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  1. Your thoughts on this broadcast panel?
  2. Certain shots offline in Apple Color
  3. Part of audio missing from Merged Clip
  4. Prores 442 to anything else
  5. Toast Titanium to burn DVDs...
  6. New Final Cut Pro Tutorial: Music Video Effects Volume 2
  7. FCP Keyboard layout
  8. Vapor Across
  9. Exporting Feature...*URGENT DEADLINE*
  10. Setting Mouse to Zoom
  11. "Interlaced" footage question...
  12. Final Cut Hell - Not Rendered. Now What????
  13. Clip joining problem
  14. Do I Have To Render Clips With Every Change?
  15. Reconnecting Subclips Media
  16. Time to Upgrade
  17. Need to fix QT export problem in FCP 7.0.3
  18. Importing and Editing MXF files to Final Cut Studio
  19. Compressor: How do I move customized settings to another mac
  20. Green Screen fixes
  21. Changing timeline settings. Editing my HD reel.
  22. FCP 7Media Manager, Recompress, and Batch Capture Issues...
  23. H .264 Workflow on Final Cut Pro
  24. FCP 7: AVCHD Offline Worklow Issue... Recompress and Batch Capture
  25. Dell Monitor feedback
  26. Help with MPEG StreamClip
  27. Please Help! DVX100B 24P Capture and Sequence settings in FCP
  28. Should there be sticky for DSLR workflow
  29. Help! Importing from HMC40 to FCP 6
  30. Strange problem while tracking a PSD in Final Cut...
  31. What formats take up less space than PRORES 422?
  32. Capturing DVCPRO HD vs Apple ProRes 422
  33. THUNDERBOLT peripherals list
  34. Old avi's captured in Vegas - Need 24p in FCP
  35. How To Edit Widescreen to Anamorphic?
  36. compression markers vs chapter markers
  37. 720 / 60p to SD DVD Help!
  38. Green Screen footage (Looking for downloadable footage)
  39. Editing Question (Is This Possible?)
  40. What are you standard audio "tweaks" for voice?
  41. Archos .AVI to .MOV via DIVX Doctor II in FCP
  42. 1080p WorkFlow Problem!!!
  43. Creating File for the Internet
  44. DVCPROHD to SD DVD Artifacts
  45. Best Process for VHS into FCP
  46. Need faster machine for FCP + on budget
  47. MPEG STREAMCLIP codec for feature film
  48. Mixing 24P and 30P footage in FCP, Sony Z5U
  49. AVCHD (TC) date > ProRes?
  50. DVDSP colour change once DVD burned
  51. Uninterrupted Playback
  52. 1024x768 video editing
  53. sequence setting nightmare
  54. Make Freeze Frame Yields Different Image
  55. 7D + Canon HDV 24p sequence settings
  56. 720p Sequence won't sync.
  57. FCP AVCHD Playback Stuttering
  58. MultiCam Questions
  59. Quick Question about P2 with FCP
  60. Af100 Log and Transfer
  61. Log and Capture Format
  62. 48 hour film project workflow
  63. Convert TM700 to ProRes for Editing in FCP?
  64. Adding custom pillarbox's to 4:3 footage
  65. Need Help To Make Workable Files
  66. Interpreting my instructions from editor...
  67. Sync issues
  68. Hack or Mac Platform for editing AVCHD Natively?
  69. Editing Nikon D7000 content
  70. KONA X Beta drivers Available for KONA users & Final Cut Pro X
  71. Do I create sub-clips in FCP?
  72. Final Cut Studio 3 Upgrade?
  73. Final cut Lasso/crop tool or something? Need to isolate part of a frame.
  74. Anamorphic Sequence Brought Into 16:9 Sequence in FCP
  75. How do you edit a scene?
  76. How much is it to hire an FCP editor for a feature length web series?
  77. Glitchy GoPro editing
  78. Sharing an edit London to New York
  79. Any good programs/methods for converting DVDs to QT files?
  80. Frame Rate Conversion Help!
  81. very stupid questions about a certain TRANSITION
  82. need help importing Hi8 footage into FCE4
  83. Selective shot capturing from rough cut
  84. Conan O'Brien's video editors like the new Apple Final Cut Pro X
  85. Will FCS3 fun on OSX Lion? New Macs?
  86. Transferring Iphoto Movie to Final Cut Express
  87. Finally Thunderbolt Hard Drives available
  88. Removing background music from a voice over
  89. Lost my keyframe bar in Apple Color
  90. Capture Issue with FCP; Can I use iPhoto?
  91. Help for a newbie
  92. Final cut DVDSP Compressor output?
  93. Final cut DVDSP Compressor output?
  94. Need Help key Framing ( PLEASE HELP)
  95. Importing .mts files into fcp 7? Log & transfer won't work
  96. Is Moving to FCPX (or other) Nessesary?
  97. Colors change on playback due to new aspect ratio...?!
  98. Importing/working with two different framerates
  99. HELP: Slow Motion PROBLEM Using 5D Footage In FCP 7 ?????!!!!!
  100. FCP Glitch?
  101. Red Rushes and FCP
  102. FCP 7, viewer clear, but canvas and export blurry
  103. Any Way To NOT Take Up More Than 1TB??
  104. Exporting to Avid from FCP
  105. Installing used copy of Final Cut Studio 2 question.
  106. FCP Studio
  107. How To Permanently Link Clips
  108. FCP 7 HD Timeline Settings Question...
  109. Audio Clips Keep Moving In Timeline
  110. Greetings and Final Cut Pro question
  111. Pixelated footage after rendering in fcp 7.0.3
  112. Color Correction Fundamentals
  113. Quicktime output from FCP
  114. FCP capture issues...
  115. FCP 6.0.6 Choppy playback...what?
  116. How to handle HDR-XR160 Footage?
  117. Capture Video From Fierwire Camera To FCP Via External Drive?
  118. upconverting to 720p, aspect ratio question
  119. HELP - any FCP genius out there?
  120. Will DVD Studio Pro, Color and Cinema Tools run effectively under Lion
  121. Render Issue...Im going mad Please Help
  122. 60 GB to client
  123. Does Final Cut Studio 3 work under Mac OS X Lion?
  124. Macbook Pro to SSD or not to SSD
  125. Corrupt File after Soundtrack Pro Export
  126. HELP! Trying to Match Footage
  127. How Do You Set Up Your Timeline? Audio Elements for Documentary
  128. Just want to clarify something with regards to DVDs
  129. FCP project gives rainbow spinner for 5 min on startup + many assets go unrendered..?
  130. DVDSP Menu question
  131. Fastest conversion 60D>FC7 AND convert slomo TIFF seqs to...
  132. Any blackmagic experts?
  133. Capturing 23.98 on the AJ-HD1400 into FCP
  134. iMac for Final Cut Studio question
  135. How to capture video from graphic card into FCP?
  136. Converting stuff in Compressor - no clue how to properly word this!
  137. How to capture video from NEX FS100 to FCP?
  138. Final Cut, what am I doing wrong?
  139. 20 free film burns!
  140. Exporting Using Quicktime Conversion: Wrong Sequence Settings, Woe.
  141. Help! I didn't copy the entire directory! AVCHD (MTS) to FCS
  142. FCP7 does'nt work with Snow Leopard
  143. Experiencing 'stuttering' & other issues with FCP 7.0.3 on MacBook Pro...please help!
  144. Capturing P2 footage as 23.98 ProRes 422
  145. Sleepy Hard Drives
  146. FCP COLOR How do I fix mixed temperature?
  147. Hey, editors! I've a hypothetical fee query...
  148. viewing stills on matrox-connected monitor
  149. Colors in canvas play/pause
  150. How do you do this transition?
  151. Tips for upgrading to "tiger" safely.
  152. Canon 60d and setting for bly ray disc.
  153. When Copy/Paste to add Project 2 to Project 1, clips 720p50 and DVCAM change size
  154. Optimal settings to export from FCP to DVD
  155. a question about Color
  156. Compressor Exports with green border
  157. Real Time using Motion 4, won't playback in real time...
  158. How do you conform 30fps to 24fps on final cut express?
  159. Digital Cinema Desktop Preview issue with some formats?
  160. Adjusting Time Code reader with FCP
  161. Is using log and transfer for evaluating image quality a bad idea?
  162. what kind of mouse for Color?
  163. FCP 7...problem with stills in my timeline
  164. would a RAID 0 hard drive increase my rendering speed in FCP7???
  165. Converting Dslr Footage back to H.264 for internet up;pad causes more compression?
  166. DVD Studio Pro - How to include the chapters in the menu/button
  167. FCP to DVD Workflow for DVX-100 30P
  168. Can magic bullet work on final cut express 4?
  169. Converting 7D/T2i Footage to ProRes
  170. My Final Cut Broke...
  171. blurry time lapses when fast forwarded
  172. Importing Slow Motion (720 60p from 7D) into 1080 24p project
  173. Color glitch?
  174. 5 things that went wrong in post. Please share.
  175. Should I care about 7200rpm over FW800?
  176. Broadcast safe (FCP)
  177. Mixed Media Workflow (FCP 7)
  178. Auto save vault?
  179. used wrong aspect ratio to upconvert via hardware, ok to use FCP7's Distort tab???
  180. where is all my space going? How do i work off external hard drive?
  181. Beefing up my MBP for FCP editing
  182. Basic editing question on Cross Dissolves
  183. New FCP Tutorial: Music Video Effects Volume 3
  184. Transcoding in Compresor or Adobe Encore?
  185. n00b question...
  186. Question about magic bullet
  187. MP4 Render issues
  188. Multilclip Into Multiclip?
  189. Playback beachball on MacBook Pro
  190. Final Cut is Exporting a Clip, not sequence
  191. Magic bullet help
  192. Out of memory error too often
  193. problem with logging m2t files in final cut
  194. Changing a Project from 29.97 to 23.97
  195. Clips and Audio not linked
  196. Possible to overlay new slides on an M2V?
  197. Is there an app that indexes external drives?
  198. Clip and viewer colors mismatch
  199. Compressing 3.5 hours of video -
  200. FIlm Grain Libraries ?
  201. Using Chip Chart or color reference in FCP COLOR
  202. audio question
  203. Final cut help
  204. Final Cut Studio - Available Again!
  205. Anyone using the new Compressor 4 with FCP7?
  206. Linking Help
  207. Keeping AVCHD Files for Back-up?
  208. AVCCAM Importer for Mac
  209. Editing YouTube videos
  210. 24p in FCP?
  211. Cia/fbi database plugin/something of the sort
  212. editing timebase issues
  213. RAID Storage configuration help
  214. Color different in Log+Transfer and Viewer
  215. "File error: Unknown file" appears everytime I try to render
  216. Filmstyles plugins
  217. "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer," HVX200/FCP6
  218. Urgent DVDSP help needed please! Menu screen won't work!
  219. Gamma in FCP7
  220. Can't use unlimited RT after applying LUT to footage?
  221. Transferred DVCpro HD 24p footage with Remove Pulldown box checked...any way to fix?
  222. AF100/AVCHD Log and Transfer issue: captured footage plays back at 2X speed.
  223. Twixtor 5 vs 4.5 (+ FCP vs. AE)
  224. Caps lock
  225. Huge Color/Gamma Shift when exporting to h.264
  226. Mixing edits of P2 footage with edits of 7D footage
  227. Hitler is not pleased about FCPX
  228. Final Cut Pro 7 to Apple Motion 4
  229. Export Size
  230. 720p/1080p timeline scaling size question
  231. final cut pro version 6 mask - trying to hide part of frame in a moving shot
  232. Twixtor?
  233. Belaboring the obvious, film to digital
  234. Stib's FXScripts
  235. Color Correction with Lion
  236. Color Correction with Lion
  237. mac pro 8 core (harpertown) graphic card upgrade?
  238. FCP Media Manager Problems- Need Help ASAP!!!
  239. Anyone have any experience with this software?
  240. FCP - 'Log and Transfer' not transferring all the footage.
  241. Compressor, reverse telecine, external recorder, Af100, is it accurate?
  242. Music syncing problem
  243. Thunderbolt Display on Mac Pro
  244. Creating silhouette effect in Final cut pro?
  245. Dumb fool needs help!!!
  246. Import on another system, edit in FCP?
  247. Color's Color FX Panel
  248. Tucson Final Cut Pro User Group - September meeting freebies in October
  249. Basic audio question: if i plan with panning in the timeline, does that mean it'll pl
  250. Does this archiving set up make sense?