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  35. What sort of lens? :S
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  37. One of Tokyo shooting
  38. hv20 as A camera and dvx as B camera ????
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  44. quick question
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  55. An interesting feature?
  56. Canon WD-H43 wide-angle lens.
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  58. my first footage from Brevis/HV20
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  62. necessary hardware for editing hd video
  63. DVX100 hv HV20
  64. Glidecam 2000 or Varizoom vz-ultralite???
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  69. HDV Tape Video Resolution
  70. HV20 Invert/Revert LCD flip hack!
  71. Does anyone have a friend at Canon?
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  73. Clarification Please...
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  75. New HV20
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  83. RedRock m2 or Brevis35?
  84. Autofocus with Brevis
  85. Anyone tried SpeedEdit yet?
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  88. Wobbly image?
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  91. Image improvement if shooting B&W?
  92. stills from first day
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  96. Did you guys buy a warranty?
  97. Lowest price for HV20 @ Circuit City now
  98. Hv20 Vs. Fx1
  99. The winner is canon HV-20
  100. where do you buy your accessories?
  101. wobbly image and sound
  102. Ask Canon to add 24p pulldown flags support!
  103. what apps are you using to capture and edit with your hv20...
  104. Final Cut Studio 2 & 24P
  105. HDV footage importing procedure for HV20
  106. HV-20 coupler avaialable?
  107. video tutorial on how to control the shutter/aperture/gain
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  112. Controlling Exposure on the HV20: Walkthroughs and Tutorials.
  113. low light video test foortage ( 21MB file)
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  120. Hv20 Ei / Asa / Iso
  121. Brevis and HV20
  122. HV20 to FCP to JES to FCP HELP!
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  124. Promoting a 24p solution to Canon
  125. Opinion of M2 and HV-20 perfect combination
  126. Rainy Day - 60p and 24p test
  127. 24p Workflow for FCP!
  128. 2.35:1@HV20's anamorphic lens test -- Michael Pappas' new HV20 tests
  129. new HV20 clip shoot.... stopped by police.
  130. Convince me to get the HV20 over the XH A1
  131. Away From Manual - PLAYBACK ISSUES!!!
  132. getting your hdv footage to look good in myspace & youtube
  133. HV20 Slomo
  134. glamour shots - M2 with HV
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  136. HV20 back to tape
  137. hv20 uncompressed
  138. GOT MY WDH-43mm today very Happy
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  140. Hv20 Image Quality Does It Handle The Competition And Its Big Bro The A1????
  141. Sunny Day! 24P Low light and Handheld Test
  142. Some more glmaour shots of my HV20 with pistol grip and lens shade
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  144. Audio inputs?
  145. Another "My First HV20 HDV Sample Video"
  146. Answer From Blackmagic about Laptop Oh Well...
  147. Compressor 3 and the HV20
  148. footage - "Magic Hour" in the mountains
  149. Free/fast/automated 24p PC workflow
  150. footage - daytime in the mountains
  151. Exposure settings?
  152. HV20 or XM2(GL2)
  153. I have a HV20 and I'll show you my wobbling... (I guess this is it) :)
  154. PC editing software? What are you using?
  155. wd-h43 worth it ? and some Q's on TL-H43
  156. Vegas...how does it compare?
  157. Boat clip
  158. WTB lens hood for hv20 in australia
  159. Advice on shooting robotic combat with the HV20?
  160. Cant find WD-H43 in UK
  161. Blackmagic Intensity - 1.5 Drivers
  162. HV20 - Record "Shooting Information" for your movies
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  165. Pistol Grip?
  166. Test shoot in two-three weeks. Any requests?
  167. Specific Skin setting
  168. 5min short with HV20
  169. Specific Skin setting
  170. PAL vs. NTSC comprehensive test
  171. 37 Second Domestic Violence short - shot on the HV20
  172. Question On HV20...
  173. Edit in HDV, color correct, render in DVCPro HD?
  174. Best place to buy this camera?
  175. Getting FCP TO Recognize HV20 - Help!!!
  176. Trying To Decide...
  177. Motorshow clip
  178. opening to new short epic
  179. moth
  180. HV20 in very low light outside in the fog test.. u judge
  181. Absolute cheapest XLR mic converter...
  182. Best Ed for Newb w/20
  183. Questions...
  184. Questions...
  185. Questions...
  186. Let me try again... 10 episode WebShow - "HangGirl"
  187. HV-20 Mic recommendations?
  188. Dell Hv-20
  189. New camera, new flick, new problems
  190. Grain on lcd
  191. 24 hours out of the box, HV20 won't power on
  192. H-2-0 & Hv-20
  193. Short film HV20
  194. HV20 shooting in SD
  195. HV20 and 720P?
  196. Brightness on LCD vs Brightness of captured video
  197. POLL: HV20 Wobble?
  198. RedRock Micro 35mm adapter for HV20
  199. 24p all the time?
  200. Cable from HV20 to ikan V8000HD?
  201. HV20 vs A1 (side by side video comparison)
  202. Please help me verify my purchases...(HV20, lens, M2, and new computer)
  203. 24p extracted to make WMV9 HD DVD via TMPGenc 4.0 Express
  204. filpping the hv20 for use with 35mm adaptors...
  205. Canon Powershot TX1
  206. HV20 on shoulder support, anyone?
  207. Using the HV20 for best PQ SD DVDs?
  208. 24P, the Canon & FCE...
  209. HV20 macro focus any good?
  210. HV20 24P Pulldown, AVID on Windows
  211. HV20 + Adobe OnLocation (won't recognize)
  212. Quality and the Pulldown from HV20's 24p
  213. 1080i,1080p and 24P...
  214. HV20, FCS2, Mac ecoding to DVCPROHD and ProRes questions and experiences...
  215. HV20 + M2 (SciFi.com BSG Competition)
  216. Call On All Hv20 Owners - To Test For Dropouts
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  220. HV-20 Pro?
  221. Dubbing in FCP 5.0 using HV20
  222. Is anybody getting the HR10?
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  224. alternatives to the HV20?
  225. FCP and 24p
  226. HV20 TVC Done by Me : )
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  228. Anyone who owns a HV20 in the L.A. area
  229. How to build your own focus wheel
  230. First footage - my dog
  231. Just got my HV20, just one problem...
  232. Canon HG10
  233. HDMI vs. Firewire output
  234. Brand new with dirty heads!
  235. n00b Q: what's the deal with 35mm adapters?
  236. HV20 Eject Tape Message
  237. No Audio with HD
  238. JES DeInterlacer
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  240. should the 24p on HV20 just be called "ghost patrol"?
  241. Zebra Lines...
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  245. Hawaii beach scenes
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  247. my HV20 keeps skipping forward in time
  248. Questions before buying.
  249. I'm not quite sure how to edit my HV20 HD footage in Premiere. Help!
  250. Acer ad shot with Brevis adapter