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  1. movie mode on digital still cameras
  2. Canon A1/G1/XH Camera Whips...
  3. Xl1s
  4. Canon XLH1 vs Panasonic HV200
  5. Canon GL2/XM2 Forum.
  6. Cannon Gl2
  7. GL2 and HV20?
  8. Canon Stores in ROME
  9. Powershot G7 Digital Camera
  10. GL2 Add-on tele-extenders for Closeup shots
  11. Gl2 + Redrock
  12. Advice Needed!!!
  13. Should I get the XL2 or the XH-A1?
  14. Should I buy XL2 with the 16X instead of 20X?
  15. Question about the HV20.
  16. My first HD Test
  17. A1 slo mo
  18. too good to be true?
  19. Simple question...not so simple answer
  20. Renting Canon HDV deck in SF?
  21. ok you will think this is dumb question
  22. Connect Soundboard to GL2
  23. A1 review from a HVX/DVX shooter
  24. HV20 for web video clips?
  25. XLH1/G1 + 35mm Adapter + SDI out: Any Footages?
  26. I bought an HV20 and I hate it....
  27. difficult decision
  28. buy now or wait?
  29. Unhappy with XHA1's 24p look compared to dvx
  30. Afew questions noones been able to answer for me.. maybe you can..
  31. New forum user & first A1 footage
  32. Preset vs Post
  33. Any problem using Pan DVX100A & Cannon XL2 for 2 camera shoot/
  34. Canon XH G1 or JVC PRO GY-HD110U
  35. Capturing from cannon XM2 onto my external with fcp
  36. Best small field camera? HV10 or something else?
  37. Rental Houses in Mexiko City and Argentina
  38. Canon HG10 AVCHD vs Canon HV20 & quesitons?
  39. GL2 30p?
  40. Sony Z1u
  41. HDV for the web (flash)?
  42. can a 35 mm lens be used on XL1 cannon
  43. Question about focusing on the XH-A1
  44. Component cable
  45. XL2/A1, any info on this?
  46. Locking Video and Audio
  47. Calling all A1 evangalists
  48. Do I need a XH G1 or will an A1 work
  49. Need help with a camera replacement decision...
  50. Music Video Shot with the XH-A1 and Brevis!
  51. XH-A1 and Letus Economy Short Film
  52. I wish I could find an unbiased opinion on "XL2 vs. DVX100B"
  53. Panny DVC20 or Canon XL1s
  54. Canon XL-1S vs. Sony PD-170
  55. Need Help With Xl2!!
  56. XL2 Viewfinder Question!
  57. xhg1 sync and xha1
  58. HG10 strange "mosaic"-like effect in highlights.
  59. Hey guys here I go again...
  60. What is your 24p workflow?
  61. a few questions...please advise
  62. XHA1 and PPro CS3
  63. Looking for good training for XHA
  64. Help with my major purchase!
  65. Micro with A1
  66. African MusicVideo A1+M2
  67. Tripod recommendations for xha1
  68. Lookig for a good carrying case for XHA1
  69. Hv20 exposure light cap challenge
  70. Canon Movie.
  71. Is it good? For Canon A1
  72. Canon GL2???
  73. Hours on the heads?
  74. Camera upgrade coming
  75. XHA1 tape question
  76. Extended warranty question
  77. GL2+DIY Redrock+Wide angle?
  78. looking for some help......
  79. New a1 zebra tips please
  80. Suggestions with my Optura Xi
  81. M2 vs Brevis.....
  82. Canon AVCHD 24p Pulldown Removal
  83. New Canon "dual flash" HD camcorders
  84. Capture HD via Spare Camera
  85. Is Canon EOS Rebel XTi a good choice?
  86. New Canon Forum
  87. hv20 footage with hvx200
  88. Rolling Shutter?
  89. Canon HDV cameras in the bay area?
  90. The New Canon HV30!
  91. Component to DVI 1080 25p?
  92. GL2 problem
  93. MacBook and Canon A1
  94. audio for GL2
  95. Canon A1 and Final Cut Express
  96. HV20 PAL codec
  97. canon hv10 meet Universal Orlando
  98. Canon HV30
  99. HV20 and HV30, possible Firmware Change
  100. XH-A1 workflow for Vegas
  101. Short shot on Canon GL1
  102. Integrating Canon A1 and HV20 + Workflow?
  103. Tide Commercial - A1+M2
  104. HV20 reverse telecine?? Why it works??
  105. Best Film Look for Canon A1 to match HV20?
  106. A1 and DOF
  107. A1 and Skin Softening
  108. Canon XL1 without Remote!!!
  109. Help me...There's a big problem with my A1
  110. Canon HD 1920 vs 1440 What the.....?
  111. Release date of Canon HF10?
  112. XHA1 + LEX footage
  113. hv30 not working with Vegas 6!
  114. Question about my Canon EF Adapter
  115. fx7 playback on hv20
  116. xl2 audio help
  117. Questions Regarding HV10
  118. Good camera for travel
  119. Canon's New Xl H1s And Xl H1a Hd Cam
  120. XL1, .mov, dvx and youtube
  121. Windows cant find XHA1
  122. HV30 External Mic suggestions...
  123. Must-haves for XH-A1?
  124. HV30 "Big-Rig"
  125. GL2 16:9 Advice
  126. xl1 help
  127. Tape not ejecting in XL1
  128. Canon xh a1 and Apple computers
  129. GL2 digital effects
  130. 48 Hour Film VICTORY!!! WATCH IT NOW
  131. Lexus SC's Gone Wild video, HV20
  132. A1 and HF10 shoot HOLLYWOOD film
  133. Canon A1 S-video
  134. HV30 DV-SD resolution problem
  135. Canon XL2 or HV20
  136. Am I Crazy? XL2 to HV30...
  137. Camera Purchase - Narrowing my Decision Down to 3 Possibilities
  138. A1 audio syncing
  139. recommend camera for around-the-world documentary?
  140. Best mics for self-shooter?
  141. HF10 in LA: Who's got one and Wants to come and play?
  142. XH-A1...What's up w/ the GLAMOUR LOOK????
  143. PS+Technik Adpater
  144. Problems with External Drive
  145. XAH1 with anamorphic adapter for cinemascope aspect ratio
  146. HV30 DV mode, 60i or 30p?
  147. Anyone confirm best 24p reverse telecine for HF10/HF100 in FCP
  148. Any Shooters from Yorkshire?
  149. what is the differene between the Fx10 and the FX100
  150. HF10 anti shake filter creates jellocam
  151. "Change" Music Video For Artist Je' Reece
  152. anyone renting out a Canon XL2?
  153. Best Glidecam (or competitor model) for A1+Adapter?
  154. A1 Price Decrease?
  155. Hoodman for XH-A1
  156. lens hood
  157. Usb Vs.firewire
  158. sync. cameras
  159. A1 video output
  160. XH A1 + Steadicam Merlin + Wide Angle Lens and Adapter?
  161. EnCINEMA 35 for HF10/100
  162. The right camera for me
  163. Learning the xh a1, this is what i came up with
  164. Canon Xh-a1 + Sony Hvr-a1u Shoot Together, Will It Work?
  165. a new xh-a1 user!
  166. XHA1 - matching footage with and without adapter
  167. Canon XH-A2/XH-G2
  168. Low light questions for HF100..
  169. getting edited footage back into HF100..
  170. Shotgun Mic for XHA1
  171. Please Help me Understand...Canon HG10
  172. What Stabilizing System should I buy for my Canon HG10 ? (Budget $400)
  173. HF100 vs HV30
  174. Canon hf10 headphone playback hum
  175. Canon VIXIA HF100 (just bought one!)
  176. 1080 24f footage into Vegas??
  177. Need Advise...
  178. Canon XH A1 & Steadicam JR
  179. OH MY GOD !! i just got a big break
  180. Canon HF100 Mac Workflow
  181. Canon HV30 HD Capture problem
  182. Vixia HF100 audio help needed
  183. Which should I choose?
  184. Any Canon HDV camera or deck needed in Windsor Ontario
  185. XH A1 or HDR-FX1000
  186. CANON 5D Mark II
  187. xlh1 progressive or interlaced for mobile phone
  188. HF10/HF100 effective mic range?
  189. HF100 playback : whacked audio
  190. HV20 Short Film with SGpro
  191. XL-H1s
  192. My Vixia HF11 review, is this some kind of digital dropout?
  193. hv20/sgpro rails question
  194. Can't Connect HV30 via Firewire to my MacPro
  195. Kicking it old school, GL-1 capture question..
  196. Why can't my Dell laptop recognize XL1?
  197. Just bought a used gl1
  198. Goodbye DOF adapters!
  199. Can you "Print to Tape" on an HF11
  200. XH A1 price pal version,too good to be true?
  201. presets and MAC OSX
  202. Canon HG20 sample footage
  203. HV 20 on sale for $434!
  204. Panasonic HDC-SD100 vs. Canon Vixia HF11
  205. HV30 - Playback is Restricted!
  206. Help me decide guys. I want HV30
  207. Is the HV30 a good choice for me ?
  208. Best method for shooting?
  209. Need help , xh-a1
  210. Can I use a NTG-2 with a Canon HF10 without any additional equipment?
  211. How can I achieve a cinematic look, shooting in 60i? convert to 24p somehow?
  212. Can a Shure SM57 Microphone be used as a shot gun mount
  213. Xl-2 35mm Lens ?
  214. XH A1 help
  215. 24P HDV problems
  216. Backpack for XHA1/G1
  217. Remove handle on XHA1 to fix Mic Ribbon Cable
  218. How are the New Consumer Flash and Hard Drive Based HD cams?
  219. DV Tape Switch
  220. Time for a 5D Mark II sub forum?
  221. Canon HG20 Question
  222. Xl1-xl2 aus$1700?
  223. Weird lines when I film a TV
  224. shooting a fake news broadcast
  225. Want to get a canon HD camera to film the kids
  226. What are Red rattling on about?
  227. HF100 help
  228. External Viewfinder for GL2?
  229. Which would you buy HV30, HF10, HF100 or a Panasonic cam?
  230. Memory Card readers for quick clearing
  231. 5D Mark II headphone monitoring solution?
  232. HV20/HV30 vs HF10/HF100
  233. Canon VIXIA HF11 - $599?
  234. Demo Reel-Fall 2008
  235. Latest 5DmkII video under the African sun
  236. test A1, FX1, FX1000, 5D MkII
  237. Producing 24p footage w/ Canon XL1s
  238. How to have full manual everything on a 5D
  239. New Canon VIXIA line
  240. HF100 Master Ped?
  241. HF11 (w/ BP 819) + Steadicam Merlin: Settings?
  242. Capturing HV30 Footage
  243. Cinemek Solves 30/24P issue on 5D MkII
  244. New Web Series using the Canon HF100
  245. some hf100 questions
  246. Crank 2 Trailer
  247. HF 11 NTSC vs PAL
  248. dead/flashing pixels on idvd from hv30?
  249. Video with any Liveview EOS Camera (RUSSIAN HACKERS)
  250. 30p to 24p test