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  1. Sony XDCAM EX
  2. XDCAM EX vs. HDV
  3. Who Likes the XDCAM EX?
  4. Is the PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX a true progressive cam
  5. xdcam ex SxS offloading
  6. Will EX-1 be leaps and bounds better than HVX?
  7. PMW-EX1 pricing. Rip off Britain. Again
  8. Camera Operator for NCIS/JAG Loves the EX1
  9. Buying a Sony PMW-EX1 in Florida
  10. I have an EX1 for a weekend. Anyone want me to run tests?
  11. Editing demands -xdcam ex format?
  12. New PMW-EX1 Forum
  13. EX connecting to HDMI
  14. XDCAM EX1 on the road blog
  15. DOF difference?
  16. EX and PPro CS 3
  17. Am buying the XD CAM EX1
  18. EX1 vs PD170 Low Lighting Test
  19. Avid editing EX?
  20. vignetting issue, current status
  21. Free 8gb card for EX1
  22. Ex-1 and compositing?
  23. Buy a EX1 in USA
  24. Advice
  25. Bob's Notes On the Sony EX-1 From DV Expo
  26. Better Cinema Look - EX1 or HVX200?
  27. Problem importing sample footage into FCP.
  28. Problem importing EX1 material to FCP
  29. EX1 low light frame grab
  30. focus controller
  31. Ergonomics - EX1
  32. TECHNICAL: The Risk Of Compression Noise
  33. USB ExpressCard Adapter to OTG drive B/U SXS card ?
  34. Genlock?, Timecode synchronization?
  35. BEST PRICE Sony XDCam EX
  36. Rolling Shutter CMOS Artifacts
  37. Vignetting update
  38. PMW-EX1 Sensitivity test
  39. ARGH why can t the lcd and the lens of the ex not be on the hvx
  40. CineForm Sony XCDAM-EX support in beta (v3.2.2)
  41. EX1 with matte box and rod system
  42. Technical: Long Term Storage Of Video files (Long Post)
  43. Have Light Fall out / Vignetting Issue ? : Solution from Sony USA.
  44. How new a Mac Laptop for EX-1
  45. Test: XDcam EX with 35mm Lenses (Zeiss Prime vs. Nikon f2.8 Zoom) on Letus Extreme
  46. Hvr-hd1000u
  47. Why 4:2:0 ?
  48. Will be testing the XDCam EX next week (UK)
  49. Where is the XDCAM Footage by Phil Bloom??
  50. Test: XDCam EX filming a narrative (Life on the Set).
  51. Need help with Ex dimensions
  52. EX + green screen?
  53. Buying an EX1 in USA or UK?
  54. Wedding EX1 frame grabs
  55. mo' time with 24p?
  56. PMW-EX1 Vegas bellagio
  57. Rename this forum
  58. Gamma settings and others
  59. Focus adapter ring for the EX1
  60. Where to claim the 8GB SxS card from Sony?
  61. Best way(s) to reduce condensation
  62. Export MP4 to MXF
  63. Could a software update change the color sampling?
  64. Have EX1 Tokyo Night Footage .Want to share.
  65. LCD Flip option
  66. still where i started
  67. Sony EX1 Questions: Please help
  68. Sony EX1 market plan: typical Sony
  69. Where to buy?
  70. My EX1 Has Arrived
  71. Should I upgrade from the Canon AH-A1 to the Sony EX1?
  72. Editing realtime?
  73. EX ASA speed?
  74. Problem with macro full MF/MF auto switching
  75. Recording in 25bit
  76. EX-1 Scene/File Settings
  77. How to format the SxS card?
  78. Cineform .mp4 issues
  79. EX shipping?
  80. Who rents the XDCam EX + Letus Extreme in Los Angeles, CA ??
  81. handles and shoulder brace for EX1 with rails
  82. Connecting a drive to the SDI-Out?
  83. Is the Sony still 1920 at 24P?
  84. EX1 workflow in FCP and Premiere?
  85. B&H says EX-1 was recalled? No new units till March?
  86. What kinds of case for the EX1 is recommended?
  87. EX1 Film Festival Entry
  88. Short Film - When it Rains
  89. EX1 Shoot at Notre-Dame de Paris
  90. EX1 comparable in size to FX1/Z1?
  91. What About File Storage?
  92. Findings about the EX
  93. EX1 and V1
  94. Way Worse problem than vignetting
  95. SxS card reader
  96. 1080P (full-rez) on-camera monitoring for the EX1?
  97. NYC Times Square EX-1 footage
  98. HVX or EX1?
  99. How to shoot SD with EX1
  100. buying the ex1 in europe
  101. When does Sony have the problem fixed in their production line
  102. EX1 to KONA LH to FCP
  103. If u don t ....
  104. XDCAM EX Bag or Backpack?
  105. XDCAM EX motion stuttering.
  106. Sony EX1 component to DVI
  107. 8 core mac fast enough?
  108. EX1 with Mini35
  109. EX1 Audio
  110. ex1 & ppro cs3 with cineform
  111. Picture Profile Settings-Film Noir Look Advice?
  112. Does the EX1 have SDI-Out or HD-SDI?
  113. Is the EX1 TRUE 1080 P Progressive or not?
  114. EX1 Color Control
  115. Now i know how to choose a camera
  116. EX1 to Intensity Card
  117. Ex1 or wait for Scarlet?
  118. EX1 low light frame grab and small clip
  119. B&H policy of testing before buying?
  120. Doesn't the EX1 look too "electronic"?
  121. XDCam EX in NY
  122. There Is No Softening When Moving the EX1
  123. Software for downloading HVX/EX1 files
  124. Any -3dB raw footage?
  125. EX1 on DVXUSER thoughts.
  126. Ex1 Iso / Asa
  127. Weird motion on EX-1? Someone clarify please!
  128. Mastering the Sony PMW-EX1 DVD
  129. EX1 with Letus Extreme, Tampere by night
  130. Ex1 3d
  131. Ex1 and Red low light
  132. I'm confused, and i need you help
  133. Difference between panning and Dollying with Ex1?
  134. Question Regarding Sony EX1 HDV Workflow
  135. EX1 on film
  136. Capturing using DVRack
  137. Wide angle for EX1?
  138. How to purchase EX-1 in South Africa?
  139. New Sony HD Cam with Changeable Lenses?
  140. purchase ex1 in australia?
  141. Please help. Am I neurotic, or is it a big problem?
  142. EX1 Test - ASC members gasp
  143. Comprehensive EX-1 Testing
  144. XDCAM EX1, Premiere CS3 and Motu V3HD?
  145. EX1 Rental in Los Angeles
  146. XDCAM transfer and clips across two SxS cards
  147. Backcountry storage solution for dumping Express Cards?
  148. How do I import and play clips to my Mac Pro?
  149. Advice for a HD newbie
  150. Ex-1 focal lenth???
  151. Picture Profile
  152. Slo mo playback in camera?
  153. Enough?
  154. Will these batteries work with this camera?
  155. Anton Bauer or IDX Batteries w/ EX1
  156. PAL and NTSC
  157. EX1 1080 24P Final Cut Pro monitoring?
  158. Express Card reader/adapter
  159. Anyone know what I'd need to use my Macbook Pro as a monitor?
  160. ex1 SD solutions and HD delivery options questions
  161. Pre-Purchase Question re: PMW-EX1
  162. 35mm adapter for EX1 - Brevis vs. Letus
  163. Formatting SxS cards
  164. Menu Display Output on EX1?
  165. EX-1 Rentals?: How much are you renting your setup for?
  166. Histogram??? How to read it???
  167. Sony PDWU1
  168. online store - any recomendations
  169. Sony XDCAM EX - Is Rolling Shutter Bad For Me?
  170. M2 and EX1 - Spacer size?
  171. Saw the Sony Wide angle .8 lens today
  172. Can't Import EX-1 footage
  173. EX1 footage, etc.
  174. color-timing
  175. Adam Wilts EX1 review.
  176. EX-1 demo or display in LA?
  177. chromakey tests, anyone ?
  178. Flickering in Final Cut Pro
  179. XDCAM duplicate import
  180. Slo-motion in 1080
  181. Lightweight Tripod and Carry backpack
  182. Hi-Def Virgin Needs Advice!
  183. Century Optic 2x & .6X adaptors for HVX compatible with EX1?
  184. Need a graphics card with HDMI. Which one?
  185. Pre Record Function on the EX
  186. "Media Needs to be restored"
  187. EX1 editing alternatives
  188. Stuck Between EX1, HVX 200, and HX-A1 :(
  189. Just Checked out the Ex-1. Looks Good to Me.
  190. EX1 Batteries
  191. VITC Time Code in HDSDI Out?
  192. EX1 importing problem. NEED HELP FAST!
  193. EX hand on - Weird Ergonomics
  194. Combined weight of EX+Letus 35mm
  195. Import EX1 footage ( newbie Question before buying a EX1))
  196. Cheapest laptop to offload cards?
  197. Du-Art filmout test screening
  198. Hard Case for the EX1
  199. POLARIZER changing color of white wall??
  200. XDCam HD vs. DVCPro HD in Final Cut Pro, help...
  201. EX1 Footage and camera comments
  202. Shutter: Can someone turn it on?
  203. SG-pro and EX1
  204. Great blog on EX1 with Letus, Phil Bloom, lots more
  205. Pan/Softness Issue Solved, Yet?
  206. SIIG Express Card Reader for SXS Cards - $48
  207. EX1 picture distortion-why?
  208. Test: XDCAM EX + 35mm adapter + HD LCD monitors (Marshall vs Nebtek vs Sony)
  209. Ex Picture Profile Thread
  210. Some Useful Extras for the XDCam EX
  211. Podcasting with the EX - Neo-Fight.tv
  212. VariZoom Sony EX Camera controls
  213. EX-1 camera test with Camera Flashes
  214. How do I find out the ISO of my EX1?
  215. wow...Letus Extreme and EX1 *FIXED* Sharp as a tac....
  216. Over crank resolution
  217. VideoMaker EX-1 Review
  218. Color looks desaturated
  219. any low light/no light documentary footage from ex1?
  220. Cannot proceed message when swithing the gain
  221. EX1's big brother?
  222. Colour Sampling 4 2 0 not good for Chromakeying
  223. HD SDI Recording
  224. Cheapest Place to get 8GB SxS Cards?
  225. LCD Monitor Went Dark
  226. First Time Out with EX1: Nighttime Video
  227. What a Great Camera!
  228. 'Amelie' look with picture profile-possible?
  229. Gear adapter for EX1 for pulling focus
  230. Film director/videographer ANTONIO TIBALDI Review
  231. uncompressed, ungraded .mov ex1/ letus file
  232. Is it Possible to Capture "HDV" from i-link on the EX1?
  233. Chromatic Aberration When Shooting Lunar Eclipse?
  234. Problems with Ex1 Remote
  235. Getting Edited Material Back On SxS
  236. Dump to drive and not capture
  237. Gain vs. shutter vs. DVX100 in lowlight
  238. Best Lenses to use with EX1 & Letus Extreme 35mm?
  239. EX1 Picture Profiles
  240. El Cheapo shoulder support arrived today
  241. Lens Maintenence question
  242. How would EX1 and Canon A-1 footage mate
  243. can dvx100a shooter learn the ex1 in...3 days?
  244. Matching audio
  245. How to fix rolling shutter problems?
  246. Camera light
  247. Need sharper image
  248. Picture Profile to Intercut with HVR-V1U?
  249. slow mo shots
  250. first EX1 shots - high motion tests