DVXuser.com Forum Guidelines

DVXuser.com is meant to be a serious filmmaking resource.
This site is not affiliated with Panasonic, and users are free to express their opinions on any piece of equipment. More than anything else, we value users that can share their technical and artistic knowledge and experience—at any level. We also appreciate well-reasoned questions that give the community a chance to explore filmmaking issues and learn. We have some very simple guidelines that will help make your experiences here go smoothly.

Be advised that only one account per member is allowed, this means only one username per person.
Multiple accounts will be closed permanently without warning.
While it is not a requirement, we do encourage members to use their real names. This helps battle the anonymity of the internet, and helps create a more solid community. If you do not use your real name, keep in mind that usernames must be in line with regular posting guidelines - this means no commercial, political, religious, profane, or otherwise offensive usernames will be allowed. If you create an account using any such username your account will be closed and you will be asked to reregister with a new name*.

The same rules apply to avatars associated with user accounts. Avatars must be in line with regular posting guidelines. No commercial, political, religious, profane, or otherwise offensive avatars will be allowed. If you upload any such avatar it will be removed from your account*.

Any signature banners should be a maximum of 569x70 pixels and please—no animation in your sig. Weird-sized, gigantic, and animated banners make our eyes hurt—and the forum hard to read. Please, keep it simple*.
*In any possible cases of dispute as to what's unacceptable, in the interest of maintaining a positive, cohesive community, the moderators will make the final determination of whether or not something fits within our guidelines. If you're not sure, please ask.
Before you ask a question, please do a search. We have an enormous amount of content and there’s a good chance that your question has been asked before—probably several times. Take some time to look over the different topics and find the ONE forum that best suits your question. Posting in inappropriate forums makes extra work for the moderators and you may find your post moved or deleted if you didn’t post it in the correct forum. Also, no crossposting--please only post your question in a single forum. Lastly, please keep threads on topic. Off topic posts make searching more difficult for other members and dilute the useful information on the site. If your post has no relevance to the original thread topic it may be deleted.

CONDUCT (The Eight P’s)
Not that we don't find some of these topics interesting, we do--but they are not appropriate for this filmmaking forum.
First and foremost, respect your fellow filmmakers -- Regardless of age, experience, or opinion, you should always show respect to fellow users.
Keep in mind, this is a worldwide community, and English is not the native tongue of some of our members. Please exercise patience and extend the benefit of the doubt to those who are taking the effort to communicate in English just to participate on the site.
1. No Politics
We've tried it and it doesn't work. There are many other sites where you can discuss politics, just not this one.
'Politics' includes not only directly political content, but any controversial topics, current affairs, or other news-related issues. If you see something non-film-making related reported in the media, and you know there are strong feelings about it on either side of the issue, please do not bring it up here. The 'no politics' rule also extends to discussing the political content of films and television shows, or to videos with political content, even if posted for a video-related purpose. The Mod staff may grant very limited, specific exceptions in cases of exceptional film-related interest, but only with prior approval, and any such thread will be heavily moderated. Moderators will make the final decision as to whether or not a specific post belongs on this site.

2. No Pornography
Please don’t post any images or links to images with explicit sexual content -- Nudity in still images is not acceptable. Links to films that contain nudity are acceptable as long as the post is appropriately labeled for content. Links to any pornographic content are unacceptable. In addition, discussion of pornographic films, websites, the business of producing it, the morals of it, etc are not welcome here.

3. No Personal Attacks
Personal insults of any sort are not tolerated. If you feel another user’s post is inappropriate, please report the post or contact a moderator. Participating in a flame war is uncool even if someone else started it—and just like mom and dad, we’ll give you both timeouts.

4. No Proselytizing
Just like politics - we've tried it and it doesn't work. There are many other sites where you can discuss religion, just not this one.

5. No Piracy
We’re a community of content creators, so don't post about how to rip off other content creators or endorsing it or posting bittorrent links. No cracks, hacks, warez, any of that. It's illegal, it's immoral, and it's not welcome here.

6. No Profiteering
Please don’t try selling your products here unless you're an official site sponsor. It costs a lot of money to administer this site, those costs are defrayed by our sponsors, and it's not fair to paying sponsors to have people using the site they pay for used to promote other products. This means no commercial signatures or usernames and no advertising, unless you're an official DVXUser site sponsor. Uncleared advertisement signatures and posts will be removed. Those wanting to become site sponsors should contact Jason Ramsey at advertising@dvxuser.com

7. No Poaching
If you have something to contribute to the community, please contribute it here, don't just say "hey everyone, look what's going on over on my own site." That's just a lame way of trying to build your own site up by poaching our members, and it's just not cool. Don't be a "taker", be a contributor.

8. No Pi$$ing In The Pool
Trolling, Baiting, Complaining and beating dead horses is like urinating in the pool -- it may make you feel good, but it kind of ruins it for everyone else. This includes complaints about things which happen on other message boards/websites -- it has nothing to do with DVXuser and we have no reason to air it here.
Café ala DVX:
The Café exists as a space for DVXusers to hang out and chill together. Filmmaking posts that don’t fit in any other of the forums should be posted in the Café. Non-filmmaking topics are acceptable, but please limit your non-film-related posts. Most of your posts should be outside of the Café. And please keep in mind, that while the Café is a bit more lighthearted, the same exact conduct rules apply.

The Marketplace
The Marketplace forum is intended for individual member to member sales, and not those who are trying to run a business.
Members may sell their items directly, or via ebay (by adding an ebay link to their Marketplace post).
As always, DVXuser takes no responsibility for what goes on in the marketplace. It is a buyer/seller beware zone, and it is up to you to look after each other and to do your research.
Feel free to contact a mod if you want us to check into a buyer or seller on the site, and we will do what we can. But at the end of the day it's 'Buyer Beware.'

If you are not interested in a product that a seller is offering, then please don't post in the thread.
Threadcrapping, telling someone they are charging too much, or anything like that is not allowed.
If you suspect fraud, please bring it to the attention of a moderator so that we can look into it.

Violating DVXuser Policy:

The normal procedure will be:
1. Warning by Private Message [PM]
2. Temporary ban if the warning is ignored
3. Permanent ban for continuing problems.

(However, if you go out of your way to violate the rules, we can and will skip straight to #3)
For the most part, the users here practice self-moderation.
Take a moment to think before you post.
If you’re unsure of something feel free to PM a moderator and ask.
If you’re a newbie, you’re welcome here, but you may want to spend a week or two reading posts and seeing how things work before you dive right in.

Thanks for following the guidelines and welcome to the forum!