too excited
  242. Re: D4 - HDMI recording time limit?
  243. D800 36mp 1:1 crop?
  244. Will my 35mm f/2.0 AI Nikkor work on 5100?
  245. SIGMA 50-500mm f4 Zoom Lens on a Nikon D3 or D7000 ??
  246. HELP!!! D80 LCD not working and not writing to SD card!
  247. D7000 audio solution
  248. The New D800
  249. New D800 Footage *video* , AMAZING!
  250. D7000 optimal video settings