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  1. New Video... what a great camera is the D90
  2. Battery life and follow focus
  3. Outdoor test d90
  4. Nikon D90 and laboratory
  5. new music video on the d90.
  6. shot our 48 hour film project on D90
  7. Manual Controls
  8. Video DSLRs vs Camcorders
  9. Sound Filter for FCP
  10. motorcycle mounts?
  11. outdoor test 2 d90
  12. Adobe Premiere and the D90
  13. Nikon D90 video and Final Cut 2
  14. In which format to save d90 movies?
  15. D40 question.
  16. new Short with the D90
  17. Finally got a D90
  18. A D90 clip...
  19. Maybe a good sign for the future?
  20. Niederwald - Texas video
  21. replaced the D90 with.....
  22. A feature shot on the d90--"Reverie"
  23. D5000 Action Shoot test
  24. Documented 5D mkII shoot with the D90
  25. How long do you wait? Nikon D--- or Canon MK II
  26. D90 Music Video
  27. Nikon roadmap leaked?
  28. Nikon D90/D5000 Campaign AshtonsDSLR
  29. D90 Vs Canon HV20
  30. D-Movie Screening Room...
  31. D90 LCD Screen Hoods?
  32. Compilation of Footage from a recent trip
  33. Artist PROMO filmed with D90
  34. Hierlang Teaser shot with D90
  35. Pentax K-7 with 15-1000mm lenses !!!
  36. d90 Questfest submissions
  37. Nikon 24p full HD, Holy Grail found.
  38. Pop-up shade d5000
  39. Motion of D90 24p comaprison?
  40. D5000 problem
  41. Music video "Man Vs. Man"
  42. New D90 Music Video
  43. LCD exposure change?
  44. Unsupported audio rate in cs4
  45. Best format to convert to
  46. Error's - Works every now and then
  47. Pentax K-7 with 1480mm F6.3
  48. D90 Video questions (export/workflow)
  49. D90 and D5000 Has anyone compared?
  50. Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II
  51. Nikon DSLR recommendations
  52. Lens questions
  53. Love Story Video
  54. Further optimization? Any way to manage auto exposure adjustment?
  55. Exporting AVI files for the D90
  56. Music video, Work in progress, check it out and give critique!
  57. Rabbit grazing , Pentax K-7 1200mm F8
  58. All D90 Wedding
  59. Music video from sydney australia
  60. Work in progress web series episode. Shot with D90
  61. korean short dala d90
  62. What is Intel IYUV
  63. New Isco DSLR anamorphic adapter
  64. gone twice - episode one - shortfilm
  65. D90 Gyro Rig
  66. Smooth zooms
  67. D300s announced
  68. Optimum Shutter Speed for Minimal Rolling Shutter?
  69. Poll @ nikon rumors. make an impact
  70. D300s question to D90 owners
  71. Horizontal Lines of Annoyance
  72. Is D90 frame rate linked to shutter speed?
  73. Nikon: "Probably manual control in later model or firmware"
  74. Class of kill'em high music video. Underwater scenes and explosions!
  75. Jello-fix - Plugin from the foundry
  76. Unicycle Loves You - Justine music video
  77. Transmission line repair with helicopter !
  78. d5000
  79. MJPEG Playback on PC
  80. 1 day 3 girls 3 Nikons 60.000 photos 1 music video
  81. Vengeance Rides a Train wins the dailyfilm short film DSLR contest
  82. Green screen test
  83. D300s video-in HD quality
  84. The "best" DSLR...
  85. Nikon D90 Seep Sea Footage and Young girl with 85mm F1.4 lens
  86. nikon D90 depth of field and color grading
  87. Shutter closes while recording HD on D90 before 5 Minute Max????
  88. VDSLR vs HDSLR vs whatever
  89. BW D90 10 min "G7MW"
  90. best tool for avi to mov conversion?
  91. D300s workflow
  92. Nikon lens goes dark
  93. What camera and lens is this?
  94. f2.8 nowhere near the same as f2.8??
  95. Draft of my next short: The Hair
  96. D300s positive news? Some manual controls?
  97. Wierdness with footage
  98. RedRock or Steadicam
  99. AE-L and LV ?
  100. Shooting video question
  101. d300s video on vimeo
  102. Supplied Software
  103. 500mm F6.3 Rokinon mirror handheld
  104. need some advice (upgrading)
  105. Shot with D300 STILL FRAMES (NOT TIMELAPSE)
  106. email from Ami Vitale
  107. Won't take a picture???
  108. Interesting info about d90 sensor resize
  109. Any marathon runner's on dvxuser?
  110. local harley museum, d90/hmc150
  111. what someone else said
  112. jello removal using deshaker
  113. Interesting rumor...
  114. Exposure question
  115. quick trailer
  116. short: Delay of Game
  117. 3 minute d-movie- CARWASH
  118. Rolltogether Event Documetation
  119. My D90 is for sale on ebay
  120. Very impressed with these D300s videos
  121. Nikkor 50mm/1.8D - no manual control of arperture ring in Video Mode
  122. D300s Jello on youtube
  123. music video
  124. critique me pls? my first kind of vacation video
  125. My First Video
  126. A Short Piece on Kites and Revenge. (please critique!)
  127. Nikon D300s Panning test video
  128. d300s video with LOTS of mud
  129. d90 as a 'video snap camera'
  130. D300s clip
  131. exposure lock on d5000?
  132. Was this shot with a D90
  133. nikon D90 Compositing effects shot.. blow up side of buiding
  134. woow ... maybe one of the best video...
  135. D90 feature-film in venice
  136. Nikon D90 Demo test action movie style
  137. D90 Low-light test with Sankor 16C Anamorphic lens
  138. Nikon D700x Coming Soon?
  139. Nikon lcdvf
  140. No D300s around here?
  141. Latest Short up
  142. Nikon D90 -> Canon 7D thread
  143. Horror Water
  144. Pretty Awesome TV spot shot on Nikon D90
  145. Music Video shot with a DSLR camera
  146. Manual control for D90?
  147. Videographer's review of D300S
  148. D3s rumours. Time to recross our fingers.
  149. another D300s sample
  150. and this D300s video
  151. Mixing the Red and the D90
  152. D90 Overheat Problem
  153. D300S expsosure question/HDMI out
  154. Comedy series
  155. My mug featured on nikon rumors!
  156. D300s with Zoom H4n
  157. D300s at the beach
  158. The proof is in the filming...
  159. Nikon D90 at an insane asylum.
  160. D90 clip --> genre: Home Movie
  161. Time Lapse + Panning, Tilting and Zooming
  162. Naming Convention
  163. Deshaker Problem
  164. No place for the D300s?
  165. Lightening d90 videos
  166. purchasing a d90
  167. The Second Vision
  168. D90 Settings doubt
  169. Return my D300s?
  170. some D300s videos
  171. D90 user work thread
  172. 1080p @ Nikon D3s
  173. this D300s video has a person close up
  174. Removing flash frames???
  175. What are D90 users using for sound?
  176. D90 + Iscorama 36: Music Video shot this past weekend
  177. another ONE !!!
  178. D90 Still Photography Section
  179. Tower 548.
  180. 24p or 23.976p from D90?
  181. Harley Davidson in HD
  182. BRANDNEW mystery-short shot with the D90
  183. Nikon VDSLR on Plywood Skater dolly
  184. Using 50mm 1.4 manual aperture with D90 HD Mode
  185. Shutter speed
  186. Fetus Moon - Music Video Shot with D90
  187. D300s Low Light Shoot
  188. Quelqu'un t'aime - Nikon D90, stock 18-105mm
  189. DIY Musicvideo (thanx do dvxuser)
  190. Web Series shot entirely on D90
  191. D90 Picture Control Custom Settings
  192. Nikon d3s announcement - 720p only, absurdly good low light, high price
  193. some D3s video
  194. D90 vs D300s
  195. D3 Dissapointment? here's the cure.
  196. What Do I see when I pause the video?
  197. The Latest D90 Music Video
  198. Shooting with a DSLR
  199. My showreel (mostly nikon d90)
  200. Nikon D300S Test Video
  201. Sale price on D300s - Toronto - ends Oct. 18
  202. D300s and FCP
  203. D3S HD Vid
  204. cowboy death pop star (music video)
  205. Hang Gliding with the D300s
  206. D300s price cut
  207. No AE Lock in Manual?
  208. what's better about the D3s over the D90??
  209. Nano Particle coating
  210. Macworld likes the Nikon look
  211. Should I get a VR lens for my D90?
  212. D800 coming
  213. Music Video shot in 3 Hours
  214. Hi Iso D3s footage
  215. shooting non-interlaced footage in whole frames
  216. DH mtb with the D90...
  217. Diana F+ slr adapters
  218. Last video with D90, then five mother poo pooers stole my camera
  219. New Korean ebay rig
  220. D90
  221. D90 to DVD workflow
  222. Great Nikon D90 Settings cats
  223. Music video shot with d90 and HVX200
  224. D90 will represent the doritos contest! (screen grabs)
  225. Excellent piece done entirely with the d-90
  226. Experimental pinhole video.
  227. Video shot with the D90
  228. Nikon D90 remote start / stop
  229. How to record good quality sound with my d90?
  230. Funny D90 15 sec ad.
  231. Tips for a low light video
  232. 1st lens/What to do? Quandry.....
  233. Short Video - My little miss sunshine
  234. recommended lenses?
  235. new video
  236. Extremely low light D90 footage.
  237. Super8 look...
  238. A Totally noob Question..
  239. Lens for video
  240. Crash the Superbowl: Nikon D300s
  241. Anyone rented Rolling Shutter plugin?
  242. D90 music video - Love Cali
  243. Ok I've tried...
  244. Ultra cheap on camera monitor - almost
  245. Gymnastic stunt filmed with D90!
  246. D4 field test
  247. Who bought the D300s
  248. D90 or D3000
  249. Why does this D300s footage look better?
  250. Best example of D90's capabilities?