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  23. glidecam and 35mm adapter
  24. GREAT LENSES FOR Eclair NPR with pl mount and c mount
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  35. WDR35 dof adapter
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  41. Zacuto 35mm Adapter
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  43. Adapter?
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  45. New Brevis35 Goodies
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  49. Contax Zeiss lenses with HVX
  50. Brevis, Cinivate , or Redrock mini35?
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  54. 35 mm adapter
  55. Fisheye with an Adapter.
  56. Choice 35mm Adapter for A1/G1.
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  60. Microscope adaptor for HVX
  61. Microscope adaptor for HVX
  62. Lenses
  64. Question on Lenses...
  65. ATTN: Anyone who has used the HVX with an adaptor and prime lenses...
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  84. RedRockMicro M2 Adapter
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  95. M2 lenses
  96. Redrock M2 or Cinvate Brevis or P+S Technik 35???
  97. 35mm?
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  99. Will Formatt Matte Box work with M2 and 35mm lenses?
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  113. Any body used Satin Snow Glass for there 35mm adapter
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  131. SGpro 35mm lens adapter
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  133. Redrock Micro35 adapter and the dvx100
  134. 35mm adapters - ease of set up
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  137. DOF Questions
  138. Best 35mm adapter
  139. Experience with MINI35?
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  141. Who's Shooting with Brevis35 & HVX?
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  172. heres one... anyone attach a 35mm adaptor and the anamorphic adaptor too?
  173. 35mm Adaptors
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  189. DVX + Lenses
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  191. 35mm Canon Lenses
  192. Canon Fd v.s. Nikon Lenses: Which looks better?
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  198. nikon 35mm
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  205. Digital SLR w/ Nikon Lenses
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  208. my home depot 35mm adapter
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  211. 35mm lens
  212. 35mm lens
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  243. Lenses for DVX100B
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  248. which one is better?
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