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  1. Redrock M2 - Difference between SD and HD
  2. SGpro Bokeh Test
  3. Help! Please!!!!!!! Letus35 Fe Hvx200 Question!!
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  6. DOF adapter + Scratched lens?
  7. Dolly Tracks? The best material?
  8. Help! CamCrane 200? Trouble
  9. Go35 with Nikkor 35-70mm
  10. Letus + DVX: Is there a point?
  11. Just Finished my DIY Vibrating 35mm adapter!!!!!
  12. LEX on Sony Ex3 ?
  13. Jardin de Claude [Monet] - HD short with Letus - Giverny France
  14. Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 with LEX?
  15. Arri PL mount for Redrock Micro M2
  16. short zombie film shot on dvx and sgpro
  17. LetusEX + A1 - 1st Footage
  18. Diagonal line jitter?? (letus ex)
  19. Collection of work with XH-A1 + LEX
  20. 100mm lens and Brevis Flip
  21. new short film with letus35fe featuring music by Drift Krimmy, Rim and Apalusa
  22. For Sale...P+S Technic Mini35 300 Series...
  23. HPX502 + Brevis + Nikon Res Tests
  24. questions re/ Sony EX1 and Brevis
  25. Pentax K mount on Letus Extreme and EX1
  26. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L and Brevis35
  27. Sigma f/1.8?!
  28. M2 with HVX200 And the new micro X flip issues
  29. Need urgent help - nikon lenses
  30. What do you guys think about this DOF.
  31. Anyone got CINEFUSE TEST FOOTY: CF1, CF2, & CF3
  32. EX1 and the Cinevate Fix :-)
  33. nikon vs. canon lenses
  34. Redrock M2 + HVX200 + sigma 15-30, very bad :(
  35. Letus - Paris Short - Rodin
  36. Nikkor 24-85mm lens
  37. Does Redrock have an A/B mount for the micropod yet?
  38. SGfollow focus 'standard accessory port connectors' are in!
  39. Super telephoto w/ Letus?
  40. Vivitar 100mm f3.5 with the new Brevis35?
  41. Gears for Rent? (Brevis + A1)
  42. Two Nikon lenses new and old compared
  43. Nikon 24mm 1.4?
  44. What's the deal with Oily Aperture blades?
  45. SGpro Flip Module HVX fix When?
  46. Indifocus Shoulder Mount?
  47. canon xh-a1 + letus35 extreme photos
  48. Letus Extreme Grain?
  49. glidecam 4000 and sgpro
  50. I took a Brevis Flip to Everest!
  51. Musicvideo using Letus and Indian Steadycam
  52. Cinevate's 2nd co-production.
  53. Just got my NEW achromat. Is it broken???
  54. Slow Motion Settings?
  55. How to vignette!
  56. Fast prime (f/1.8) or slightly slower (f/2.8) zoom with static gg dof adapter?
  57. Before I buy...
  58. SGpro lens mounts
  59. Will RR MicroX flip work with other adapters EG: Brevis
  60. Anyone else having problems with the LEX battery compartment?
  61. Has anyone Used this adapter or can tell me anything about it?
  62. Letus FE + mounted Shotgun mic is loud
  63. sgpro vs letus vs brevis:resolving power test
  64. How do you deal with mixed footage (dof adapter / non-dof adapter)? Strategies?
  65. OT: Good Geneator for Cheap?
  66. Canon lens jumpin'
  67. Mirror image function (flip-flop) on lilliput?
  68. Good way to check for dirt?
  69. Best wide angle on redrock
  70. Outdoors with the Letus Extreme
  71. Can you use the new Micro X Acromat with old RR setup?
  72. OCT-19 mount for Redrock Micro M2
  73. Stopping down slightly for shaper images
  74. Two Brevis35 Adapters for Sale for $750
  75. Letus MINI + Panasonic HDC-SD9
  76. Offset Blues
  77. New Brevis Owners
  78. 35mm Letus B&W Paris Short: Notre-Dame
  79. Zoom Lens vs. Zoom IN on the Lens
  80. DVX+LEX people out there...
  81. 35mm with XH-A1 essentials
  82. Batch clip flip possible in FCP 6 to avoid rendering and re-rendering?
  83. Letus adapter artifacts
  84. LEX edge to edge on XH A1
  85. Brevis, any non-cinefuse imaging elements out there?
  86. Scene file for HVX when using with 35mm adapter?
  87. Dolgin vDoubler
  88. 'film' grading, A1 + Letus Extreme
  89. So whats it all cost?
  90. 35mm adapter (Footage) Problems with a center of light in the middle
  91. Help needed with lowering my 35rig.
  92. HVX+SGpro Flip with new Fix Test
  93. Beer can 35mm adapter. Thats right.
  95. CRAZY IDEA. adapter and film?
  96. Interesting Battery Discovery
  97. Pulsing Look on Redrock?
  98. SGpro Rev.3 What to expect? (usability)
  99. Letus 35 extreme HELP!!!
  100. SGPro EX1 Achromat Fix with the HVX. Stills and Review.
  101. TV show title
  102. brevis versus m2: daylight scenes: questions
  103. more diffusion = film texture
  104. Letus Ultimate on Ebay- is this for real?
  105. Anyone use DIGITAL CINEMA 35MM ADAPTER? $999
  106. Cinefuse 2 or Cinefuse 3?
  107. noob photog/adapter question
  108. The Letus Extreme Video
  109. Why don't adapter makers sell diffusion screen to non-owners
  110. top 10 things to know b4 buying 35mm adapter
  111. From DV.com
  112. dennis brevis question
  113. Letus Loss of light test footage
  114. Letus Rods Question
  115. Whos ordered and whos got a Redrock Micromattebox?!
  116. RR diy adapter guide
  117. difference between cf3 or cfl13?
  118. Peaking and a 35 mm adapter
  119. Adapter for RENT!!
  120. Final Countdown to a 35mm World
  121. Lenses with manual aperture
  123. Redrock + Zeiss Lenses
  124. Cases or bags to keep the camera Built
  125. dumb question about 35mm adapters
  126. Flipping the image??
  127. Shallow d.o.f: our brain needs it
  128. cleaning brevis adaptor glass. HELP
  129. New focusing monitor
  130. 16mm lenses with the HVX200 + 35mm adapter
  131. Longest Lens Used on Your 35mm Adapter?
  132. angry with brevis product
  133. Anyone used the Bogen Manfrotto Telephoto Lens Support for 35mm?
  134. Whats the fastest shutter you've run on the SGPro. Include F-stop and conditions.
  135. Testchart with SgPro and HV20
  136. Cheapest 35mm adapter
  137. Greenscreen + 35mm adapter?
  138. Bayonet mount adapter?
  139. Letus & EX1 Video
  140. Mix or Match?
  141. What does a backfocus plug do?
  142. SGblade
  143. f-stop for camera when using adapter
  144. Letus Extreme XHA1 Test footage
  145. Letus Replace Ground Glass
  146. What type of steadi can you use for a HVX + 35mm
  147. Brevis35 reviewed in DV magazine..
  148. Adapter for a HVR-A1U
  149. Shot from SGpro short film
  150. Focus screen size
  151. Letus Extreme GG test
  152. indifocus gearbox broken again?
  153. A Canon 35mm adapter that's been ignored for years?
  154. Something intruding in LEX frame
  155. zeiss zf lenses for sgpro
  156. Letus streaks
  157. 35 mm adapter and problems with sharpness
  158. HVX+M2+MicroX= movement problems...
  159. Closing aperture makes vignetting worse?
  160. should a total noob get a 35mm adapter?
  161. How does the Letus35 compare to the Letus35 Extreme
  162. Is there a way to use the VR on the Nikkors?
  163. wide angle nikon recommendations?
  164. Would this lens fit onto the Letus Extreme?
  165. Would somebody explain to me what this means?
  166. zeiss 60mm/2.8 macro (Contax)
  167. HPX170 vs. EX3 vs. XL-H1 - need new camera
  168. what's going on with the Letus Ultimate ?
  169. Cinemek's g35 adapter shipping june 20th!
  170. Brevis VS Letus
  171. Letus Edge to Edge improved by proper mounting method or Thanks Mr Bloom.
  172. Does anyone know anything about Optar Illumina, and RR question
  173. SGpro + HVR-A1U...
  174. RR PL mount issues
  175. Should I stick with my minolta lenses?
  176. Site updates at Cinevate
  177. Canon XHA1 w/ Letus or Brevis?
  178. does the m2 adapter support nikon DIGITAL SLR LENES
  179. handles, rails, hv20 upsidedown mount,...for sale!!!
  180. 85mm 1.4 Nikkor vs. Zeiss
  181. Need to rent Letus EXtreme for three days (ASAP) Los Angeles
  182. Anyone Sales His Redrock?
  183. Please suggest a place to get nikon lenses M2
  184. Brevis flip + canon xha1 random music video screen shots, check it out!
  185. Lens support
  186. Focusing Screen for my DIY Adapter
  187. new LEX achromat won't screw in! ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  188. PBS's E2 series
  189. AF vs. MF
  190. DIY 35mm FOOTAGE WITH DVX100b
  191. Letus35 Ultimate Sneak Peek
  192. sgpro noob question
  193. finished 60 sec spot using DIY spinner wth sgpro achromat
  194. Going Mobile with 35mm Adapters
  195. externl monitor
  196. RR Micro FLIP for other adapters
  197. Scarlet w/DoF adapter
  198. connecting redrock micro M2 with arri pl mount?!
  199. I need some help with RedRock M2 accessories
  200. At what point is a really good lens too good for the DVX?
  201. Letus EOS Mount Problem!
  202. Cheap Macro for 35mm Adapter
  203. Letus 35a
  204. Making of "Useless Things" (w/ HVX, Brevis, PL Zeiss Lenses etc)
  205. Pictures of technical Details of 35mm Adapter (Brevis, SGPro, RedRock)
  206. If you had around $750-800 to spend on 3 lenses...
  207. Which 35mm adapter operate on a z7 without its interchangable lens?
  208. What stepdown/stepup ring do I need for the DVX100a?
  209. Homemade 35mm Adapter
  210. Powering SGpro from camcorders LanC port
  211. acrylic macro?
  212. Experimenting with Macro on the Letus Extreme
  213. shooting Mini 35 without ground glass
  214. Brevis 35mm and IKAN 8000HD
  215. which side of Ground Glass faces the camera?
  216. brevis hvx and nikon 50mm. lens settings?
  217. DIY Dof for HVX
  218. Nikon AI vs. AI-S lenses?
  219. The 35mm adapter "for the people"
  220. 35mmm adapters & in-camera ND filters?
  221. Letus Ultimate - RELEASED!
  222. Letus Ultimate officially launched.
  223. Redrock Ground Glass
  224. Microcrystalline focus screen?
  225. Steve Cahill's Letus Ultimtate Autopsy and Footage
  226. depth of field tutorial
  227. 35mm Adapter project + Canon EF lens question.
  228. Letus Z-Riser availability?
  229. mod-cavision setup
  230. SGpro or Keep my Redrock
  231. Carbon fiber source
  232. nikkor/nikon lens users...
  233. Letus Extreme Camera Optimization Kit for HVX200?
  234. Canon XH-A1 with 35mm Lenses
  235. Is there a non-HD version of the SGpro
  236. Letus Relay for Sony HDR-z7?
  237. 35mm adapter with DVX100A
  238. My Sony HVR-V1 with SG Pro r3 - testvideo
  239. Questions re Letus Ultimate.
  240. zooming into Letus Ultimate ground glass
  241. New "Realy" adaper for 2/3 B4 mount
  242. Canon lenses
  243. Are dual AF/M lenses ok to use with an M2 adapter?
  244. the brevis 35 - what do i really need
  245. Apefos 35mm adapter: the same scene with and without it
  246. Letus35 Ultimate vs Movietube JR
  247. I have a question about a 28mm Nikon f2 lens MF
  248. 16mm or 35mm stocks
  249. Matte Box question - need help
  250. P+S mini work with Ex-1