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  1. How much should I expect to pay for lenses?
  2. Just got my LetusFE
  3. Lens Ring Adapter And Extensions...
  4. Who's on the Redrock MicroRemote Pre-oRder list?
  5. Letus35 FE first impressions and questions
  6. Anyone in NYC with a 35 adaptor
  7. Attach standard Mattebox to rails?
  8. can you operate a camera w/ a 35 adapter by yourself?
  9. Red Rock Micro on Beta SP?
  10. The sharp and fast reach of the zoom
  11. Is buying a 35mm adapter really better than just building one?
  12. anyone looking to sell?
  13. need advice
  14. A1 / Letus - Footage - CC tests
  15. Hyson Rails - Overall - OK! ...with quirks
  16. Redrock M2 and Gl2 short
  17. Some 35mm nikkor help here, if your looking
  18. I need help with math! XP
  19. DVX100B & Letus35FE
  20. focusing letus FE
  21. New Spooky Footage
  22. Brevis Adapter looks offcentre
  23. advance on Letus35 adapter
  24. SGPRO rev 3
  25. Lenses or Adapters
  26. letus35
  27. just built my 35mm adapter.. check it out
  28. New Diy Adapter R.e.m.35
  29. Did anyone try to connect the sgpro to 2/3 cameras?
  30. Getting rid of the grainy look?
  31. Brevis & Stock HVX footage?
  32. Zeiss lenses... Are they worth the price
  33. This sounds crazy to me???
  34. sgpro rev3 aug.15 batch
  35. diamondpaste to make GG?
  36. 35MM Adapter - What are my choices?
  37. Go35Pro Stills
  38. Questions about the Letus35 FE
  39. The Right Wide Lens
  40. isn't the sg pro the best value?
  41. Letus 35A with an HVX? What are my options?
  42. noga arm
  43. LetusFE with Nikon glass?
  44. Just got SGpro- quick questions. Please help!
  45. 2x extenders VS prime telephoto
  46. CANON FD Lens information.
  47. Mixing Lenses (Zeiss + Nikon)
  48. CRT Upside-down?
  49. M2 or not 2M2?
  50. canon eos and the lens adapters for DOF setup
  51. is it worth buy ifocus 35m adapter
  52. Brevis and FX1
  53. Sgpro Rev2 For Sale
  54. FollowFocus for SGpro
  55. letus fe flip
  56. noga arm, israeli arm to mount your monitor
  57. adapters
  58. What Mini35 to get for commercial shoot?
  59. Complete the Letus FE for 35 bucks
  60. Basic Letus35?
  61. SGPro setup - help!
  62. So Why
  63. Lense suggestions with a1 and brevis
  64. LETUS 35 FE and Scratched A1 lens
  65. Sgpro rev 3 and shoulder mounts?
  66. SGpro Rev 3 Full Frame Stills or 720p video?
  67. som Q's about Prime lenses
  68. letus vs. sgpro vs. brevis
  69. Canon or Nikon Glass: Any comparisons with same camera and adapter?
  70. redrock ordered/dark on communication
  71. Focus Mathmatics for 35mm Adapter
  72. Digiprimes
  73. component to VGA for external?
  74. Ply 35mm Adaptor!
  75. Need some help!!!!!!! Back zoom settings
  76. Section for footie?
  77. HVX+SGpro+Nikon+Zeiss
  78. First Letus Shoot
  79. Brevis35 Feature screen shots
  80. •••To Dark...Can't See a thing!•••
  81. Canon FD lenses ratings at each fstop
  82. Backfocus Plug (Link to DIY)
  83. DOF too shallow
  84. First post and qeustion.
  85. Cheap source for 15" 15mm Rods? Carbon Fiber or not.
  86. quick question on letus
  87. Batch rotation in FCP after using Brevis
  88. diy static vs other
  89. How much light needed for a Brevis?
  90. Lcd
  91. Wax Screen vs. Focus Screen????
  92. Tripod system for SGpro?
  93. DIY Static (for now) adapter. Thoughts?
  94. 35mm adapter for adventure film
  95. Brevis Question please help
  96. letus 35fe test footage
  97. Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour: HVX + M2 Feature Trailer (Not mines!)
  98. nikon or zeiss lenses?
  99. 24mm lens question
  100. Brevis/HVX200 used in EA Sports commercial
  101. Protect your SGpro investment
  102. Letus FE deal!
  103. best scene settings??
  104. can I use auto focus lenses with the brevis?
  105. Pentax K mounts for the Brevis :-)
  106. HVX & Brevis Music Vid
  107. TRI POD HEAD for HVX/SGPro Combo Suggestions.
  108. Preference for Nikon/Canon lenses?
  109. Sony HVR V1
  110. New footage HV20 + cheap 35mm adapter
  111. glass etching cream for focus screen
  112. 25mm or 35mm Zeiss as second lens?
  113. M2 35mm adapter for sale
  114. Feeling Romantic? I am not! I hate Vignetting!!!
  115. Not everyone is fond of a shallow focal depth
  116. "Sleepless"- new scene with Brevis 35mm
  117. Editing 35mm adaptor footage
  118. 35mm adaptors and using a light meter?
  119. My JVC HD110 with 35mm or a Red camera... ?
  120. Zeiss Breathing Test
  121. Brevis and XH A1 Music Video
  122. highest line in footage not flipped/ flopped??
  123. Letus 35 FE Pictures
  124. Letus Flip Enhanced - Stills from Boston
  125. HVX + Redrock: Losing focus towards edges of the screen (with footage/pics)
  126. Sigma 120-300mmf2.8
  127. Zeiss ZF and M2 ring sizes
  128. best follow focus??
  129. DIY mid format adapter used in production
  130. hvx/35mm package in NYC with DP
  131. more letus 35fe test stills
  132. letus 35fe and canon a1 stills
  133. Marshall monitor overkill for dvx100a [SD]?
  134. DOF/Monitor Questions
  135. which is better sgpro pr m2 redrock micro???
  136. SGPro or Brevis 35??
  137. JUst Finished a commercial w/ Letus35 FE
  138. Tripod Review Miller Arrow 25
  139. That neutral DOF look?
  140. Suggestion for Canon Zoom lense
  142. Canon or Nikkor for Brevis
  143. I'm LOST, I need a lens for an adapter
  144. DVX + Letus35FE
  145. Zoom Recommendations for 35mm Adapter with FF
  147. Lighting with 35mm adapters
  148. FYI: SGpro Follow Focus
  149. Blur and 35mm adaptater
  150. Redrock short
  151. Renting Redrock M2 in NY
  152. Impact LCD monitor good enough for framing/focusing?
  153. Hotshoe for a 7 inch monitor
  154. I've built a vibrating adapter and follow focus! Introducing The Lux35
  155. Which adapter losses the least amount of light?
  156. grain if adapter is off? Does it look good?
  157. HVX + M2 + Accessories: weight?
  158. 2/3" Relay Lens. Who Will Save Us?
  159. Nikon Lenses with Follow Focus
  160. Sufficient Monitor/Frame rate (2)?'s
  161. Using Aperture on Camera w/ 35 Adapter
  162. Brevis low light test
  163. Non-M2 achromat on M2 adapter?
  164. SGPro or Brevis35 in Melbourne Australia
  165. diy EYE PIECE VIEWFINDER for 35mm Adapter?
  166. Dvx100p and letus distortion issues
  167. How to flip image on a DVX100e with SgPro?
  168. This lens is a steal, right?
  169. Are wide angle lenses worth the trouble?
  170. Adjustable Brevis-to-rails mount work with Letus35fe?
  171. Cinevate Flip Module
  172. These are the lens I bought, appreciate opinions.
  173. Must-haves
  174. Canon FD vs Nikon Glass
  175. Redrock Micro and Sony V1 Problem
  176. 35mm adapter for HVX200?
  177. NON AI Lenses/SgPro Question...
  178. What are you guys keeping the HVX stopped to:
  179. Problem with Letus34 Flip Enhanced
  180. Wide Theatrical Release for Redrock/HVX Combo
  181. Brevis35+HVX Music Vid ==Lately==
  182. Check out this cheap HD Achromat I found on Ebay
  183. M2 vs SGPro! My experience...
  184. Follow Focus and gears
  185. too many primes... I need a lens bag???
  186. Cavision Rod Support System
  187. DIY Achromat for 35mm Adapter
  188. Nikon lenses for 35 adapters
  189. Canon 500mm f4 lens + Brevis35 :-)
  190. Letus35 Extreme
  191. First time using Letus 35 - focus ?
  192. Letus Extreme - Initial Impressions
  193. Another new flip adapter: Letus35 Economy
  194. Brevis35 Light and Current Shipping Times
  195. static adapter
  196. SGPro Nikon backfocus problem
  197. MovietubeJr
  198. Anyone willing to host a couple of files?
  199. Letus Extreme Footage
  200. Upgrade from Letus FE to Letus Economy - worth it?
  201. Letus Extreme- Footage & Testing - Shutter / Slow Motion
  202. Photos of Letus Extreme on XHA1
  203. New Letus Extreme Lowlight Footage
  204. Letus Extreme - yes, even more footage
  205. sgpro rev3 or letus extreme
  206. Availability Of Letus35 Economy
  207. Does the Letus Extreme fix the flaw of all vibrating adapters?
  208. Letus extreme - rails?
  209. Understanding light loss equation!
  210. I sell the FE and i buy the Extreme
  211. XACTI HD1 & M2 -CUSTOM RIG... Who are you?
  212. A Properly working DOF Adapter... Less than 1 stop light loss
  213. 250w Spot interior Extreme test
  214. Looking for a Brevis! Pronto!
  215. 35mm adapter on airplane
  216. Still examples of the Brevis using Vista-Vision frame size instead of Super 35
  217. A few things before I'm sold to the Letus extreme
  218. Adapter using medium format lens
  219. Letus Extreme Zoom Lens Vignetting test
  220. Warranty For Letus35 Extreme
  221. Everything you wanted to know about the Letus Extreme and were too afraid to ask
  222. Vista Vision vs Academy 35mm
  223. Attention Brevis Owners!
  224. Brevis Flip Q & A
  225. Letus on Brevis
  226. More new Letus Extreme footage
  227. Letus Extreme Mounts
  228. Letus35 Extreme and HVX users? More footages??
  229. Has everybody seen this Follow Focus tutorial?
  230. Lowlight and Sharpness standards
  231. Noobish question about Swirling GG - Brevis :)
  232. fellow Letus 35FE owners, i need help with my Letus35 FE
  233. Letus Economy Nikon locking mount/ Swappable
  234. Extreme Deer!
  235. BREVIS (how much will i expect to pay?)
  236. New Letus Extreme Footage
  237. A DIY adapter, only 3 inches in length...
  238. Best Lens Gears
  239. Step up or Step down
  240. Estimated weight of Extreme-based rig?
  241. The First 35MM Adapters
  242. Letus Extreme, XHA1 and Softbox
  243. Adapters and UV filters
  244. Letus Extreme - support bracket?
  245. Letus Economy thread size for the Hvx?
  246. Letus Extreme- Footage - Test Shoot For BERLIN-
  247. Letus Extreme and Contax Zeiss Planar 1.7/50mm?
  248. Anybody use this Hoodman Mirror Flip Thingy?
  249. Letus35FE Footage Day 2
  250. Focusing SLR lenses on jib arm