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  1. Exposure Compensation with Manual Lens?
  2. Nikon Deals
  3. D90 won't autofocus (stills mode)
  4. Brand new Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens
  5. Photo blasts in my laundry room. [Mod note: NSFW]
  6. Finished the music video
  7. D3s video
  8. A good use of the D90
  9. D90 720p with 1080i - Help
  10. Do I need to reset my card?
  11. Nikon Festival
  12. Purple bleeding/artefacts in the video image on the D90
  13. Event Impression
  14. New video - D300s
  15. D90 and FCE, a simple workflow?
  16. First D90 Video - Problems
  17. Transitioning DSLRs to Video: Possible Problems
  18. Oh 7d you tempt me.
  19. Anyone have Canon to Nikon lens adapter???
  20. D300s video for a contest
  21. "the Big Dirty" Video
  22. Rolling Shutter Stills?
  23. Could it finaly be true??
  24. Anyone have Nikon D3s and D90 or D300s?
  25. Windows HD codec for D90footage
  26. does anyone has any problem with nikon D90 during making some video clips or test?
  27. Funny short with a guy in a thong!
  28. Question about lens adapters
  29. Nikon D3s Video User Group
  30. Manual lenses on D300s?
  31. Nikon D3s has full manual control in video mode. Confirmed!
  32. Karma Trailer : Movie like.
  33. D90 video on Vimeo HD Channel
  34. Insano colour correction...
  35. xxx Music Video shot on the D90
  36. Anyone with both D5000 and D300s experience?
  37. Akai mpc 5000 ad.
  38. Summer 2010?
  39. Manual control
  40. Nikon Festival Entry with D300s
  41. Happy Holidays!
  42. Memory Card Will NOT Eject. HelllllllP
  43. Nikon D90 low light test Two candles only
  44. Nikon D90 Existing light
  45. Getting a solid image.
  46. $1499 and
  47. D300s and mic input
  48. Cameras on planes
  49. D90 - 60-second spot
  50. D90 Viewfinder functions are scrambled..anyone else?
  51. D90, super low light, 85mm f2 AMAZING MUSIC
  52. Merry Christmas
  53. In the Cards
  54. Settings for Vimeo and Youtube
  55. D300s: pleae share some of your settings with me
  56. Does anyone know how to load a custom profile .ntc?
  57. nikon d90 vs canon 7d vs panasonic DMC-GH1K
  58. Sigma not working with D90
  59. Need HELP ASAP - new years FIREWORKS! Have 6 hours to prepare!!
  60. Super Grading round two...Thoughts?
  61. External monitor
  62. Canon FD to Nikon D90 Lens Adapter
  63. It's coming.....
  64. Upgrading my camera selling the Nikon D90 for 600usd
  65. D300s VS 7D video IQ
  66. Circular Polariser for AI-S Nikkor Nikon Lens
  67. Should I get a D90?
  68. very stupid question
  69. Changing default photo settings before shooting with the D90
  70. a stupid newb question about manual lenses
  71. Older Nikon manual zoom lenses: push-pull
  72. Are VR lenses worth it?
  73. My First D90 Video.. Comment Please
  74. Playing around with some different looks
  75. live view shuts down when connecting USB cable
  76. Prime lens choice
  77. I have some questions!!
  78. Anyone using a Nikon for the Betrayal Fest?
  79. D-Movie = D-Movie = D-Movie
  80. forcing shutter speed ?
  81. D90 Viewfactor Remote Rig
  82. something i filmed with the d90
  83. My D90 for Sale on ebay
  84. D90 bug with MB-D80?!??!
  85. Nikon D5000
  86. D90 + HVX200 workflow on FCS
  87. F.L.Q : Action Music Video
  88. New stock for New Nikon D90 + 18-200mm lens F/S
  89. 1080p
  90. my first music video
  91. Nikon 35mm f1.8-any feedback
  92. Anoop Desai and the Nikon D90
  93. Nikon Head: "highly probable" with full-HD in Nikon SLR
  94. Anoop Desai behnd the Scenes Music Video Nikon D90
  95. Nikon D90 young girl Color grading
  96. Tick Tock...
  97. A D3s video
  98. what 50mm lens ?
  99. Wireless View Remote
  100. Launceston (Tasmania)
  101. Minimum shutter speed on D3s video mode
  102. "Here I am" music video
  103. Video settings for D90
  104. Whats the new Nikon?
  105. Get hit in the nuts!! Clips!
  106. "BED STUY" Music Video
  107. D90 CrabPromo
  108. Going to Australia, just bought a Nikon D3S...questions
  109. I don't get it...
  110. D3s @ ISO 6400
  111. Time to Give Up on D90/D5000 Firmware Update?
  112. Nikon: Color grading without blocking?
  113. music video: nom de guerre - run run run
  114. D90 + Andromeda = sucess.
  115. Help! D5000 frame dropping.
  116. Nikon G to Canon EF Adaptor Version 3.0
  117. VR or IS on tripod?
  118. D90 Web Series Pilot
  119. Music Video - Shitty CT
  120. New: DSLR Pro-Video Site
  121. D90 and FCE Easy set-up
  122. Nikon DSLR Motion..
  123. Overexposure: LCD does not jive with TV screen
  124. D3s Video channel on Vimeo
  125. External Audio and Lip Sync
  126. Nikon D90 - Interview
  127. Nikon is making the 1920 x 1080 jump!
  128. 'Digital Projectors - Stillness Is the Move' Music Video
  129. ND Filter question.
  130. music video teaser
  131. D90 clip.
  132. Fisheye lens or post production?
  133. Video with some D90 footage
  134. FS: Brand new Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 Macro HSM
  135. Short movie? Anyone?
  136. Will we see the D400 by/before summer?
  137. The Great Camera Shootout 2010
  138. D3s - HDMI out while shooting video?
  139. D90 and Macro Lens
  140. Nikon D90 Samurai Cowboy test shots
  141. D90 Music Video with firmware update
  142. New D300s
  143. My San Francisco trip. I got bored.
  144. Amazon has refurbished D90s for $699
  145. trailer
  146. Record Time for video
  147. D90 replacement and no Firmware update
  148. Question about the D3s
  149. Travel video: Seoul, Korea
  150. Lost in Puerto Rico (Shot with Nikon D90)
  151. New York in Slo Mo
  152. LB Skatepark "Playing Your Game" HD (Filmed w/ Nikon D90)
  153. Rumors of new Nikon DSLRs
  154. New Nikons
  155. Im sorry fo this topic
  156. the harmonica man !
  157. Focusing: HDMI or loupe
  158. D90 Short film "Beer Pressure"
  159. Corsa Moto Classica
  160. London - D90 and Super8
  161. first D300s Video
  162. 2 D90 short vids
  163. B&W straight out the camera music video (d90 & 7d)
  164. Cavision Grad ND Filters
  165. Is the D5000 the replacement?
  166. really want to use my D90 for small project
  167. D90 at night
  168. New direction for Nikon.
  169. Pizza
  170. Lower D90 ISO for filming WITHOUT a manual lens?
  171. Should I buy the D90 to learn video?
  172. D5000 screen
  173. Nikon D90 vs Canon 550D
  174. New Member - D90 Test Videos
  175. Video Request
  176. RUMOUR 2k raw !
  177. GPS/Accessory port doesn't seem to work!
  178. Nikkor 28-200 mm D Lens for video
  179. Why can't we have a genius of our own??
  180. Toxic love
  181. D90 Short on Vimeo
  182. Compositing Practice
  183. Nikon D90 with 18-200mm vr lens for you to upgrade to
  184. Question about video organizing...
  185. Nikon has "new concept" model with enhanced video coming
  186. Video quality from transcoding/upscaling
  187. How to frame for Video?
  188. FINALLY - 1080p
  189. Removing face detection yellow box
  190. n00b question on Nikon AF-S lenses.
  191. Streamclip setting for FCE
  192. Shooting in extreme heat!
  193. Export settings in premeire, problem
  194. general settings for multiple sources of video
  195. Identity a lens
  196. Where is the D90 stronger than the 550D?
  197. Which manual lenses work for D90?
  198. Some specs leaked - Nikon 3100
  199. Will Nikon be your PAL?
  200. Moose Move - D90 - Texas music video
  201. matching D90 video to DVX100
  202. Horizontal colored lines nikon d90 low light
  203. Nikon D3100 D-SLR
  204. New to Nikon
  205. good wide angle lens
  206. Will the Nikon D3100 shoot in actual 1920x1080?
  207. New compact Nikon CoolPix P7000 has 24P
  208. What's up with Nikon?
  209. D3s Firmware update to get 1080p?
  210. Nikon D7000 - Pix
  211. D7000 Official!
  212. D7000 - First Footage (1080p)
  213. Mixing 24fps & 15 fps?
  214. DSLR gains from the Nikon D7000: cross your fingers
  215. D7000 video footage from Photokina
  216. My D90 Horror Short Film
  217. Nikon D3s and Sound Options
  218. Camera Control Pro 2 and the D90
  219. D7000 uses B-frames for encoding
  220. The Lense Click Dilemma
  221. D7000 optical low pass filter
  222. D7000 by Chase Jarvis
  223. D7000 Sensor? Same issues as A55?
  224. Music Video finished
  225. D7000 Rolling Shutter Test
  226. D7000 Full Music Video
  227. Which of these two lenses would you choose for video?
  228. D7000 sending wireless video
  229. D7000 vs 60D comparison video
  230. Need Lens Recommendation.
  231. 24fps or 23.976fps
  232. Premiere Pro Sequence Settings for D90
  233. More lens advice
  234. PC Workflow For Clean, Sharp Video?
  235. should i buy a d7000?
  236. Using D90 for Music Video
  237. D7000 and Canon 7D compared
  238. MUSIC VIDEO D90/Canon T2I mix.
  239. Short D7000 clip at ISO 1600
  240. nikon finally gets canon quality 1080p hd (24p, 30i, 60i) hd video. lol!
  241. D300s and FCP settings help!
  242. Nikon d7000 digitutor
  243. D7000 available now at Best Buy
  244. First detailed D7000 video data
  245. D7000 6400 vs T2i 6400 no light test
  246. Nikon D7000 Hot Pixels
  247. Getting the best image for post out of the D7000.
  248. Tokina 11-16 + D7000 = Moire
  249. D7000 and "light" waves?
  250. D7000 Final cut Pro