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  1. VariZoom's New Crane at NAB 2008
  2. 20% "Quintessential" Discount to HD Expo's P2 Camp
  3. CineGear Expo- Jun. 5-7
  4. SMPTE Convention - Sydney July 09
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  7. BVE in London
  8. Buy now or wait.
  9. Announcing the Ninth Annual FCPUG Las Vegas SuperMeet
  10. All-In Film Meetup at NAB
  11. Free NAB Party for Event Filmmakers!
  12. Agenda set for 9th Annual FCPUG Las Vegas SuperMeet
  13. If you've never been to NAB
  14. Announcing the Third Annual FCPUG Amsterdam SuperMeet, 12 Sept.
  15. Agenda set for 3rd annual FCPUG Amsterdam SuperMeet, Sept. 12, 2010
  16. Sunday Night Live......NAB Pre Events?
  17. Stock footage certificate
  18. New HDR Pro camera: AMP HDR
  19. Going to IBC? Fourth Annual FCPUG Amsterdam SuperMeet, 9.11.2011
  20. Weisscam T (Working prototype on verge of release at IBC now but where is the info??)
  21. IBC vs NAB
  22. NAB Training sessions worth it?
  23. NAB 2012 - Free Pass Code
  24. NAB Workshops for the business end of things?
  25. Is there an NAB type trade show in toronto, canada?